Video, Quotes: Vonleh, Ferrell react to win over LIU-Brooklyn

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Noah Vonleh (17 points, 11 rebounds) and Yogi Ferrell (17 points, three rebounds and three assists) met with the media following Indiana’s 73-72 win over LIU-Brooklyn on Tuesday night at Assembly Hall.

Watch their postgame comments in the media player below:

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Q. Do you think it was good for the freshman to be in a close game this early in the season?

NOAH VONLEH: Yeah, I think it’s a great experience. It’s definitely a learning experience just knowing how to handle situations like this and slow things down and just keep getting better. As far as on the ball movement, we were rushing shots, but the ball movement got better in the flow of the game from the beginning. I think that’s why we came up with the W.

Q. You’re one of the few that’s been through situations like this. What did you tell the team to get them through it?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: Told them to just stay together. Just take advantage of our possessions, defensive stops each time, and I felt like more towards the end we got down and had a more of a will, I’d say, within with everyone and wanted to get the defensive stop.

Q. What was the game plan going in? It seemed like you were rushing and taking a lot of shots.

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: I think we were trying to take what the defense was giving us. I think they were playing a really packed defense in the first half. So we were taking a lot of shots we may have thought that were open but weren’t really open. So we did a lot better job in the second half, as Noah said, of taking shots in the flow end, movement, not taking first side shots, getting the ball reversed, two, three or four times.

Q. Talk about Noah’s impact and your comfort level?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: Well, I feel that maybe teams are going to focus on him more because we’re getting the ball inside to him a lot. That’s been really good though. We especially need him down on the floors and especially on the boards. I know they kind of focused on him a lot this game, even doubling off the weak side. So for him and his inside presence is going to be good for us down the road.

Q. Talk about handling things down the stretch in the last 2 or 3 minutes?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: It just kind of took a little bit of poise on our end, pretty much just taking what the defense is giving us, even better than the first half and just getting stops. I feel like they kind of hit a couple shots. I know they hit a couple threes in a row down towards the end, but we kept coming back. I like how we never did back down at all. We stayed together. Didn’t get too carried away trying to force anything down in and it was a good win.

Q. How big of a part do you think Will was to keeping composure towards the end?

NOAH VONLEH: In the second half we just started slowing things down, kept reversing the ball. Kicked it to Will, he had the baseline open, and he’d drive it. He’d either score it, get fouled or get back going for that open shot. So that was a pretty big part.

Q. How does it help to see Will have a big impact on a night where he didn’t necessarily shoot too well?

NOAH VONLEH: Just keep on doing little things. Rebounding, playing defense, talking on defense, executing the plays right and the rest will come with scoring.

Q. You had a few baskets right before halftime; talk about the play of yourself and the freshman just before half?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, I kind of noticed they didn’t really get back well on defense, I felt like. So it felt like we had to push it more. We were definitely doing more in the second half, but they had jump zone, so it was kind of hard to do it then. But, yeah, we just needed to get more drives, trying to get to the foul line.

I know we got to the bonus late, and that’s not what we can do. We’ve got to get to the bonus 14?13 minute mark of the first half, not the 8:00 minute mark.

Q. What’s your level of concern with the outside shooting with last game and this game?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: I’m not concerned with it at all. I feel like this pretty much is just a growing process and I know these are shots that guys can knock down because in practice they’re knocking them down all the time. Maybe it was just not our night, and that’s okay. We’re all going to get in the gym, get our shots up, but I have no level of concern for us right now.

Q. Talk about guarding Brickman?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: The game plan for him, we were just trying to take away his outlets. We knew he was the returning leading assist guy from last year. We were just trying to take away his outlets because he’s such a great passer. So just kind of wanted to level him off. Not overhelp too much on him. We did that a couple times. He hit a couple threes, but he’s a good player.

Q. Ferrell, what impressed you with Will’s game?

KEVIN YOGI FERRELL: What Will did I felt like he held them offensively very well. He got into the mix of it, and even when his shots weren’t going in, he’d drive to the lane and hit open guys. But I knew Will would knock down the shots at the end because he does it for us every day I feel like.

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