Notes, quotes from Crean on Big Ten teleconference

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The Big Ten held its weekly coaches teleconference on Monday morning to review the first week of conference play. Here are some notes and quotes from Tom Crean’s appearance:

· Crean opened things up by saying Indiana had a great practice on Sunday night and was scheduled to practice this afternoon.

· Crean noted that his team is “still gaining confidence” and added that “before you can win, you have learn how not to lose.”

· According to Crean, there a lot of fundamental things that Indiana still needs to improve upon. Among those that he mentioned were reading cuts and screening.

· Crean said that his team can’t do anything about its lack of experience right now, but said “I like our toughness, I like our attitude.” Crean said all they can do is try to speed up learning what it takes to win.

· When asked how far along his team is in terms of creating an identity and touched on a variety of areas:

“You want it to be there yesterday, and it doesn’t always work that way. I think where we’re at, we’ve got to get a toughness and a level of basketball IQ that match up. That’s what the best teams have. The best teams play with great resolve and resiliency and consistency – which is your toughness – and they understand the possession by possession. They understand how important each possession is.

“We’ve got to continue to learn that. We want to be a team that can run. We also want to be a team that can execute in the half court. The other day (against Michigan State), we didn’t execute very well in the half court, and our screening wasn’t very good. There are so many things to emphasize with a young team for them to understand how to win. You’ve got to keep making sure your emphasis remains ongoing and at the same time, you don’t let anything shortcut. We’re in the process of that. I don’t think there’s any question about that. But I love their attitude. I think we’re gaining some toughness, and I think we’ll get a lot better.”

· Crean was asked about Indiana’s 0-2 start in Big Ten play and how he addresses it with his team:

“I don’t think you harp on it at all. I think it’s two games. Yesterday we went straight to practice, so we’ll watch the film today of what we thought was crucial in the game this past Saturday.

“You keep getting a team to understand no matter what if you’re winning or losing, where there is improvement and where there needs to be improvement. You tend to focus a lot more on the things they need to get better at sometimes than the things you’re doing well. I think we also need to focus on what we’re doing well.

“But for us right now, it’s about getting back to the practice court, making sure we’re building that identity of running, of moving without the ball, getting the ball reversed, getting back on defense, challenging shots better, making sure we’re rebounding at a high rate, finishing better, all those things. If you’re spending time on what you need to improve upon, you don’t spend a lot of time talking about this, that or the other thing. You’ve got to really stay in the moment as much as possible for a team to gain confidence and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

· In conference news, Ohio State’s Aaron Craft was named Big Ten player of the week and Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes was named the league’s freshman of the week. It’s the first player of the week award this season for Craft and second freshman of the week honor for Hayes.

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    Big upvote given. Great comment and oh so true !


    There may be something to what you say (sarcastic part) cause it’s obvious that knowing what it looks like when someone is not respected is something that you should know quite a bit about.(nonsarcastic part)


    It’s a theory that has to be proven wrong every other day but I would wager a rather large sum of money that he means, Roth, Creek, Abel & Fisher. It doesn’t matter what kind of evidence they are shown, even direct quotes from those players themselves cause they were somehow forced to say those things that proved their points wrong, they will always be of that mind set.

  • dssnyder1

    who said it was?


    Yea, it seems like some of them are almost as interested, if not more interested in, holding pUKe up as some kind of shining example as they are in backing, what they proclaim to be “their” team. Even if I was a Crean hater, which I’m for sure not, I damn sure wouldn’t be using them in a positive way to be making my point.


    BOOM ! Heard that. Some things just never change !

  • mdtiu88

    we don’t need hope we need results is my point, do you realize how an important the bball team is to the University, it is the engine that drives funding for via through contributions….this was told to me by the dean of b-school. Have you looked at what matta did his first 6 years? You need to look at the facts and results and stop hoping. We (specifically CTC) are not building an elite program.

  • Scooter

    You know nothing about me but thanks for trying to make it personal.

  • SouthernbornHoosierbred

    We need someone like Verdell Jones on this team. He ran the offense and helped get guys shots better than anyone ever gives him credit form

  • JethroTroll

    From punching bag to hero in less than two years. How quickly things change on this board.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Someone actually longing for Verdell Jones? Now I’ve seen everything.

  • BT

    I like the way you think, though the most far-fetched part of your post is “specific substitution pattern.”

  • SCHoosier

    well..we seem to have at least two players who are emulating VJ’s Freshman & Soph years with tunrovers. Not sure that’s what you had in mind.

  • dssnyder1

    that is a “top down” view of the teams importance that I wasn’t thinking about as I assume others aren’t as well. still, I get it. i’ll leave with this – I’ll agree to disagree on whether CTC can build an elite program.

  • Ole Man

    Actually, CTC did not draw up the shot that Wat hit. It was something that simply came in the flow at the end of the game. VJ later said he was going to the hoop, then saw Wat trailing.
    Don’t mind that you believe in CTC.
    But let’s make sure of all of our facts.

  • Rie

    I don’t disagree with any of this, as I am a big Crean supporter, although I do question his rotation from time to time. Just pointing out that the blame goes around and there is no possible way Crean is absolved from it, whether or not it is a player problem in terms of execution, or anything really.

  • SouthernbornHoosierbred

    I’m talking senior year VJ3. I really believe that if he had not gotten hurt we would have beaten Kentucky in the tournament. Go back and watch games from 2011-12 and look how smoothly the offense ran with him on the floor compared to Hulls.

  • SouthernbornHoosierbred

    That guy was never a punching bag in my eyes. The idiots who thought Jesus had returned in the form of Jordan Hulls were the ones who beat him down.

  • JethroTroll

    Yeah, I wasnt one of them either. Early in his IU career, he had to fill a role that he wasnt ready for. And despite his flaws, IU needed his playmaking ability.
    He was one of IU’s best options throughout his career, yet there were alot of fans, that apparently can only grasp the game superficially, that constantly ripped him.


    My bad, I should have put, ” as far as ITH goes”, lord knows I don’t want to do anything that has me lumped in with people that have the same train of thought as what you do. , Hmmm, guess you shouldn’t try and make it personal with other coaches since, “you know nothing about other coaches”, and who they respect and don’t respect. It seems as if you believe that it’s ok for you to make it personal with some when you like but it’s not alright for someone else to do the same when it comes to you. Thanks go out to you as well….for proving my point in more ways than one.

  • Outoftheloop

    “I have a dream…”

  • Outoftheloop

    Do they still make bongs? I haven’t seen one in Target or Walmart yet.

  • Outoftheloop

    This is the B1G! I have watched it for over 50 years. EVERY road game in the conference is “tough” for every team! Bobby lost with great teams at PSU.

  • Jerry N Franklin

    Hoping just 3 more years and somebody will finally see Crean is a terrible coach! Nice guy? Family man? Godly man? Great for him in these areas..But he is not a top 25 coach period…Would be terrific if Brad Stevens would tire of the NBA and all it’s travel during this same time… Would love to see him “coaching” up our IU kids..Just sayin

  • ramenen

    100% agreed. If Coach Stevens decides to leave the NBA within the next four years, he is definitely the Coach for IU. I do think that Coach Crean will stay until his contract expiration, and unless he at least reaches final four (or maybe a National Championship) his contract will not be extended. At that time we will hire Stevens, similar to the situation with Pitino and Louisville. Unfortunately, we will have to endure the Crean Decade……It is my humble, uninformed opinion!!

  • Jeff

    As a Hoosier fan for 40 years I can only say I expect to win big every year. I read that we don’t have shooters, players have to mature to the level of competition that IU plays, etc. Well Blue Blood programs, of which IU is one for us old timers, have players leave or graduate every year and yet they remain in the top echelons of the college game. As examples one needs to only look at Syracuse, Michigan State, Ohio State, & Wisconsin, not to mention Duke, Kansas, Louisville, NC, etc. The person responsible for building such a program is none other than the head coach & his staff. In order to stay at the top a school must recruit top talent that comes in ready to compete & contribute at a high level as freshman. Based on what I have read here many believe CTC has not accomplished that with our current team. Let’s hope our dreams are answered with additional recruits this year. And that we find some big men for the post & PF position now that we lost the one big man we counted on.

  • mdtiu88

    Good post.