• Jamie Fearnow

    “the national rankings show we are a good defensive team”…..seriously?

  • Clayman410

    Do we have a rule now at IU that two bigs can never be in the game at the same time? And the revolving substitution door seems stale and not very worthwhile to me……

  • Raynger

    ND is an average team. They lost to North Dakota State and Indiana State which are pretty good teams but IU should have won this game. Erratic substitutions do not help. I blame coaching.

  • Ole Man

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….
    Heard the same thing whenever IU has lost for a while now.

  • farrell

    Crean makes no sense–bunch of blather and rambling pseudo explanations–time for a real coach in there.

  • doodle777

    get so sick of the young excuses, These kids play so much AAU ball that there are no freshman anymore, Kentucky won it with mostly freshman. Crean you continually talk about ball movement being bad, why not change the point guard? Quit making excuses!!! Two top 5 recruiting classes and they wont make the tournament.

  • Johnson Goezinya

    This guy is a TERRIBLE in-game coach. Dude is on meth.

  • Victorbear

    Coach you got 5 more years of these excuses. No final four with Blackmon, yogi and hopefully Vonleh and the natives will become very restless. We know good basketball, we know good coaching, you ain’t at Marquette anymore so get it together or find someone young who can make GOOD in game adjustments cause you are incompetent at it!

  • madmark

    Aaargh! I am a Hoosier fan living in Wisconsin. I am getting very frustrated with a coach who seems incapable of putting together an effective game plan. If he has one, then he is incapable of implementing it. Tom Crean with his stale excuses and rambling rhetoric, sounds more like a politician than a basketball coach.

  • Jerry Pickler


  • SCHoosier

    Coach moans that he has a team that has to get into the lane..because we have trouble making jump shots. Well why do you think teams are playing zone..to keep you OUT of the lane .The game is still about putting the ball in the hoop..and IU is just not very good at that. (Look at 6 of our last attempts in the game..a missed 3 and two TO’s from Will..one stuffed drive and two near air ball runners from Yogi. If that’s all we can bring to the table offensively when its nut-cuttin’ time..I hate to forecast the Hoosier won and lost record in the B-10.

  • AZIU71

    Hate to say it, but officially jumped off the CTC wagon. Gave him a pass for the first 3 years as we had to hear ad nauseam about what he inherited. Start the clock, no final four by the time Yogi graduates-hoefully Glass will man up and find somebody who can.

  • Wet Vette

    I agree with CTC the kids are young but the coach isn’t and hasn’t he coach somewhere else before? The young team EXCUSES!! are getting old and it just looks like the team isn’t buying into Tick Tock Tom’s coaching methods at all. IU should have won this game the team and TTT looks bewildered.

  • IUED

    Agree to all of the above. Bad sub patterns, no game flow, wasted possessions, no crunch time discipline. CTC will not allow any good flow of game before he starts mass subbing. Very stagnant offense. No post defense. What the hell does he teach in practice, HOW TO CLAP? Had enough of his excuses.

  • Jamey Sullivan

    I’ve compleely given up on this current coaching staff!
    They can recruit.
    They Can develop talent.
    They cannot put together a game plan to beat a good team.
    They have no concept of how to beat a 2-3 zone.
    Any close game will be lost in the last minute because of a failure to know what to do.
    I’m ready for a change!