• RayFinkle5

    “We couldn’t have got a better look at the end of regulation”. Are you f*&^%g kidding me!?!

  • SCHoosier

    I think he meant Gordon had a open 12 footer after pump faking the defender. Unfortunately he also had a 6-11 kid charging right at him. The way Yogi had been playing I think everyone in the building expected the final shot to run thru him….Gordon had hit some shots so I thought that strategy was decent. He just missed…but the shot was there.

  • 5_Banners

    I agree on the last shot. It was how they got to Gordon getting a descent look that frustrated me. I thought Crean probably could have called a TO but he apparently has a lot of trust with his players (one can argue if that’s merited) and they apparently practice these situations. I do understand why he didn’t want to call a TO though initially due to ILL adjusting with their defense, but when there was 10 seconds left and nothing working….a TO would have helped.

    However, I thought Gordon got a descent look. ILL player just got a piece of the ball to cause it to come short.

  • Cutter83

    23 turnovers enough said. Illinois scores 25 off our turnovers, we out rebound them by 12, shoot well the entire game, three of your starters account for 14 TO’s (Yogi 6, Vonleh, 4, Hollowell 4), Vonleh didn’t score a FG in the paint, you keep starting Hollowell (head scratcher) he goes 0-6 and Crean is talking about getting to the foul line more…..Are your serious?!?! Takeaway from that press conference keep playing a sloppy offense, force shots on the notion that we’ll just keep getting fouls called. Awesome!!!

  • winston smith

    It would have been better to put the shot up with a few seconds on the clock for the putback or foul on the miss.

  • Raynger

    It did not look like a well thought out play. Yogi should have had the ball.

  • Raynger

    The kids played well and should have won but IU was out-coached. Not calling strategic timeouts and keeping Vonleh on the bench too long and clock management were not stellar. it is frustrating for the fans.

  • Hans Hatteras

    “I’m so proud of the way the guys played” with over 20 turnovers are you kidding me?! Why is he proud of that? Yogi played well and…that’s about it…why wasn’t Noah in at the end? IU has the talent, no question, Crean simply can’t coach…I don’t know why more people don’t see this.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Ok so I hate what ifs but think about it this way. If we don’t commit and cut our turnovers in half and we score our average points per possession on those and also take away Illinois’ points per possession of the same turnovers we don’t commit then what does the final score and victory margin look like? Double digits.

    This is such a horrible and elementary issue that is going to sour a lot of people on Indiana and our coaching staff. Give every excuse you want but This Is Indiana. This needs fixed pronto.

    It has been 20 years since Indiana stopped being crisp, reliable, respected, revered, and intimidating to fellow blue bloods year in and Year out. Sure we have a few blips of success but not stability nor consistency.

    I will never bail on Indiana. It is part of me. I have always been a Crean supporter and taken his side every single time against IU fans who are not believers in his coaching. I am getting frustrated and am sad to say that the writing on the wall is getting to be very clear. For his sake I hope he gets it straightened out because I see a smoldering dumpster fire waiting to go up in flames. I had patience through the tough times and smiled through it and always pointed to the silver linings. Now here we are 6 seasons later and this is what we have. Why does IU have to be in this position? I am not saying we need to be screaming 40-0 like other people, and let’s get over any entitlement assaults you want to make but Indiana being so closely tethered to basketball should be second nature to IU and it’s success. There is no possible scenario of perfection always being at IU but the issues we are seeing from a basketball fundamental aspect should never be seen at Indiana. Indiana is better than this. If you don’t think so then you need to reconsider your own standards for Indiana.

  • Raynger

    I believe Crean does not care as much about turnovers as the fans do. It is costing us games.

  • Raynger

    No one asks the tough questions.