• BMusic

    I love these guys. LOVE them. How strange to watch those highlights and only be able to recognize, like, four guys. How strange to not see Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford on the court.

    Can’t wait for the first game!

  • Mattmjk69

    Hanner will have a break out season. He will be a nba player

  • Brklynhoosier

    From your mouth to God’s ear…

  • Kenneth234

    I thought that Peter Jurkin looked a lot more like a player that can log some minutes in the middle and give production while doing it. Hanner, certainly looked like the explosive player we were expecting last season. Hollowell looked ready to step into more of a focal point role for this team. Yogi, was Yogi, however, he looked stronger, and much more lean the he did last year; perhaps even faster as well. Will, well like Yogi, you know that he is going to be ready. I didn’t see much out of Etherington, but going off what he could do last year prior to the injury, I know he can play. For the freshman, the injuries seem to be piling up. I don’t, or I hope there isn’t anything really serious, but it would be great to have seen them on the court as well. I can’t wait to see Noah, Luke, and Troy participate in game action and see how they blend together. Robinson looked very good, and I liked what Davis can give us. Also Hartman, I just don’t think we seen enough to get an idea of what he can do this year. Oh, about forgot Gordon, he looked like he can certainly play in the Big Ten to me, especially when being added to a roster full of youth, and players that can be very versatile.

  • HoosierTrav

    -Beating a dead horse, but this team is going to surprise a lot of people. There will growing pains but this team has the ability to be special if it can play unselfishly on O and with tenacity on the defensive end (Defensive intensity can cover many offensive woes. See 2013 Louisville Cardinals).

    -Noah Vonleh is going to be a SERIOUS problem for the B1G this year. He’s a legitimate pro, with comparisons to Chris Bosh/Harrison Barnes. It is NOT a stretch of the imagination to say he can be the best player in the B1G.

    -Jeremy H is going to be our top scorer. Not worried about his efficiency at the moment. He’s always been efficient. His confidence is crucial going forward.

    – The fact that Hanner dunked 2 balls at once speaks volumes of the development of his hand coordination. I cant do this on a 7 foot rim with 3,948,573,829 attempts.

    -If Stan Robinson develops a steady mid range and 3 point shot (odds are he will) he is going to be a first rounder. He’s a game changer at the 2. Length, athleticism, MOTOR…. Its going to be nice to see our 2 guard throw down a thunderous dunk.
    – I cant wait to see Troy Williams fly up and down the court.

    – Devin Davis is a lot better than we anticipated. A LOT BETTER!
    – This team is full of WINNERS! Don’t ever underestimate how important that is.

    – I cant wait to watch these guys come together. I think the first road win or narrow road loss will spark this teams fire.