• CMcClain11

    It was awesome to see his pro debut live! He has a bright future in the NBA!

  • notfargj

    will forever love this kid, a great guy, tireless worker and inspiration to many.

  • benchwarmer32

    That standing ovation is why IU fans are awesome!

  • Sharon DuCharme

    Can’t wait to go again in Orlando, Sunday. We bought a season ticket package just so I can see Victor. Hoping for ROY this year! He has endeared himself to the Magic Faithful already!

  • hoosier1977

    I think he will be a great pro and can’t wait for that, however he did struggle mightily last night but i assume those problems will be fixed and he will get better. He learned the hard way what worked here wont work in the NBA.

  • r

    Do you mean, he got stuffed by Roy Hibbert a couple times? If so, everyone does.

  • r

    I thought he looked okay, considering it was his first NBA game and it was being played in front of the fans of his alma mater. Beyond being called for carrying the ball, a missed shot or two, and being blocked by Roy Hibbert, I thought he played pretty well considering the nerves. I agree, we all know he can do so much more…but for his first game, I thought he did alright. He continued to attack the basket, so I applaud him for that as well…he didn’t back down. Scoring in double figures off the bench in your first game as a professional isn’t too shabby.