Fischer, Williams and Jurkin return; Robinson remains out

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Speaking to the media in advance of Saturday night’s exhibition against Southern Indiana, Indiana coach Tom Crean revealed his team is slowly getting back to full-health.

Freshman center Luke Fischer, who suffered a torn left labrum in late September, has been practicing for the past three days after missing practice over the past month. In addition, freshman forward Troy Williams has been back for a week after injuring his right hand before Hoosier Hysteria, though he is still practicing with padding on that hand.

Only freshman guard Stanford Robinson remains out with the bruised knee he sustained during Hoosier Hysteria. And Crean does not expect him to play in tomorrow night’s exhibition, unless something “magically changes” overnight.

“Troy Williams lost valuable time and then he came back and he did a great job and he did it with one hand,” Crean said. “And Luke has missed valuable, valuable time.”

“We’ve just had different issues with the injuries.”

Sophomore center Peter Jurkin, who has been in Sudan to see his severely ill father, is back as well and was at practice today, according to a program spokesman.

Even freshman forward Devin Davis has dealt with injuries this preseason, as Crean said he has been “in and out” of practice, though Crean said he has been extremely efficient overall this preseason.

“I don’t think we’ll really see where we’re at until we get more from more guys that have been injured,” Crean said.

“We’re anxious to see where it stands. And we’re anxious to have something to evaluate as we get ready for the next one.”

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  • Snookafly

    This year is going to be tough enough without injuries. I’m just glad we should be getting all of our guys back before the season starts.

  • colinbb10

    wow Fischer had a torn labrum? I’ll be praying that injury doesn’t rear its head again. I know several baseball players who have missed way more than a month with such an injury. I guess basketball is just different? Tough kids abound on this squad

  • Scooter

    When 50% of the team has been injured prior to the first exhibition game, something is wrong. I am all for having a team that is not physically and mentally exhausted in March. CTC needs to rethink his philosophy a bit.

  • Geoff_85

    I would say they’ve likely just been extra cautious with not-so-serious injuries. Not sure “how torn” the labrum was, but Mosquera-Perea has been in a walking boot to PREVENT injury for crying out loud. I think you need to rethink your comments a bit. I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing.

  • steve

    Anyone who thinks this is a top 20 team is smoking the jim jones stuff. Maybe later in the year but with all these injuries to the young guys right off the bat. Forget it. I m hoping for ncaa but who knows it could be a long year imo.

  • Kayla Woodward

    I’ve had a torn labia

  • Snookafly

    It might be a long year, but we’ll be in the tourney.


    I think this team will be better than most people are anticipating … they have a great deal of talent and quickness … two uncoachable features … although much of last year’s scoring prowess is gone they are likely to develop into a very good defensive and rebounding team as the year goes on … plus I believe we will see a significantly deeper bench this season which will improve CTC’s ability to turn up the defensive pressure!

  • TJ21

    whether we win 20+ games not, this is going to be an entertaining team that is only going to get better every week.

  • boogio

    How did you manage that?

  • SCHoosier

    Every coach I’ve heard talk about this season is a bit freaked out about the adjustments required re: the new “use of hands” rule. As Crean pointed out..the rule will expose weak defense players..require use of depth…ability to hit FT’s..and get use to how the refs are gonna call the rule. Tough for a veteran team let along a young one like IU.

  • Paul Haluska

    …that’s a completely different injury

  • Andrew Walker

    I understand for reasons you mentioned why IU would have problems but from an offensive standpoint I think this is great. I would think that more up tempo and higher scoring offenses would benefit greatly from the new rules.

  • Ole Man

    Add to that the new interpretation of the “charging rule”. Pretty sure you’re right; chaos for a few games.
    Wonder if they’ll now call all the hand checks which have made Aaron Craft such a defensive specialist (add sarcasm).

  • Andrew Walker

    Hopefully the new rules are retroactive and Craft will have to sit out his senior year.

  • TomJameson

    That was my very first thought when I hear about that rule. I bet LOTS of people had that first association between hand checks and Craft! LOL We shall see!


    Damn it why won’t this thing count more than one up vote ! ! ! ( continues to vigorously click mouse while hovering over the up arrow)

    Might just be the best comment I’ve ever read that is associated with Wittle Wosey Cheeks.


    Did Tim Garl help you rehad it ? lol


    defense is played with the feet … handchecking allows weaker players to slow quicker ones .. it may be that the younger players have an easier time adjusting to the new rules as they haven’t built up the habit ..I believe it will be the most difficult for older player like Craft!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    very curious to see where the scoring’s gonna come from. we really don’t appear to have a clear cut go-to guy. and i wonder if they’ll try to play at the same breakneck pace as they did last year. with yogi at the point, guessing they probably will. conditioning and managing to’s gonna be huge, considering we’ve got a bunch of injured freshmen!

  • marcusgresham

    Ouch. That’s takin’ one for the team.

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t know about that. Younger guys are less removed from high school where the play is far less physical. The older guys have been in college a while where they’ll have to “re-learn” some defensive principles.

  • marcusgresham

    Should’ve read everything before I commented since you had already said the same thing I did.


    I think it is a valid point so no harm in repeating it.

  • esapata

    I think that was the point.

  • Quickiedahoosier

    With the exception of a few teams we have as much talent as anyone. We could be dangerous, just need to make some shots, and D people up. Have to agree with you, it’s going to be entertaining.

  • Quickiedahoosier

    Yogi needs to fly up the court,, toss it up and let Noah, Hanner, or Jeremy “Throw em down!! Can’t wait

  • Quickiedahoosier

    .Why not the Hoosiers, why not now? I don’t see any teams in the rankings that look unbeatable. This is going to be a fun year, we have everything we need on this roster. Hanner becomes a monster to go with Noah, Luke becomes a “poor mans” Cody, J Hol becomes CWAT on steroids, Will becomes Hondo 2.0, and Yogi is unstoppable getting to the hoop!!!!!

    Here come the Hurryin Hoosiers!!

  • Scooter

    Listen man, I am allowed to have an opinion. Here are some facts for you. The following players have been injured during preseason practices/scrimmages:
    1. Jurkin
    2. Vonleh
    3. Williams
    4. Robinson
    5. Fischer
    6. Davis
    7. Sheehey
    8. Perea

    Am I missing someone Geoff_85?

    That is way too many injuries! The less time this team has to gel the less wins IU grts this year. With a team this young and minimal leadership, 18-13 seems realistic when you factor in injuries.

  • Ed

    CTC needs to reevaluate how hard he pushes these kids for he method is not working. Way to many injuries!

  • Geoff_85

    You are, but I’m not apparently. Funny. Anyway, what classifies as an injury is what I’m talking about. None of us have a clue how serious any of these injuries are. I would say being held out of a practice or an exhibition game is not a big deal and is merely precautionary. Having said that, for now I will trust the man that school hired, and is paying millions, to do his job and not complain about everything he and his staff do. By the way, how many games have any players missed due to injuries in practice? Mo Creek, Etherington, Robinson, Jones III all hurt in games. When the players start missing game time because Coach is “being too hard” on them in practice, then I’ll start complaining.