• Raynger

    once again throwing the team under the bus when the problem is coaching.

  • Wes

    He told it like it was. He did not throw the team under the bus. He even said it’s also my responsibility . Good game plan that wasn’t executed in the 2nd half.

  • Michael

    Go back and look at the player interviews after the loss in the tournament.

    Every single player said that they did not execute.

    Was it also Tom Crean’s fault that we constantly turned the ball over against UConn?

    When Duke got blown out by Miami last year, was it Coach K’s fault? He must just be terrible huh?

    Is coach Jim Beilien (michigan) terrible because his team lost to Charlotte this year?

    I can teach someone brand new at something the exact way to do it, but it could take them 100s of tries to actually get it right.

  • dingo

    He’s not throwing the team under the bus. He’s actually telling it like it is as opposed to sugar coating it to make sure no one’s feelings get boo booed. I mean give me a break. We played like a bunch of wussies. This team needs to man up and get angry.

    I am GLAD CTC said what he said because it’s how all of us in Hoosier nation should feel. There’s nothing wrong with losing if you go down swinging and this IU team tonight forgot to put their damn tampons in at halftime.

  • doodle777

    Whats most disturbing is that they lost like a bunch of liquor store robbin thugs. Vonleh loosing his cool with the elbow, Etheringtons ejection, etc. A little secret info free of charge here “This team with another year of experience won’t win these games next year either” SORRY


    Lucky for you a person can’t be thrown under the bus for being clueless, else you would for sure have tire tracks all over you. Guess you should have put down the remote, gotten up out of the recliner and took the job when it was offered to you instead of letting Crean get it.

  • IUfaith

    Coach tc didn’t throw the team under the bus but he is part of the problem. When I say that I ask you to read the entire thing before you make a decision to blow up. The subsitution last night and all year has been horrible. Why not play our best five athletes? Why not start yogi, Stanford Robinson, Troy Williams, sheehey ( or devin) and Noah. Hollowell is the most overrated player in the bigten. He is slow!

  • IUfaith

    Playing Gordon and hollowell gives us experience but its slow or small experience. Experience that in the tournament will not help us. We need to get out best athletes experience. Not let a very good player such as Robinson sit the bench every game and get in for 5 minutes because of a 5th year senior has experience. While their will be freshman mistakes, come tournament time and even now we would be much better playing him than gordon. I would rather play etherington than hollowell. Hollowell is the key to our success. Sit him on the bench and we will be better.

  • edominos

    I think TC said it right in this interview. However my one comment is
    where was his fight? Where did he show that he was going to stand up
    for this team when a few of the call during critical times were blown by
    the refs in the second half as they were getting swept up in Syracuse’s
    fever. I kept looking for that “T” that never came but it should
    have. Perfect example was Etherington’s foul. The refs caved in to the Syracuse crowd rather than used perfect sense. Dan Dakich
    was all over it. Game was over at that time, so a perfect time to show
    your team that you are backing these kids. So what if you have to go to
    the locker room, you get to do it with you head held high. Go ballistic
    show your team the emotion and fight your asking for.

  • ChappyDan

    So why didn’t CTC give a legendary half time speech?!!? If he could see that it was too quiet, he needs to fill the void.

  • Raynger

    They did play poorly but what exactly did Crean and the coaches do last week? Syracuse is a better team but any hope of getting back into the game is foiled by the inane substitutions. Name another team that does this kind of substitution by the clock rather than what is happening on the floor. We lost the game at Minnesota last year because of the illogical substitutions.

  • Greg

    I agree. I don’t get where everyone thinks hollowell us all this ability. He is slow and not a good leaper. On top of that he is a poor ball handler. He can contribute but anyone counting on him ever being our star is delusional. Not athletic enough.

  • IU80

    I like Crean, but handling this in pubic has zero benefit and risks losing your team. Do it in private.

  • Wet Vette

    IM going to agree with Ranger the issue is coaching TC gets paid 3.15 million dollars to do a job and he’s not getting it done.How long has it been since IU last played CUSE and he still can’t compete against the zone its not like he can’t watch film from last year or other teams so what in the world does he do in practice???? You say what you want and so will I the problem is Tom Crean simply can talk a good game just can’t coach one.This team looks lost just like the coach does very disappointing .IU had no fire in the 2nd half so the coach should send a message and didn’t he had the opportunity when AE was ejected but wussed out the leadership starts with the coach afterall its his team isn’t it? Light a fire Crean sit some players out and for god sakes sit Hollowell out for a few games he’s the worst one with no fire at all.Well put Ranger and to the point its that simple.


    When they followed the game plan (all but the first 5 minutes or so of the first half) we did just fine. When they got away from it (last 15 minutes of second half) we looked bad. Looking at it that way why was it a good game plan in the first half but not in the second half even though it was the same game plan both halves, cause the players stopped executing the game plan plain and simple. It’s not like someone else came up with the game plan for the first half and then Crean took over the second half and went with a different plan and it didn’t work. I’ll agree with you to a certain extent when it comes to Crean and him letting the refs know that he isn’t happy with the way a game is being called. I know some say getting T’ed up at any time accomplishes nothing but my school of thought on that is that there is a place and time for everything and that includes getting T’ed up, but like I said it has to come at the right place and time cause not done wisely can quickly and easily defeat the whole purpose of getting it. I’ll agree with you also when it comes to JH, to a certain extent. Crean saying he wasn’t trying to send him a message in the Evansville game is total BS, that’s exactly what it was and it worked. Sending him the same type of message and in a stronger and longer way may be the way to go, but I’m not for sitting him completely and totally with the make up of this team right now.

  • slickrick

    well done coach…you can’t please everybody. put it in the rear view and find out who is ready to play, because we have some nice pieces that can be good if we play hard and stick to the plan.

  • Gwade8888

    if the locker room was that quiet, and he knew we were in trouble, why didn’t CTC do something about it? Break down a door. kick a trash can. head butt a metal locker. come on…

  • Gwade8888

    Jeremy is not worth the wait. There are waaaaay too many better players waiting to take that starting spot. This is like waiting for Obama to be the president everyone thought he could be. Or, waiting for Todd Marinovich / Ryan Leaf / etc to be a worthy #1 draft pick. AIn’t gonna happen. Cut bait. Move on. Give someone with the desire AND the talent the opportunity.