HD Video: Yogi Ferrell, Collin Hartman and Jeremy Hollowell talk at Indiana Media Day

  • 09/27/2013 6:45 am in

Before its first official practice on Friday, Indiana’s men’s basketball team hosted its annual Media Day on Thursday at Assembly Hall.

Inside the Hall got the chance to speak to several players, including freshman Collin Hartman and sophomores Yogi Ferrell and Jeremy Hollowell. Our conversations with them are posted below:

Yogi Ferrell

Collin Hartman

Jeremy Hollowell

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  • Corey Dunigan

    Hollowell sounds hungry!

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    You know, we have an incredible nucleus of awesome talent, though you, they will show glimpses of brilliance! Can’t wait for Hoosier Hysteria.

  • notfargj

    it’s exciting to hear their teammates refer to the new guys as being so “athletic.” having watched video highlights of most of them, this doesn’t come as a surprise. whether the athleticism will translate into a solid team is yet to be seen but i feel as if this group is going to surprise some people. let’s hope they stay healthy.

  • Mat

    Jeremy sounds like he is ready to play this year. Last year he made a lot of us wonder but I truly believe he has the talent to be an All Big Ten player.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Hollowell so reminds me of Andre Patterson…possessing the “talent” to be an All-B1G/All-American player, but somewhere, somehow lacking the fire inside to develop that talent. CTC, Je’Ney, Williams and Davis will certainly be pushing him to either be all he can be or helping him find a comfortable place near the end of the bench. I hope it’s the former.

  • SCHoosier

    Hollowell looks like he’s “filled out”..and sounds like he’s with the program. Will definitely need to bring it this year. No doubt will lead in the team in “ink”:)

  • Bleeding Crimson

    We talk a lot about how Vic and Hulls were gym rats and how we hope that transfers over to the new flock of players. With Vic coming back from time to time and having Sheehey and Yogi to help motivate them to get that 24/7 attitude…I do believe we forget it really probably came from top down CTC and our strength coach pushing them for the most part. So I really don’t see a drop off in our 24/7 attitude esp since the success we had over the past few years of player development.
    Point being, they all will be push just as hard but it will be more of an individual decision to take it up on their part to make that adjustment and I think if they want to be the best, PT, etc that will just naturally come forth. JMHO

    Plus I feel that the team feels the pressure not to not let the program have a drop off due to their contributions and keep IU an elite program with continued players going to the NBA…this comes full circle and I think we will be just fine…
    Top 4 B1G, top 25 all year, sweet 16.

  • aubreyhouse

    This guy is going to be tough! gotta shave the neck beard …