Photo Gallery: Marion vs. Indianapolis Tech

  • 12/24/2013 8:49 am in

Check out 20 photos of class of 2014 signee James Blackmon Jr. and his brother, class of 2016 guard Vijay, from Marion’s 83-67 loss to Indianapolis Tech on Monday night in the embedded photo gallery after the jump.¬†Purchase prints from¬†J. Scott Sports.

Blackmon Jr. finished with 29 points on 8-of-18 shooting from the field and was 12-of-13 from the foul line. Vijay Blackmon added 20 points on 6-of-11 shooting.

Through four games, Blackmon Jr. is averaging 39.8 points.

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  • Luke72

    Trey’s performance has to weighted. Tallest player on Marion 6’6″. Would love to see James have an opportunity to score 40 against UK. Looking forward to next year’s backcourt!

  • Steve Fischer

    Marion v Indy Tech the Minute After (LOL). Both stars Lyles and Blackmon scored 29 points apiece. Nevertheless Coach Delaney used the occasion to plug his player Lyles as the best in the state Marion got as close as 42-40 in the 3rd before Tech took over.

    OK thats’ all I know perhaps someone who actually lives in Indiana should be writing this. VJ however might be a good pickup in a couple of years.

    Yikes it’s only goiong to make a high of 61 today-no wonder I’m still in bed.

  • Alford Bailey

    Yes Trey got alot of his because of the Marion press. Alot of easy buckets. Not taking anything away from him he is a great player. JBJ was double teamed alot didnt shoot particularly well and still got 29. Trey has a much greater supporting cast. I was very impressed with Vijay. That is one skilled Frosh.

  • HoosierTrav

    Ahh… The frontcourt that could have been….. Vonleh and Lyles would have been lovely.

  • hoosier1158

    Just thinking it would be rather ironic if TL goes to Lexington and the great recruiting class sticks around another year. Thinking he would go in to Lexington and start as a freshman. He might be sitting on the bench when he could have started at IU??

  • Alford Bailey

    Yogi at point, JBJ and RJ on the wings. That should open things up for NV down low!

  • Andrew

    So James changed his shoes during the game? He is pictured wearing plain white ones, and then later in all purple. That’s kinda strange.

  • Gristle Coxworthy

    You’re looking at his brother.

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    Yeah, and Tom Lyles on the bench….

  • Alford Bailey

    Dont mean to sound like a sour puss Hoosier fan but I’m not sure TL is on the same level as what they have at UK. Can he get there, yes. I dont see him dominating as a frosh or as a 1 and done type player. Maybe I’m way off base….

  • Guest

    He did indeed change at halftime. Purple first half, white second half

  • MillaRed

    If I had to read this knowing he was headed to Kentucky, I would be snagging presents in Lexington tonight Grinch style. And not feeling bad about that.

    James, the children of Kentucky thank you.

  • LL Cool Jurkin

    Apparently, Mr. Lyles was a R and B/Rap singer up until a few years back. He has quite the interesting photos and song titles online. I can see why Coach Crean and him may not have vibed well. With some of the music industry hanging around the UK locker-room, though it may sound crazy, makes me think of other possible intentions.

  • Kenneth234

    He is certainly not going to dominate college basketball next year. However, he is very high skilled and very intelligent on the floor which makes up for not be an incredible athlete. He is a very good athlete, just not an athletic freak that many one and done players tend to be. His best skills are his passing and willingness to let the game come to him rather than force his game. Likely due to the fact that he has some decent players around him at the High School level. Unless Randle comes back for UK, I believe there will be a starting spot for him in the Wildcats starting line up.

  • Fergy


  • A fellow that not only knows how, but wants to score points in a basketball game, what a great addition.

  • Strummer50

    With a year of seasoning and some off season weight lifting, Trey Lyles would not have come in here and started ahead of Fischer. Next year Fischer starts with Vonleh in front court. JMO!

  • Mk

    So what? Indiana fans pick out the dumbest things, as if changing his shoes is somehow a knock on his character

  • BloomingtonStar

    He is worried about how his shoes look in the middle of a game? Kind of a red flag. Get your head in the game son.

  • Andrew

    Did I say anything even remotely close to that? I merely pointed it out and said it was a little strange, you dolt.

  • Andrew

    Yeah…no, I’m not. I can tell the difference btwn #1 and #24, thanks.

  • Mk

    Congrats on your vision. As to my point see “bloomingtonstar” comment above. He’s a kid. Of course he cares how his shoes look.

  • Andrew

    Then take it up with him, not me. And his comment is below, not above. There’s that vision thing again.

  • mk

    dude you sound like such a wiener – i can just see you behind your computer crying like a baby. anyway his comment was above mine, so i said “see above”. Theres that vision thing again. You are the one who brought up that changing his shoes was strange – maybe he broke a lace? maybe the sole loosened. Again, who cares about his shoes. What are you a fashion expert or something? that would explain a lot about your sensitivity….

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Maybe they weren’t comfortable thats a good reason to change them in the middle of a game. Good grief who cares why anyway. People change shoes, clothes, socks all the time.

  • panther

    his shoes wrapped supid

  • mini

    his purple shoes tore apart

  • Boredripple

    imho, if this kid is that worried about how his shoes look during the game IU is probably not the place for him. I dont care how many stars are by his name that is a little ridiculous