Richmond Times-Dispatch profiles Robert Johnson

  • 09/18/2013 5:25 pm in

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Benedictine senior sees recruiting profile boom

Six months ago, Robert Johnson’s best scholarship offers came mostly from mid-major basketball programs. Virginia Commonwealth, perhaps, was the most prestigious school courting him.

Over the summer, though, the Benedictine senior’s profile has boomed. He now has 20 offers under his belt, including Indiana, Georgetown and North Carolina.

On Friday, he will pick just one. Indiana, North Carolina, Florida State and Virginia are his finalists.

The reason Johnson’s recruitment gained so much momentum is the result of two important factors: He upped his game to a higher level and he did it in front of a big audience.

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  • SCHoosier

    “I’m ready to wrap it up..I’ve had my fun with it (recruiting)” Well I’m glad its been fun for somebody…and I hope its fun for Hoosier fans on Friday. Not looking as good as it once did.

  • superhoops

    It’s probably going to be a tough week for IUBB recruiting. Hill says no official visit, Johnson probably going somewhere else and Whitehead staying out east. Who’s next for us to recruit?

  • IUBizmark

    Calling Robert Johnson. Your destiny awaits in Bloomington. Come for the development, stay for the banners.

    And if you’re so inclined, bring your friend Devin Robinson and we can all be one big happy National Championship family!

  • Dylan Young

    Hill’s announcement is potentially a positive for a RJ commitment. Hill tweeted something along the lines that he was sorry he couldn’t play for the Hoosiers. Makes me think the dominos are falling behind the scenes. Given all the activity going on in the next week, I’d say IU will be getting some big commitments in the next few days or so.

  • superhoops

    Without Hill I was thinking more of Lourawls being the guy coming in. You may be right about it helping with Johnson, but RJ just seems to be having a tough time with his decision. Without Hill, I see your point about RJ, but I still think he’s not coming. Now we just wait and see and I hope to see some big commitments soon.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    This is our guy !!! And I love it!!