Stanford Robinson out indefinitely with knee injury

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Update: Jeff Goodman of reports that Robinson is expected to miss 7 to 10 days.

After sustaining a right knee injury in the final seconds of Friday night’s Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage, Stanford Robinson is “out indefinitely.”

Indiana sent out a release late Saturday night updating Robinson’s situation, saying that he will begin treatment and daily observation.

“Hopefully everything will be good there,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said after Hoosier Hysteria. “We don’t need any more guys missing time that are gonna play.”

Robinson went down after a collision in the paint with 4.6 seconds remaining in the scrimmage. He limped off the court with help from IU team doctor Steve Ahlfeld.

Below is the entire press release:

Bloomington, Indiana – Freshman Stanford Robinson, who left Friday night’s Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage after injuring his right knee, is beginning treatment, daily evaluation and will be out indefinitely. He participated in team activities with the Varsity Club prior to this afternoon’s football game against Penn State and was dressed at practice.

“Stanford is a very unique, unorthodox type of player”, said Coach Tom Crean at his State of the Hoosiers speech Wednesday evening. “He can do a lot of different things. He can handle the ball. He is as good of a downhill player as we have right now outside of Yogi when it comes to playing the game and going straight line straight downhill.”

The Hoosiers open the exhibition season in three weeks against Southern Indiana, October 26 at 7 p.m. in Assembly Hall.

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  • Steve Fischer

    I’m not happy. Losing Goodluck brought us more bad luck.

  • VAhoosier

    Is it just me or does it feel like our team is always injured? Is it just because I don’t hear about the other big ten programs and their injures or do we really just beat each other up in practice? Rough practices or overly cautious about keeping everyone healthy early in the season, keeping them out of action? Stan’s injury was a freak accident, I’m not referencing him but rather all of our other injured players on the roster. Do you guys feel this way also???

  • HoosierPat

    Hopefully this is nothing too serious. Stan looked really good at Hoosier Hysteria. Knee injuries can be tricky and really tough to come back from. I loved the energy he had on both ends of the court. We’re going to need him this season.

  • AZIU71

    CTC going stealth mode again regarding injuries, remember Sheehey’s sprained ankle, he was day to day for a month. Doesn’t sound like any structural damage (no MRI done that we know of). I’m going with bruised knee, 100% back by first exhibition.

  • PDXHoosier

    players get banged up. better to keep them out now as a precaution, even if it is a minor injury.

  • MPmike

    Yeah, due to the number of injured players makes you wonder. This is not football, it’s basketball. Injuries due happen, but you start to wonder when you have half of your players injured way before the first exhibition game.

  • IU80

    Saw him at the football game. Leg has been immobilized so he can’t bend his knee. Looks like standard procedure to accelerate healing and eliminate further damage.

  • Wet Vette


  • NYCHoosier03

    No one likes the injuries, just like no one likes a soft bball team. MPmike, B10 hoops is football.

  • SCHoosier

    Knee problems are not good for anybody….especially an athlete who relies on speed and quickness. Just have to keep our fingers crossed….this kid was the sleeper in this class..Troy is the only other guy who could do what Stan can do. No way to make up the experience/practice he’ll be missing. Really a bummer.

  • Kenneth234

    It seems like in this case, they are using the word indefinitely as if they just don’t know the time frame rather than like it is going to be something that sits him out most of the season. At least I hope that is the case.

  • colinbb10

    Crean needs to protect the people he brings into his program. I understand he learned under Izzo and that our defense and rebounding were pathetic his first few years at the helm of our program, but that doesn’t mean he needs to turn our practices into the football practices Sparty has their hoops players engage in

  • Mk

    He got hurt in the Hoosier hysteria scrimmage…I suppose he shouldn’t have participated in that?

  • Mk

    I guess he should have sat out the scrimmage then?

  • Joe

    Well this sucks. You know what else is terrible? I think James Blackmon is on the cusp of picking UM, an in-conference rival that just went to the FF during what was thought to be our season. Unless you think Walton and Irvin are pro material after this season, Coach B will be juggling three excellent guards and finding minutes for James where he can. I can’t believe this is a better situation than IU, but JBJ thinks it is.

    We’ve lost out on Harris, Robinson, Irvin, McGary, and several other top Indiana prospects over the years. Yes we landed Zeller and Ferrell and are pulling guys in from out of state, but when the IN-STATE players are leading other teams to the final four, it is maddening. I expect the top Indiana players to come to Indiana on a yearly basis. They have yet to win anything in my adult lifetime other than an exciting FF game in 2001, and I’m getting tired of it. I hope these raw players we landed become good basketball players…Noah is the only player I like in this class right now.

  • WisconHoosier

    I forget all the details, but a long time ago, a college team discovered their injuries dropped by 60% once they stopped running conditioning drills on concrete stairs at the football stadium. Just that one small change made that big of a difference. They started running on a grass hill, on ground that could help absorb the pounding.

    Amazingly, there are still teams in the US that run on concrete. There’s no give, and all the stress goes straight into the knees and ankles. It may not cause an injury right away, but it sets the stage for one later.

    I know our IU injuries aren’t all stress related – many have been from collisions during games or practice. But still. I hope the IU staff does a full review of everything the players do, every minute, every drill. The length of practice. How long are the cutting drills, which puts incredible stress on the ankles and knees? Even the diet, and the amount of sleep. Review everything.

    One would think they have already done this, but now I’m not so sure.

  • OhioHoosier

    How about Harris being injured last year?

  • G-Rob


  • Kenneth234

    What in state player led their team to the final four? Big difference between leading and being on the team that goes to the final 4.

  • Scooter

    McGary was the reason UM got there last year. Conley and Oden led OSU. Teague helped lead UK. Lyle, Blackmon Jr jumped ship. Lyles and Blueitt are top 50 players choosing other schools. Harris, D Thomas, Plumlee (3), etc are all NBA level players who didnt chose IU.
    Now it seems Kenny Johnson controls the recruiting game and I am not sure I like that. Virginia has nowhere near the talent Indiana has. CTC needs to farm his back yard.
    CTC pushes these guys way too hard. Williams, Jurkin, Fischer, Vonleh, and Sheehey are all banged up. You can have intensity in practice without working a team like dogs.
    Players from last years team will admittedly tell you they were tired and worn down by seasons end. No other team has had the injury bug like IU the last 3 seasons.
    Unfortunately, this program needs to refocus off Banner 6 and onto building it to an elite level first. CTC missed the bus last year wirh the best team he has ever had. 17-14 this year is looking legit.

  • IU

    If anyone else out there has played basketball at a higher level you should know that there is a balance to finding toughness on the court without playing OUT OF CONTROL contact. Aside from the fluke SR,MC and AE injurys, I have been concerned about the number of injuries at practices during CTC era. Dont get me wrong, I love CTC and I get that he is trying to prepare his players to compete in a physical league. BUT at what point do you sacrifice a players health to gain toughness!? I know the game is physically demanding, but good lord!
    I remember Coach Knights players having a physical toughness about them but an outstanding MENTAL toughness!!
    That being said, injuries can and will happen but I think this is a reflection that the game of basketball is just getting out of control physically and it has been for a long time. Basketball was intended to be a game of position..Once you have position, it is a foul to force you out of it. In old school days, you couldn’t even put your freakin hand on someone without it being a foul. It makes me crazy to watch College and Pro Basketball anymore, but I love the game too much not to watch it at all. Especially being a IU Basketball fan since birth.
    I see a problem and I wish I had the solution.
    ***Go IU***

  • Kenneth234

    McGary’s play improved during the tournament, but your clearly wrong if you think he led them anywhere. That team was riding Burke, and Hardaway to the final 4. Then your going to go back to the Mike Davis era for your next example, that simply proves that your out of examples. There are good players across the country, and the game of recruiting has changed significantly in the last several years. Between AAU and the increase in televising basketball games, players are used to being away from home, and know that their family and friends can view their games no matter what high level D-1 school they attend. Recruiting is more about having a spot that will nearly ensure that a top level talent gets to start and play heavy minutes.

  • Mk

    “McGary was the reason they got there ”

    Uhh Trey Burke’s 3 vs. Kansas ?

  • Ole Man

    I’m going with not back until a couple of weeks into the regular season, if then. It might not be until the B1G schedule.

  • Ole Man

    Great idea on the review. Doubt that it is done, however.

  • Joe

    Why am I a troll? Because I voice my concern over the team I root for? GTFO. If you can’t see the issue with recruiting or lack thereof in Indiana then that’s your fault.

  • Gregory Spera

    These injury press releases IU gives out are crap. I already knew Robinson injured his right knee and was out “indefinitely.” All of their injury press releases are “indefinite.”

  • jmac

    It is hard for some to grasp the reality. We have had a lot of injuries! They do wear down by the end of season, and I do believe coach pushes too hard to get commitments.. So yes I agree with these statements. The only thing I don’t agree with is that the injuries have anything to do with the way coach runs practice. I am not a troll either, just a concerned IU fan,

  • SCHoosier

    Ask your HR people at work about HIPPA laws. Privacy of injuries in the work place pretty much allowed/required to be secretive if the injured person/authorities want it that way.



  • MillaRed

    A lot of emotion in here and I have to agree, this injury thing just isn’t right. Needs major evaluation at every level. If Coach wants to spend 20 hours a day doing his thing so be it. Kids aren’t wired that way and they are the ones exposed to the physicality.

    I also agree recruiting is “a little off” right now.

    In summary, this is not a wonderful offseason for Indiana hoops. To pretend otherwise is extremely rose colored.

  • Kyl470

    Injuries happen everywhere not just IU. We all think it’s bad at IU because that’s who everyone on here pays attention to the most. MSU top player Gary Harris hurt his ankle. Last year Noel tore his ACL for UK. I think everyone saw the Ware injury for Louisville. Greg Oden played most of his freshman year at OSU with a broken right hand and missed the beginning of their season.

    They just announced Robinson is only expected to miss another 7 to 10 days. The fact is there is a lot of competition for playing time this year. You have 6 freshman and 1 transfer out there trying to prove that they are the guy who deserves game minutes so of course they are going to go hard in practice.

  • gerald

    7-10 days as of this morning

  • WhatsUpKnight

    you do have to wonder if this rash of injuries will force CTC to reevaluate, if for no other reason than to make sure they’re not whittled down to 5 active players come november. i’m still not ready to buy in that he’s working them any harder than what’s typical in major college bb (there are strict rules on practice hours), but the coincidences sure do seem to be stacking up. and it’s absolutely frustrating. 2nd year in a row we’ve had guys unable to participate in HH. trivial as that may be, it still sux.

    far as the offseason being disappointing, totally agree. but let’s not forget we’re coming off a B1G championship season where we were the top ranked team for several weeks. that’s a pretty tough act to follow. winning will cure a lot of ills, so let’s hope we pick up a few W’s this year. picking up devin robinson wouldn’t hurt either.

  • sarge

    Do you think cody breaking all of the records at the NBA combine was done on pure talent? Do you think oladipo’s improvement and subsequent #2 draft pick was from easy practices? Both of those guys put in extra work outside of ctc’s practices to get where they are now. These recruits not only wanna get to that same level but they expect to work just as hard to achieve their goals. Don’t question ctc’s techniques or player development unless you know what you’re talkin about troll.

  • IU Fan 4 Life!!!!

    A bunch of UK fans keep saying our guys are getting hurt because of the “Clappy”. What does that even mean?

  • Jamie

    We get into this trap of only seeing only our mistakes. That’s especially easy to do during the season. Every team deals with this kind of stuff.

  • winston smith

    Maybe they are somehow referring to the fact that CTC claps a lot on the sidelines?

  • winston smith

    How about practicing in knee pads and elbow pads? It won’t eliminate all injuries but it could prevent some.

  • Ole Man

    Dang, I know we all hope that’s right.
    Seems like a great kid. And we need him.

  • Kyl470

    Yeah I also forgot to mention that McGary on Michigan has a back injury and he is out right now.

  • Scooter

    Huh, pretty sure Crean was at IU when Teague went to UK. I am also pretty sure that UM doesn’t get to the Final 4 if McGary wasn’t a stud in the tournament. 21 and 14 against VCU; 25/14 against Kansas. While Burke tore into Syracuse for a whopping 7 points on .125 shooting, McGary was at 10/12.
    Sorry Kenneth234, IU should at least be able to keep more than 2 Top 50 players in Indiana since CTC took the helm. This is his 6th season. Any IU fan would take talent from all over the country, but CTC isn’t landing the big dogs in Indiana.

  • Scooter

    Uhhhhhhhhhh McGary’s 25 points and 14 rebounds against Kansas? Without that performance, you can scrap Burke’s last minute jumper.

  • IU Fan 4 Life!!!!

    Does he Clap a lot on the sidelines and why would that be a problem?

  • Scooter

    I was at Hoosier Hysteria last Friday and I felt it was the Kenny Johnson show. I also watched CTC’s coached scrimmage team play selfish basketball. Yogi was trying to dribble the air out of the ball and Hollowell was a black hole on offense. The ball reversed just twice in 16 minutes. And, Robinson got hurt with 4.6 seconds left because he was playing help defense as the out of control lob to HMP was defended by 2 defensive players, one of which crashed into Robinson’s knee. It was an Exhibition/scrimmage yes, but I saw a lot of issues that didn’t look very promising.

    The 2012-13 team had 2 All-Americans and (4) 1,000 point scorers. They had 6th man of the year and a McDonalds All-American Freshman who started 30+ games. They had more than enough fire power to win the tournament or make a deeper run. But, the team was exhausted.

    One of the smartest things I ever heard Calipari say in 2011-12 was that as the season wore down, his team needed more rest and lighter practices.

    Someone can list out dozens of injuries that other players suffer throughout the year but each year IU has multiple injuries that sideline players. Far too many come from practice.

  • MillaRed

    The injury happening that late at HH does indeed suck. But I’m not sure I can place blame with it. Sounds like a fluke play.

    I’m over the “we could have gone further” deal. But agree we looked tired late in the season. And think we need to make an adjustment. In general Coach can take criticism better. It’s a part of life.

    When I see CTC on the sideline I don’t really like what I see. All the pacing and shizz. Calm down dude. Love his work ethic. It’s unparalleled. But just not a fan of his sideline demeanor. You don’t get called “Clappy” for nothing. It makes you wonder how that translates in practice.

    We are totally rebuilding right now. I suppose we need to get used to that idea. Preferably without half the team on crutches.

  • winston smith

    He does clap a lot on the sidelines and who said it was a problem? You asked why UK guys use the word “clappy” when talking about us and the injuries. I made a speculation as to why they said that. Why do you read “problem” into that? I have have no problem with his courtside demeanor.

  • SCHoosier

    In TC’s first two years..with willing but limited players..TC did a lot of clapping his hands while walking tirelessly up and down the sidelines cheering on what he knew would be a losing effort. The IU and elsewhere started referring to his as “Clappy”….such was their ignorance.

  • IU Fan 4 Life!!!!

    Because they say that’s why players keep getting injured. I guess I’m asking why would the “Clappy” be a problem to cause injuries?

  • winston smith

    I think they mean the CTC pushing the kids so hard is causing the injuries. They call him clappy. I don’t think they are saying that his sideline clapping is causing the injuries.