Video, Quotes: IU players react to win over Samford

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Troy Williams (10 points, eight rebounds), Evan Gordon (10 points, seven rebounds) and Yogi Ferrell (career-high 26 points, six assists) met with the media following Indiana’s 105-59 win over Samford at Assembly Hall.

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Q. What was better this game compared to last?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: Well, I think this game we tried to get inside presence more this game. That was a big emphasis on our game plan. We weren’t hunting for shots. We were pretty much taking what the game was giving us. We were looking more inside out. It’s what coach is pushing for us to do each game.

Q. How much of a wake up call was the LIU Brooklyn game?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: You know, it was a big wake up call. We had big things to work on. We worked on those the next two days after that. It pretty much showed tonight.

Q. Yogi, in your two years here, how would you rank Perea’s dunk?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: Yes, I’d say the best one. Vic had a couple, I’d say. The one I remember, Vic had the best missed dunk versus Michigan. I wish that would have went in. It was nice, though.

Q. What does this team’s athleticism mean to you?

TROY WILLIAMS: That over the years, Coach Crean has been recruiting more athletic. He’s just been recruiting well. That’s how I feel about it.

Q. How fun is it to play this fast paced?

TROY WILLIAMS: I love it. I love fast paced games. That’s what he recruited me for. That’s what I’m here to do.

Q. What is different about Hanner from last season to this season?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: What’s different about Hanner from last season is he’s playing with confidence. Coach even said he’s the most improved player he’s ever coached. I can see that. He’s great with his footwork. He’s been in the gym so much working on his moves. He knows where to go, his tendencies. He’s playing with a lot more confidence and just experience.

Q. Talk about the offensive game and what you saw.

EVAN GORDON: You know, I was just getting a lot of random ball screens, I feel like. Noah was coming up and ball screening. If they went under or shot, if not, I drove and hit Noah for a pocket pass. I was just pretty much taking what the defense was giving me.

Q. How much can you really get out of a game like that when it’s that big of a blow out?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: You have to make sure you execute and stay together. You make sure that you block out, work on little things so that, you know, throughout the season when a game is close, you make sure you make those right decisions.

Q. Yogi, you guys have a quick turnaround. Do you know anything about Stony Brook?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: We know they’re picked to win their league. They’re definitely an NCAA tournament team. We’re not going to take this game lightly at all, just kind of like we did for LIU Brooklyn. They have a lot of strong, physical guys, high player guys. We’re going to get in the film and watch them and prepare for them.

Q. How much do you enjoy the quick turnaround?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: It’s fun. It means less practice.

TROY WILLIAMS: It was like that in the Nike circuit. So I’m used to it. Almost feel like you’re in the NBA.

EVAN GORDON: Just be able to prepare and move on to the next game.

Q. What are your thoughts on Noah?

EVAN GORDON: He’s probably one of the best freshman I’ve seen, especially as a big. You usually see a big trying to figure out things. Noah has been able to adapt pretty well. He’s taken it in strides.

Q. What impressed you about Williams?

EVAN GORDON: He was a guard, though. He wasn’t a big, so… His athletic ability. I knew he could jump. But he’s getting better and he’s making these highlight reels. It’s always fun to watch.

Q. What was clicking for you today?

EVAN GORDON: You know, I’m just basically taking what the defense is giving me, just trying to stay on the attack, making sure guys have outlets, back doors through the game.

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