• inLinE6

    Again, no pressure on the kid, but I’m not convinced yet. Hartman’s video clip was more impressive but he hasn’t got a chance to prove himself yet.

  • It’s hard for video clips to impress me. Max’s is no different, although I can’t say Hartman’s clip was better or worse. unfortunately the only clips of IU targets that have really impressed me were from players we lost on: Whitehead, Pinson, and Tyus Jones. I almost forgot Exum. Yeah, that kid’s clips impress me 🙂

  • DeeLyle

    I trust our coach.

  • AZIU71

    You serious? James Blackmon’s shooting didn’t impress you. Best high school shooter in the country.

  • Townie12

    Worst video ever. I hope this was just one game worth of highlights. Nothing impressive here. However, as DeeLyle said, I fully trust our coach and have no doubt that Max will be a solid role player in the years to come.

  • Kyl470

    I honestly don’t understand these highlight tapes. It’s not like you can get a feel for how the kid actually plays. Anyone can edit a tape to show a guy hit shots or make good passes. Hopefully ESPNU covers one of his high school games and people can watch that to get a better feel for him.

  • Bfblog

    Will Sheehey didn’t even have a high school tape.

  • seriously, highlight films of jump shots impress you? I’m not saying Blackmon as a whole isn’t impressive, but there’s nothing about a highlight film full of jump shots that’s impressive to me. A lot of horrible players can look like world beaters when you splice a 60-second video of them make every shot they take.

    show me freakish athletic ability and crazy court vision. Hard to fake that in a highlight film.

  • AZIU71

    Freakish athletic ability,Impressive videotape=Hanner Parea. So far not quite what we expected. Impressed with a Nik Stauskus practice shooting tape but not Blackmon’s videos, really. We already have freakish athletes, need other pieces to the puzzle.

  • InTheMtns

    James scored 54 points in Marion’s season opener on 19-24 shooting (9-11 from 3). I’m impressed.

  • shknqk

    Thanks for letting us get a look at Max in his new environs. Looks like he plays basketba pretty well.

    Now, where are the JBJ highlights from last night? Will need a longer clip, I suspect.

  • SCHoosier

    I just can’t stand it after watching our current Hoosiers clang them from beyond the arch. maybe IU could put him in a disguise and sneak JBjr into the ‘Cuse game??:) And to think Johnson is also gonna be puttin them up next year. Anything Hoetzel provides is gravy!

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    Not every recruit is going to start or play major minutes. Max appears to be one of those guys. Nothing wrong with that, they all can’t be starts, nor do we want them to be.

  • N71

    Agree…if CTC see’s something, knowing his player development record, enough said. With Max’s senior year still to be played, the IU staff in his ear now, the summer weight training before freshman year, the sophomore leap, and his apparent love for IU the opportunities for growth are enormous. Sounds like a Vic or Will story in the making. As for comparisons to Hartman I’ve always seen Hartman as a 2-3 wing, Max looks like a 3-4 wing similar to Devin Davis but with a different skill set and body type.

  • Btown88

    I like him. Maybe he could convince Goodluck to reconsider. (Rivals shows Goodluck as “committed but not signed”)

  • Rie

    Welcome to 2013… Everyone should have a mixtape, even if it is 60 seconds or less. I agree that this one wasn’t made very well, but it’s nice to see a committed recruit on film.

  • Shawn Congo


  • Hanner’s mixtapes never showed crazy court vision. Without that, freakish athletic ability doesn’t impress me. Again, I’m not saying we don’t need Blackmon. We do. My post was about judging mixtapes, not players. Pretend you don’t know anything about Blackmon and the gaudy scoring numbers he puts up. You’re only looking at his mixtapes. What exactly is it about Blackmon’s mixtapes that really impresses you? The fact that the tapes show him hitting 100% of his shots? Pure shooters will never have impressive mixtapes, but that’s just the nature of their position. It’s not their fault.

  • Wet Vette

    Length,passing,shooting and court awareness whats not to like about MH along with JBJ and Rj are you kidding…This kid can play and there’s no way he is just a 3 star…I say a diamond in the ruff with 4 star all over it just might be CTC best surprise yet….GO IU

  • Hey did you know Nik went 1 for 6 behind the arc ib U of M’s loss to Charlotte… and was only 6 of 13 overall? Were you the one that said ‘Niki boy was carrying them on his back? Glad he is having to carry IU…lol… You U of M fans are great….hahaha
    Someone on here posted that Nik once made about 27 straight three’s outside in the rain one time.. Guess it was too bad they weren’t playing that game “outside in the rain”…lol…

  • Ok, I know you didn’t ask me.. But what impressed me was his great quickness.. giving him the ability to get the three off very quickly, even with a man right there in his face.. and make it of course… That’s the important thing… Gosh are you a coach or something and seeing things none of the rest of us are?????

  • Joe

    Whoops…you might want to eat those words. Maybe read the news once in a while? Not impressed by Blackmon’s mixtape eh? Are you impressed by 54 points in 3 quarters with no shot clock? How about ten dunks and about 80% FG%?

    Not to get on you but…I would have to imagine you are taking back everything after that performance.

  • Mooks

    Yeah but videos like Whiteheads/Pinson/Jones…..don’t always give you a real representation of who they are as a player, raw footage like Max’s video is the best way to really see how someone plays. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • I’m only comparing uncut videos (stauskus) vs edited mixtapes. stauskus mixtapes are equally unimpressive. this isn’t about which player is better. it’s about quality of mixtapes.

  • ok the fact he makes his shots in his EDITED mixtapes impresses you? what if I made a mixtape of him taking 50 shots and missing all of them? if you didn’t know anything else about the kid and you only saw that would you still be impressed? I reiterate: I think blackmon is a great shooter and I’m ecstatic to have him on our team but I will never be impressed by any recruit’s edited mixtape of made jumpers.

  • as I stated earlier I’m impressed by the player blackmon just not his mixtapes. if you know nothing about his amazing numbers and look only at EDITED tapes of jump shots, would that excite you about the mixtape? notice I didn’t say excited about the player. I’m talking excited about the mixtape

  • I love raw video. this provide the best insight. but Max’s video was edited to show his best plays (from a small sample) this year. the original post was about impressive mixtapes so talking strictly mixtapes, I listed the 3 mixtapes that have impressed me.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    dang, who knew the topic of mix tape merits or lack thereof was so controversial! anyway, he looks pretty solid to me. has a quick release, made a couple nifty passes, had a nice block (been getting some instructions from goodluck, obviously).

    now, to the ith moderators, can you also please post a compilation of MH lowlights? i want to see every single shot he missed!

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Wasn’t impressed at all with the Whitehead videos. He’s a good player, but not the type I like to see in the candystripes.

    His videos had that everyone-get-out-of-the-way-and-watch-how-many-times-I-can-dribble-between-my-legs feel to them.

    And, for the record, I was saying that way before we “missed out” on him……
    Just my $0.02.

  • EastHoosier79

    Unfortunately I have seen him play in person and he is a hell of a shooter. The unfortunate part is he cant guard anybody with an ounce of skill. His feet are just too slow to guard anybody at the highschool level. This is just my opinion and if he can fix that theres no question the kid can shoot.

  • Andrew Walker

    I was having trouble finding a coach for my kid’s elementary school team. Good thing I found a bunch of them here.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    After reading all of the comments, which are all over the board about mix tapes. Every vid’s you see are edit…..for the obvious reasons. That is why you have to look at the BIG picture. Take anyone, i.e. HP, Nix, Exum. Typically they are just highlight tapes like ESPN top ten’s. But you have to take everything into consideration:
    1. Trust in CTC
    2. Our needs
    3. Tape only shows short segments, even seconds, of bring the ball brought up and dish, slam or shot usually never no D.
    4. Stat’s don’t lie…as in Blackmon….BB IQ, Court vision, pick/roll, shot selection, Def, the list goes on that are usually not made us aware of. Just freakish athleticism in certain cases.
    When CTC and Co recruits, they make a trip and are probably there for an extended period of time, which in returns gives them more info than what we see on Vid’s.
    We can all be couch potatoes coaches but we only get a glimpse of what the kid can really bring to the program…as a team member.

  • i value your 2 cents and your opinion 🙂

  • I thought they are relevant since several guys on here keep initiating him into the conversations about three point shooters, that are better than our guys. Not saying you’ve done that, but after Crean talked about Max last week.. I was in kind of a debate relating to Stauskas’ and how he was carrying the Wolverines on his back. It just kind of pleased me when Nik had a rough game. I agree with you yjay one has to be a bit skeptical when viewing ‘mixtapes’.. But I for one can see that Blackmon will be a welcome addition to the Hoosiers next year..SSS. and I’m pretty much going by his performance (stats) in High School and mixtapes of AAU ball and High School. I am so glad he chose IU..

  • MillaRed

    Lets find the most popular movie theatre in Lexington, take over the projector and replay that game for their viewing pleasure.

  • MillaRed

    I’ve yet to see a video of JBJ that doesn’t make me a very happy Hoosier. Troy Williams either.

  • MillaRed

    I’m not a marketing major, but I’m thinking a mix tape of 40 air balls is an exercise in futility.

  • ForeverIU

    That just shows that you don’t take your kids’ education seriously, and it’s tougher teaching kids than adults by the way.

  • Andrew Walker

    Everyone on here knows how to coach. I figured this would be a great place to find a coach. Sometimes I think Fred Glass could even benefit from a look on these boards every now and then.

  • ForeverIU

    I see your point and actually find it funny. I’m just saying don’t trust us with your kids. Ha ha.

  • InTheMtns

    I like this idea. And maybe Ryan could add his little spotlight circle like he does to the ITH Film Sessions, so UK fans could keep track of James.

  • r

    I dont get taking this guy one bit.
    Hartman, Austin E and this guy. Not enought room on team for all of them.Something will have to give.

  • Mooks

    There were no mixtapes in the 80’s and 90’s. Mixtapes are not the only way of evaluating recruits. The rankings system on ESPN is flawed in so many ways. They should be evaluating on things like Basketball IQ, the understanding of the game, fundamentals. Rather than, explosiveness and athleticism because I feel thats the only way people are evaluated these days. You can be explosive and athletic but not know jack squat about how to play basketball, and I has proven to be true with the amount of Big Men in the NCAA who can’t contribute to their team because of the lack of understanding of basketball. These days the only things that are impresses people these days are high flying dunks, nasty blocks, slashing, and pull up 3’s……Theres way more to the game than all 4 of those things I listed.