Video, Quotes: Greg Kampe reacts to loss to Indiana

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Oakland coach Greg Kampe met with the media following his team’s 81-54 loss to Indiana on Tuesday at Assembly Hall.

Watch and listen to his postgame comments in the media player below:

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Opening Statement

“I thought Indiana was really good tonight. Coming in I thought their biggest weakness was their inability to shoot the ball. We felt that the whole game was going to come down to rebounding because Indiana is as good an offensive rebounding team as I’ve seen in a long time. Honestly I didn’t think we did that bad of a job at it. They hurt as at times with their size, but their shooting really killed us.

“I didn’t even know who (Evan Gordon) was, and he comes in and score 20,000 points. I couldn’t tell you who he was tonight. We knew Yogi Ferrell could make shots, but we really didn’t think they had many other players who could make outside shots. We tried to play off the ball and get into the gaps to give ourselves a good rebounding chance and that gave them a better chance to make some shots, which they did. It’s Indiana, and this is Assembly Hall, if they hit shots like that in this building they are going to beat a lot of teams. We just have to move on to the next game against Michigan State.”

On Indiana:

“Tonight Indiana was really good. Coming in, after watching them on film, I wouldn’t have considered them an upper echelon team, but after playing against them tonight I think that’s the best a team has played against us. They moved the ball extremely well and they are very well coached. Coach Crean took advantage of all the right things against us. When we went to the match-up zone he used players’ size to get over us and it worked. Once they started making shots we had to make more adjustments. If they continue to play like that and shoot the way they did tonight they are going to be very, very good.”

On Travis Bader:

“Bader gets guarded like that every night so I don’t really think it was something they did, he just missed a lot of open shots. He gets guarded with that kind of size every time he takes they floor, so that was nothing he hasn’t seen. We have played a lot of games against a lot of great competition and I think he just had an “off” night. There was one point where he had a chance for a wide-open three in transition that would have cut the lead to four and he bricked it. I have coached that kid for five years and watched him every day in practice, and when he gets a wide-open three in transition, the net usually doesn’t move. Tonight he bricked it. I’m sure he feels bad about it, but the great thing about him is that next game he’ll make five of those.”

On the strength of their schedule:

“I don’t care what our record is. I really don’t. I could go to my grave and they could put my record on the tombstone and it could say ‘10-190 against BCS schools,’ and we will continue to play more. That’s how we do things and that’s what we are about at Oakland. Record means nothing. This was an experience that when these kids are 45 years old they are going to talk about having played in Assembly Hall against the Indiana Hoosiers. My job as a coach is to be a teacher and give them great life experiences. It also exposed us. There were some things that they did against our dribble-drive offense that we can fix. There is no one in the Horizon League that is going to be able to guard us like they do so if we can learn from them than that’s going to make us a better basketball team. My job is not to beat Indiana, my job is to win the Horizon League, and I like my team.”

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