Former IU big man Luke Fischer picks Marquette

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Former Indiana center Luke Fischer is making a move closer to home.

The 6-foot-10 Wisconsin native announced via his Twitter account on Sunday morning that he is transferring to Marquette. Fischer said he also considered UW-Milwaukee and Creighton.

“I am excited to say I will be transferring to Marquette University to play for Coach (Buzz) Williams and the Golden Eagles,” Fischer said on Twitter. “Marquette allows me to be closer to home while playing at the highest level for a great academic institution.”

Fischer, who averaged 2.8 points and 2.1 rebounds in 13 non-conference games, announced that he would leave Indiana on Dec. 30, just a day before the Big Ten opener at Illinois.

In his final outing for Indiana on Dec. 22 against Kennesaw State, Fischer recorded a career-high 10 points and also had three blocks. He missed significant time in IU’s preseason practices as he recovered from a torn labrum.

Over his final two years of high school basketball at Germantown (Wis.), Fischer led his team to a 56-0 combined record and back-to-back state titles.

Fischer will have 2.5 years of eligibility remaining if he chooses to play beginning with the second semester of the 2014-2015 season.

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  • slojoe

    Cody went much higher in the NBA draft than expected when he came out of HS. At least some of that was due to his development by CTC and staff.

  • papawglen

    I could be mistaken but I think Pritchard started his IU career with 3 double doubles and had few (if any) after that. How do you figure TC developed him?

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Good luck Luke…keep your hands ready…you Will receive post passes at MU.

  • pcantidote

    Yes, I read he chose Marquette, close to home. I also read your previous posts blaming Crean. You were wrong. Quiet down.

  • hoosier1158

    I’m talking about a typical center position for college basketball. That is Luke’s natural position. When i said 6′ 9″ inch, i meant at a minimum height. If you are saying there aren’t any true centers in NCAA anymore that isn’t accurate.

    Watford played forward and was best at shooting from outside. Anthony Davis and Noel for UK were centers while they were quicker and more athletic than most 5’s.

    I was thinking of a player like Dieng for U of L. He came in as a decent recruit but really improved especially his junior year with that 12 to 15 foot jumper. He was a 1st round draft choice.

    I was asking if anyone remembered a true center type player that was developed under CTC since he has been a head coach. I couldn’t recall one.

  • HoosierPat

    Every player on the team needs to stop putting the ball on the floor as soon as they get it… That being said, I agree with you about Perea. As quick as he gets up, a jump hook would be very effective if he worked on it. Unfortunately the hook shot seems to be a lost ark. A hook shot would serve Noah very well too. I mean the guy has a 7’4″ wingspan to go with good jumping ability! There would be no way to defend a hook shot from Noah.

  • Jersey Hoosier

    “What does Creighton have to do with anything?” What a dufus!

  • Dirk

    Marquette’s 5 man had 28 yesterday. Hmmm Buzz develops 5s

  • Dirk

    Chris otule , center at marquette not rated in the top 100 In the stare of texas!! Starts for MU. Development has been exraordinary. Also devante gardner #490 rated player in the country was preseason all BE and had 28 last night. Buzz develops 5s, crean ignores them

  • pcantidote

    Wow, do you think up that reply all by yourself or did you get an assist from mommy on that one?

  • JethroTroll

    Well, are you conspiracy theorists satisfied now or are you all just going to come up with another excuse for Fischer’s ‘unusual’ transfer?

  • TomJameson

    That’s really only your opinion that you’re trying to lay off as fact. You play an injured player less so as to not aggravate the injury. That’s pretty basic. If you want to argue that point then …. well I’m done anyway. You’ll never give in to anything other than your point. LOL

  • dwdkc

    I saw a Marquette game, early in the year when Gardner was a freshman and he had a highly polished post game even then. If he was rated #490 that just shows you ESPN ranks based solely on athletic agility and is utter rubbish. Crean’s style is more perimeter oriented than post-based, but that is college basketball today and there are way more players that can play that style effectively. Buzz isn’t really much different in that respect.

  • dwdkc

    Also comparing to Notre Dame is apples and oranges. An upperclassman dominated team is going to feed the hot hand alot more effectively than a bunch of newbies, no matter how talented, like we have with our Hoosiers this year.

  • IU Fan

    Ah yes………….the ignorant and mis-informed are here to make their case.

    Do you even realize that he was injured this year, or are you just that out of touch with reality?

  • Schwindy

    Ok, here’s some positivity Mk…I think Yogi is GREAT. Now I guess I am a good guy.

    OR, I just tell it like it is.

  • Schwindy

    Sounds like Hollowell. Except Pritchard had a great attitude and represented IU with class and fire. Yeah, just that small difference, Oh, yeah, and when Pritchard played we had really no other options. Fischer was not on our bench at that time as I recall.

  • Schwindy

    TomJameson, if Luke Fischer was healthy enough to play 10 minutes a game he was healthy enough to play 15 minutes a game.
    If The Jeremy Hollowell Experience is crappy enough to play totally unproductively in 23.3 minutes per game then he is crappy enough to play 10 minutes per game.
    C’mon man this is IU, do we really have to settle for what we are seeing and try to be positive about it?

  • aHoopandaPrayer

    It seems to me he wasn’t gelling with his recruiting class and maybe the broader team. Body language and responses in the press conference indicated he was disconnected. I can’t remember for sure but I believe he cited Etherington and Marlin as the two guys that took him under their wing. He likely saw them go from the vocal leaders of the team to barely playing after Will and Yogi returned from the World U Games. That plus the injury makes for an odd series of events and a tough start out of the gate.

  • ScoopGeoff

    That must be a misprint. He will have 3.5 years of eligibility. That’s an absolute fact.

  • ScoopGeoff

    Andrew that is simply not true. He has used up 1 semester of eligibility. He has 3.5 remaining.

  • Paul J

    Alex Bozich in this thread asked for names of elite big men in college basketball as a way of rationalizing that Crean rarely has any.

    Uhm, Alex, when was the last time Michigan State DIDN’T have a PF/C that ate our lunch every year? What about Wisconsin? Bo Ryan and Izzo seem to be able to recruit/develop/retain an elite big or two every single year.

    The list of B1G Bigs that have stomach-punched the Hoosiers in recent years:

    Sullinger, Lauderdale (OSU), Payne, Nix, Green (MSU), Bergrren, Nankivil, Ryan Evans, Leuer, Stiemsma (Wisc) JaJuan Johnson (Purdue) and I’m sure I’m missing others. McGary would be on this list if healthy.

  • Ryan Phillips

    Watch Vonleh trying to get post position against the good teams we’ve played so far. He has been eaten alive. He’s an 18 year old going up against grown men, so it shouldn’t be a shock. Payne basically tossed him around on Saturday. It’s simple: Vonleh was almost never open.

    The whole “we don’t do anything to get our post players the ball” argument is so tired and completely untrue. In all of our offensive sets (tape the games and re-watch them) the post is always an option. Whenever we run cross-screens or down-screens with our post players, the resulting roll gets them position and they’re supposed to shield off their defenders and make room for themselves. They’re just not strong enough to do it yet.

    Cody was that was as a freshman too, which is why he’d disappear for long stretches of time. The difference was, we had other veteran players who could step up. Vonleh and Perea HAVE to get better at making themselves available in the post. Yes the coaches need to coach them, but they also need to get stronger.

  • Ryan Phillips

    Fischer was homesick. Everyone close to the team had been saying it for weeks. This was not a “basketball reasons” transfer. His minutes and role were all slowly increasing. Considering he was a true freshman who came in completely underweight and had a shoulder injury, the fact that he was getting meaningful run in key minutes shows that Crean was trying to get him more involved.

    The kid just didn’t like being away from home. It’s pretty easy to connect the dots even if you don’t know anyone close to the program. He went home for break, came back and announced his transfer the day he returned. That break at home sealed it.

  • Spring_Break_87

    I wish him all the luck in the world. I hate to see anyone leave Bloomington, but what’s done is done. This is similar to the Bobby Capabianco story to me…and I hope Luke in the tourney soon with his new school.

  • VAHoosier

    Zeller’s points came mostly on put-backs and in transition. Zeller did little offensive damage with his back to the basket. Not taking away from Cody’s game–he was great (wish we still had him). But we did not use him as a “back-to-the-basket” big man.

  • Ole Man

    Your points are sound for MSU, but not so much for ILL. The opposite was true at ILL, Vonleh got their big men in trouble. Yet, he only had five shots in the game, none in the second half.
    Watch the offense again. With one player dribbling and the other four doing little more than the same standing around, it’s easy to guard your big man; and also easy to keep a blanket on Yogi.
    This offense stinks!

  • Ole Man

    You can make your points without name calling.

  • Ole Man

    I think you hit a big point there. The chemistry on this team, just from reports, seems really weird. It could be that part of his “homesickness” was that he felt “frozen out” by some of his teammates.

  • Ole Man

    That’s funny…very sarcastic and biting. Even if I disagree I can appreciate the humor.

  • Ole Man

    I’d be the leader, Greg 🙂
    And I sometimes go back, reread what I had written, and vote myself down! (Tongue-in-cheek)

  • Ole Man

    Noah has a hook shot; but he hasn’t used it lately.

  • JethroTroll

    No way. This couldnt only be the result of a young kid having a hard time being away from home the first time. Crean had to have something to do with it!! The next transfer will prove it!! Which supposedly will be Stan Robinson, according to the doomsday theorists that permeate this board.
    Yes, there is sarcasm in this post. 😉

  • JethroTroll

    His first shot against MSU was a semi hook. And then IU forgot he was on the floor.

  • I guess we should be mad at Crean then, for not passing the ball to Zeller…lol..

  • No real effort to use him? Hmmm, didn’t he just score 10 points in the previous game against Kennesaw State? And wasn’t his minutes on an upward trend since recovering from the torn labrum?

  • Not so much.. On quite a few occasions, Vonleh, had the ball against Illynoise. and he drove into the paint, turned into his man and had the ball slapped away, or lost it, without getting the shot off. He had some touches, that were unsuccessful, which did not count as shots. Just syin’ it wasn’t as if he only was given the rock enough to get five shots off.

  • SCHoosier

    I think Izzo pointed out that MSU did a good job of packing the paint and limiting Noah’s touches…not really caring how many outside shots IU got from that. Unless opposing coaches are really out of touch..IU will see that strategy every game.

  • AND, as Alex pointed out… How many great big men are there in college basketball? I watched the Iowa game last night… Iowa doesn’t seem to try to run plays through or around Woodbury. What is he? 7′ !” and a sophomore? So I guess Iowa’s offense and coach also stinks…Hmmmmm…

  • He didn’t end up at Creighton.. so what???

  • That is not necessarily true. The speed of the game, conditioning, and factors other than just the injury recovery, ll go into how fast a player will be brought back. I agree with you JH doesn’t currently deserve the pt he is getting, but I do not agree the pt was a big factor id Luke’s leaving.

  • sometimes I comment

    Not really. Creighton’s a lot like Marquette, Jesuit, homey, on the smaller side, comparable academically. It would feel like Marquette but be farther from home. UW-M would have been more like IU, large campus, big school impersonal feel. He chose feeling comfortable and close to home, and I hope he finds it to be the right place for him.

  • sometimes I comment

    Please add this comment when players are name-called as well.

  • moyemyboye

    Maybe he will eventually get drafted by the Bucks and his mommy can take care of him forever. Way to stick it out, Fischer.

  • Joe

    Luke the softee quit on the team. Plain and simple. Stop blaming Crean for his immaturity. He is a quitter. He screwed Indiana over–we wasted a scholarship and believed in the guy and he is gone after a few months because he couldn’t handle adversity. Marquette can be excited about his potential but when things get tough don’t expect Luke to make a winning play.

    I’m actually happy James Blackmon reopened his recruitment and thought it over like a man. He’s already more mature than luke and I expect him to develop into the go-to scorer this team. And if Vonleh somehow decides to stay–lookout. Wisconsin, OSU, MSU all lose key players next year, and then it is our turn to embarrass them.

  • Ole Man

    The real immaturity is demonstrated by your post.
    Luke did what he thought best for himself, as anyone would do.
    I don’t like it, but I’m not going to trash him over it.
    Shows very poor “sportsmanship” on your part.

  • Ole Man

    Agree. Seems IU has some players on this team who are more concerned with their own stats and “showtime” than with winning as a team.

  • JethroTroll

    That post says alot more about you than it anything else.

  • Ole Man

    I don’t support name-calling in any situation.
    It is a fallback.

  • VanPastorMan

    I Say good luck to the lad. It’s not wrong to want to be close to home. When i was in the Air Force I tried to get as close to Indiana as possible. I ended up at Grissom AFB and was thrilled. Luke,tear em up and do the best you can.