Crean updates injuries on ESPNU’s Midnight Madness

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Tom Crean was an in-studio guest on Friday’s ESPNU Midnight Madness special and on the broadcast, was asked by Andy Katz for the latest on injuries to freshmen Luke Fischer, Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson.

Here are Crean’s comments on each player:

· Fischer: “Luke Fischer got injured right before we started practice. Tore his labrum and he’s back doing 5-on-0 work and hopefully we’ll have him by the second exhibition game, probably at the earliest.”

· Williams: “Troy Williams gets the cast off his right hand and we finally get a chance to see his right hand because the last couple of weeks it’s been all about his left hand and it hasn’t been too bad.”

· Robinson: “Stanford Robinson got hurt actually at Hoosier Hysteria, which you never want to have happen. He bruised his knee, he should be back hopefully sometime by the end of next week.”

Indiana’s first exhibition game is Saturday, Oct. 26 against Division II Southern Indiana at Assembly Hall at 7 p.m.

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  • bloyd88

    I’m guessing Troy will be playing Saturday night against USI?

  • TJBanks

    Tore my glenoid labrum when I played CFB, the rehab for that surgery is the worst. Good luck to luke when he goes thru that in the offseason

  • notfargj

    shook troy’s hand in church last sunday, he didn’t have a cast on at the time.

  • Brian Stewart

    So Troy hurt both hands? Geez Louise..

  • Mk

    Haha no man. Re-read the article

  • Shawn Congo

    He may have only worn a temporary one during practice.

  • No, he’s been using only one hand (his left) and the results, according to what Crean said last night, haven’t been bad.

  • johnrhee

    I will be surprised if Troy, Stanford, and/or Luke don’t play against the much improved Washington Huskies in 2K Classic just in case there’s a setback on either of their injuries around that time. It’s going to be an interesting tournament against the Pac-12 team like the Huskies.

  • dtfreed

    I had the feeling from the update above all should be back by Chicago State [1st game of season] so why a month later would they hold them out against a team which probably will be a measurement of progress for this young team?


    Something tells me that Luke’s injury may be one that is going to nag him, some days more than others, for the remainder of the season and the only way he is going to get rid of it completely is to have an extended rest period during the offseason. I”m not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination but I’m guessing this type of injury, where you don’t have the luxury of taking the full amount of down time really needed to heal all the way, can create a situation where it wouldn’t take a whole lot for it to become a much more serious injury. Hope I’m wrong.

  • TomJameson

    Wouldn’t be surprised if coach kept him out for all the exhibition games just for that reason.

  • SoCal Hoosier

    I’ve had surgery for a fully torn labrum in my left shoulder and am currently considering surgery for a partially torn labrum in my right shoulder. Rest will not heal this injury, as this is not regenerating tissue. Depending on the severity of the tear and the location on the labrum (think of it as a clock), it could have significant limitations or not be too bad except at certain arm angles. Sounds like he can probably play with it but there will be some restrictions with what he can do with that arm. Net net, surgery is most likely in his future. At his age, that is probably a 3-month rehab to full activity, and as TJBanks said above, it ain’t fun.

  • Eugene Debs

    Heal up, boys. We need to have a deep team – a different hero every night kind of depth. Best of luck.

  • BluegrassHoosier

    I hope you didn’t squeeze very hard.

  • Iumick22

    Brian Evans played a lot with a shoulder harness one year as I recall.

  • blod88

    Luke? or Troy?


    Thanks for the info. Just our luck to have a somewhat restrictive injury to the guy that we were counting on to play a lot of minutes in the spot with probably the most questions surrounding it. I guess feeling the need to understand an injury of someone that I have no connection to other than as a fan of IU bball makes me appear somewhat obsessed. A lot of the time, and I understand why, the staff doesn’t go into a lot of detail when it comes to an injury. Knowing more about how it will restrict his play takes some of the guess work out of things when it comes to figuring out if a player is just not able to do a particular thing or if their injury is more than likely keeping them from doing it. Thanks again for the info.


    Felt bad being too lazy to look back and see if it said which shoulder. It is his left shoulder. There….some shame washed away. lol

  • notfargj

    the good thing was that he wasn’t reluctant to extend his hand nor did he wince. shook his hand yesterday at the 11:30 service and he seemed fine. devin, noah, stan and coach johnson were there as well. asked stan how he was feeling and he said he felt much better.

    for the record, all five of them – vonleh in particular – are so much bigger in person. with the exception of coach johnson, it’s hard to believe they’re just kids. and, noah’s “nerlens noel” haircut gives him an extra inch or two.

  • mk

    agreed not sure i see the point of not playing them in the 2k

  • TomJameson

    Luke, But of course depends on how bad the injury was. Now it’s looking like maybe not as bad as first feared.