Video, Quotes: IU players react to win over Stony Brook

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Collin Hartman, Noah Vonleh (18 points and 15 rebounds) and Yogi Ferrell (24 points, six assists and five rebounds) met with the media following Indiana’s 90-74 win over Stony Brook at Assembly Hall.

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Transcript via ASAP Sports

Q.You had four straight double doubles. Are you surprised?

Noah Vonleh: No, not really. I’ve just got to keep working hard, going after the glass and just keep defending the ball off, and hopefully it will keep coming.

Q. Can you talk about the knock down threes you had in the last couple of games? Are you more confident?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: Yeah, Coach was just kind of telling us not to rush anything, really pick and choose my spots. After four shots I was just saying I don’t have anything to prove with my outside shooting. Just go out there and play my game and shoot open jumpers.

Q. How was that coming off the bench? It didn’t seem like you had a lull.

Collin Hartman: It’s a different role for me from high school. Coming in with good energy and doing different things on the court, just being here raises the level of energy and rebounding and stay solid on defense. We had to work in multiple positions and it was a different aspect of the game for me.

Q. You played 29 minutes, but (No Microphone)?

Noah Vonleh: We’ve been working hard in practice, talking about three quartering a guy and getting in front of him what we call a led, and I’ve just been trying to do that.

Q. How have you learned to use your length?

Noah Vonleh: We stressed it a lot in practice when we do shell drills and things like that, we just stress on it. Use your length, get your hands out. You’ll get deflections, steals, different things like that.

Q. Yogi, do you feel in terms of the overall offense and spacing you’re getting good shots in the half court? Do you feel this is the best you’ve done with that?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: Well, I think that it’s progressively gotten better getting threes and getting (Indiscernible). That is just the coaches pretty much preparing us well I felt offensively and defensively. But just different ways that our team can just space the court and use our strengths and our abilities. You know, just driving downhill and looking for open men. They that’s pretty much coach has taught us to do that.

Q. You guys are getting a better idea of what shot to take?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: Yeah, yeah, guys are learning how to play quickly. We especially knew that coming into next week. But guys that I felt like they were a lot more confident now. They’re not going out there and trying to force too much really. They’re playing the game, letting the game come to them.

Q. Where do you see yourself with the best freshmen in the nation?

Noah Vonleh: I’m just going to keep playing the best of my abilities. I’m going to keep rebounding, scoring, and hopefully I can get into that category.

Q. Coach talked about playing a little better. Do you feel like maybe you play off of each other in the post?

Noah Vonleh: We’re just in practice we’ve got to demand the ball when we’re doing scrimmages and things like that. We’re so versatile that we can do different things. We’re just trying to pick up what other guys can do. When Luke’s on the floor, I’m just going to run, he’s going to take it out and set back screens and things like that.

Q. Yogi, you’ve played with some good inside corners last year, when you watch it, what do you see?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: Well, he’s so effective on offense because of his ability to carve out space. It’s kind of hard for opponents to try to front him or red him. Once he gets the ball, it’s pretty much over. I feel like he’s got such a big body. He does well passing out of it too if they’re going to double. But his ability, his jump hook is very nice. He works on that every day left and right. But it’s his ability to carve out space that allows him to score.

Q. How much more comfortable are you becoming? How is the process going? Talk about how you’re demanding the ball with your body right now.

Noah Vonleh: In the summer when I came up here, I was trying to be more vocal. Talk to guys in the weight room and do different things like that. I kind of felt like I started to develop a leadership role there and on the court I’m going to try to start holding my teammates accountable and just talking more and demanding the ball, things like that.

Q. Yogi, in the first minutes you had seven points and three assists and then after that he got into a little bit of (Indiscernible) in the game. How do you feel some of the younger guys may be able to get a whole lot of time especially in the second half?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: These guys did a good job coming in. Collin came in and gave great energy. Not coming in and trying to do something extraordinary and go for a home run play. They were taking it possession by possession and playing each position as hard as they could. Those guys did a great job and sparked our offense and defense.

Q. Yogi, where is your level of chemistry with Noah in terms of I know you guys like to run a high level, lot of ball screens. It seems like the last couple of games you’ve gotten to a level of getting him involved particularly in the pick and roll?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: Yeah, that’s what I tell Noah. On the break, if I have the initial drive, I tell Noah to set the high ball screen and roll. Usually it comes up on me and on him. I’m most likely going to dish it off and pocket pass to him because I know he can stretch and finish for us at the rim. So I feel like me and Noah have gotten really comfortable doing that, and I feel like, you know, it can only get better. We’ve just got to work on it.

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