• Gregory Spera

    Love JBJ. He has the most important skill a player can have… putting ball through hoop. Often.

  • Miamihoosier

    I think we are going to win the championship next year. If you look at the past 10 winners, Anthony Davis was the only dominating big man in the group. Everybody else had serviceable, to “good” bigs. The key was having a couple of the best guards/wings in the country. Last year, we were beaten by a team who had better guards, despite us having the best big man in the game. If you look at who will be going pro after this season around the country, and how evenly the recruits are falling among the other blue bloods, we are pretty much locked in to having the best guards and wings in 2014. UNC will be fantastic. Probably preseason #2. Duke will likely get Tyus Jones and Okafor, and be #1. I think IU or UK will start at #3, but in the tournament, when defenses really lock down and clog the lane, the team that can shoot the best is going to win it. JBJ hits 5 three’s. Yogi gets 3, and Robert Johnson gets 4 off the bench and we cruise to the title over UNC after taking out Duke in the final four in close one (maybe Ferrell has to pull a Tyus Edney)……………….mark it down.

  • Snookafly

    I like the way you think. Though I do think we’ll need a solid tournament run to put us at #3 preseason.

  • Miamihoosier

    Maybe, maybe not. The Big Ten is still struggling at the bottom, we could be 10-8 in league, maybe 11-2 in non-conference. That’s good for an 8-9 seed, and a match up with a #1 in the second round. If we win our first game and push the one seed to the brink, it might be clear to the country how good we’ll be in 14′. The same thing happened to NC State in 12′ after a surprising 2011.

  • AZIU71

    Stating the obvious, but this kid is going to be a big time scorer. No messing with his shooting mechanics.

  • Rie

    Louisville 13 – Dieng – first round pick. Kenucky 12 – Davis & Jones – first round picks. UConn 11- . Duke 10 – Plumlee – first round pick. UNC 09 – Psycho T – first round pick. Kansas 08- Darrell Arthur – first round pick. Florida 07 & Florida 06 – Joakim Noah & Al Horford – both top 9 picks of the first round…. All of these guys had great tournaments and were very important pieces and contributory factors for their championships. I know what you are saying, and I would agree that dominant wing players are a very ideal formula to being winner, but I don’t think prioritizing a specific position is the right route to go. Great teams and players win championships, more so than it being a positional reasoning.

    That being said, I believe our 2014 team will have tremendous strength in all positions across the board and should be set up to make a serious tournament run. Noah leaving scares me, but if he stays like so many believe, this team will be very special and could end up being close to where we were projected to finish last year.

  • nwin iu fan

    saw noah in exhibition and open practice has alot of game but has a long way to go hes a 2yr player possibly 3 just turned 18 in august but very bright future seems like a good kid they were taking pictures with kids after haunted hall scrimmage he gets along with everyone on team he was smacking perea in the head during pictures got a kick out of him his post defense was poor he started @ the 5 played better d @ the 4 has a ways to go but were going to like him and the other frosh also stan rob played in scrimmage and looked good he might be our best slashing guard or wing along with troy stan is a player

  • roninjeffersonville

    Alex can you get the video of James blackman doing the ” ball of the string” Thanks

  • Dee McDonald

    You really need to listen to the 20+ minute interview with CTC from B1G Media day. He actually addressed the Zeller shooting thing. He said Cody was so adept at driving that HE wouldn’t take the shot and chose to drive or pass. CTC said he would have preferred if he just took the shot. You can lead a horse to water…

  • HoosierTrav

    Alex, if you go to his twitter site and retweet the tweet he made, I would think most would be able to see it.