Video, Quotes: Bennie Seltzer reacts to loss against Indiana

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After Indiana’s 105-59 win over Samford on Friday night, Bulldogs head coach Bennie Seltzer spoke to the media about his return to Assembly Hall.

Seltzer was an assistant coach at Indiana from 2008 to 2012 and is in his second year as Samford’s head coach.

Watch the press conference in the media player below:

Quotes are available after the jump.

On his impression of Indiana:

“There’s no doubt it’s a different team than the one I left a few years ago. The athleticism of that team is completely off the charts. That’s probably the most athletic team I’ve seen in a very long time. With that size and that athleticism, Indiana’s going to be a very tough team to beat.”

On what Coach Crean was doing with his team that was so successful:

“At the end they played a 1-2-1, which was something that we didn’t do a lot of when I was at Indiana. We did similar things at Marquette, but not at Indiana when I was there. With those kids and their athleticism they can switch in and out of all five positions. That’s not normal to have a team that can switch all five positions. That makes them really, really difficult to defend.”

On what he tells his team after a game like this:

“The thing I want our guys to understand is that there’s a level of intensity that you must play at, regardless of if you’re at Indiana, Samford, or everywhere else in-between. These guys had a chance to see how hard you have to play and how hard you have to compete to be successful. We need to compete a lot harder regardless of who we’re playing. We play Louisiana-Monroe on Monday and we have to compete harder. That’s what we are going to take away from this game.”

On Noah Vonleh and Troy Williams:

“I’ve seen those guys play a lot of basketball and they’re good players.”

On what it was like seeing players he formerly worked with:

“I love Will Sheehey. Will’s always been one of my favorites. He’s a tough kid and he plays hard. He’s going to give everybody the what-for, but you have to appreciate that about him. I pull for Will and root for him to do well and I hope he has a good last year here. I couldn’t say enough good things about that kid.”

On playing so many games early in the season:

“Hopefully this can help us get better. We need to get a little bit better every game. Our schedule is a little bit hectic, we have six games in a row on the road, but there are some schedules out there that are even harder.”

On what comes to mind when he walked back in to Assembly Hall:

“There are so many things I thought of. The practices we had in that building, and the wins we celebrated in that building are brought to mind. All those years and that place was still packed, through the good times and the bad. This is a special place.”

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