Isaiah Whitehead to announce decision on Thursday

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Class of 2014 guard Isaiah Whitehead is ready to announce his college decision.

The Lincoln High School (N.Y.) standout will make his destination known on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. in a press conference at his school.

Whitehead shared his plans for a Thursday announcement on his Twitter account and Inside the Hall’s Jordan Littman confirmed those plans with his high school coach, Tiny Morton.

He’ll choose from five schools: Indiana, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall and St. John’s.

Whitehead took an unofficial visit to Seton Hall last weekend and has an unofficial trip to St. John’s set for Wednesday evening. He visited Indiana in late August and had been considering an official visit for Hoosier Hysteria.

Whitehead is rated the No. 17 overall prospect in the 247Composite and the No. 5 shooting guard.

It’s a busy week for guard prospects being recruited by Indiana as Robert Johnson is scheduled to announce his college decision on Friday and point guard Lourawls Nairn will be in Bloomington this weekend for an official weekend.

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  • WisconHoosier

    I’m with you, and it’s not being critical of Coach to say that. There’s something hard to define, and your “a little off” is just it.

    With so few scholarships, and all the good things that have happened at IU in the past 12 months, I would have thought kids would wrestle bears to commit. I’m puzzled as to why that didn’t happen.

    I agree with some other posters that we’ll field strong teams with the players we already have. Some may be 4-year starters. But that shouldn’t intimidate an elite recruit.

  • Ole Man

    Conn and Mich are two places he’s very high on.
    I’ll hate it if he goes to MI!

  • Tucson Hoosier

    I had not heard Michigan. I was with the understanding Oklahoma State was our biggest comp for D. Robinson and that program is a mess right now. Plus he is scheduled to visit Hoosier Hysteria on Oct. 4. I think we have a great shot at him.
    On another positive note (I am trying)… if we do lose out to Whitehead or Johnson, at least they will not be playing for another big 10 team.

  • Chris

    I agree everyone should be patient but I’m confused by the statement that we don’t really need anyone. Aren’t we going to be thin at the guard positions next year if no one commits?

  • yimyames

    Maybe 14′ kids don’t want to play behind our 13′ kids. This happens when you bring in six freshman the year before.

    Ask Billy Donavan down in Florida if. Success automatically brings top recruits. His recruiting classes weren’t all that good after back to back titles.

    Sometimes it’s just the kids involved not the school or the coaches.

  • Kenneth234

    Maybe it will take a few kids to look back at their college careers and say, “I should have committed to Indiana”, to make the step of bringing in Crean’s top picks on a regular basis.

  • Kenneth234

    Depends on your definition of thin. I look at having Yogi, and Stan as definite back court players, with guys like Williams, and Davis as good options for playing the 2 in stretches. Also, lets not forget that we will still have Etherington. And if they need to go deeper, J. Marlin is another option.

    Perhaps, allowing the young recruits to play pick up games with the team on visits is breaking them mentally. Creating an understanding that their games are underdeveloped to compete for instant playing time. Just a suggestion!

  • notfargj

    we best begin preparing for the freak out. this isn’t looking good at all, on either front. fingers crossed, goodluck will commit.

  • notfargj

    as much as i’d like to believe they’ll commit, it seems highly improbable.

  • SCHoosier

    Maybe our visitors picked up that vibe from Will..not good.

  • SCHoosier

    Despite all the public comments about why who would want to go where..every kid has his own hot button. If the coaches recruiting him find that button it first..and do the best job pushing it (local ties-style of player-player development etc) they are likely to get their man.

  • SCHoosier

    After reading Johnson’s comments on his four visits (on another recruiting site yesterday) I’d have to say NC and VA are the two favorites. His comments about them were personal and emotional..his comments about IU and FS were more generic and didn’t seem to be personal.

  • SCHoosier

    Good example….u just never know…his mom wanted him to go out of town to “grow up”..but I know a lot of native NYorkers who would not want to ever go any where else to live and or play.

  • SCHoosier

    It’s gonna be like this from now on. Obviously the early commits didn’t work out..going forward these kids will want 1) their AAU experience 2) all the trips to which they are entitled 3) an on or off the record promise of immediate playing time. The lure of past glory, academics and player development fall in the crack for the 4 and 5 stars.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I really see Johnson going to IU, doubt we end up with whitehead..

  • Dean Olson

    Kerry, you have literally no clue what you’re talking about. Every prediction on GO has him going to IU. We are the favorite him by quite a lot. Johnson is likely not headed to IU but, looking at his comments, no school is a “lock” at this point. Furthermore, Robinson is very early in his recruiting and saying anything definitively is ignorant and oblivious. Go do some research.

  • notfargj

    so, the three mamba boys decommitted this year. two were ours, indiana kids who have a world class university in their backyard, a hyper zealous state fan base, a hyper zealous local fan base and an extremely loyal national fan base. what’s more, one of the most historic, exciting, basketball arenas in the country is on campus. that said, i have to admit that it still troubles me that we make such a strong effort to enter into a highly competitive recruiting territory on the east coast. don’t get me wrong. i am extremely grateful we landed will, stan, victor, maurice, troy and noah. but, given this years tormenting recruiting process, it makes me wonder if or when the eastern well will run dry – in terms of consistently luring players to the midwest. what’s it going to take to secure indiana born players? it’s disconcerting to think that some of the most noted talent in college basketball – particularly, in the recent past – are indiana bred: mcgary, robinson iii, harris, irvin, thomas, teague, et. al. lest we forget, spike albrecht turned in arguably one of the most memorable performances in ncaa basketball championship history. yet, it seems as if we’re just another blot on their respective radars. i’d say that our coaches make a conscientious effort to bring in-state players to bloomington. could it be, we aren’t weighing in on our own talent as diligently as we should? is there some sort of myth that the “real” talent lies outside the state line? this is not to say that there’s elite talent to be had throughout the country but players from this state grow up with a highly competitive, almost innate, reverence for the game. most play hard, practice long and have a high basketball IQ. hopefully, the tide will take a more dramatic turn, when it comes to locking down hoosier kids. yogi and cody signing was huge but i feel we need to be even more consistent when it comes to tracking a local kid. as many are, i am just very frustrated with how this whole recruiting class is shaping up. but, then again, it might not be the coaches that are dropping the ball – no pun intended. from what i’ve read, coach crean and johnson are diligent, very likable, guys. thus, this whole debacle may simply be a reflection of this generation of players.

  • hoosier1158

    i believe he was joking since Will will be a senior.

  • HoosierInChapelHill

    Haha… I’m cracking up at the phrase “legitimately winning a National Title.” For examples of “illegitimately winning a National Title,” google John Calipari.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Man, if I was just glancing at that list of schools and knowing he’s already visited IU, I’d automatically think he was choosing IU!

    Maybe, just maybe, he went on an official visit to Seton Hall and realized quickly that an official visit to one of his other schools paled in comparison to an unofficial visit to Bloomington so he’s quitting on the whole process?

    One can only hope . . . especially since my top three hopefuls included him along with Goodluck and Robinson!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Or maybe they talked it over and figured they’d like to play alongside each other!

    I’m trying to remain hopeful.

  • Kenneth234

    I’m glad someone caught that! Can’t believe it took so long!

  • dwdkc

    It is obvious, that just like the last couple of years, nobody will want to come to Bloomington! He won’t even be able to fill out a team without walkons! Right.
    Right now 2014 is very up in the air. We are not favored for any of these high ranking recruits. So what? Look at how much young talent is already on the team. It’s more about constructing the right kind of team than it is looking at ESPN rankings.

  • not if you like to ski…

  • HoosierInChapelHill

    This is obvious satire. Kerry cannot possibly believe that.


    Have been wondering about that scenario a little bit myself. I can see where, under the right circumstances, it could be a possibility even with Crean’s seemingly penchant for not redshirting for other than medical reasons.



  • hoosier1158

    You would think from the list of colleges he is picking from, IU would be the obvious choice, right?


    I, as well, would be very interested in the answer to that, doubt we get one, or not a realistic one anyway.


    Excellent point ! Upvote given.


    Please continue doing so without stopping until further notice. lol

  • Michael Crawley

    Keep the comments coming they are as interesting as the kids we are trying to recruit.

  • OhioHoosier

    Ahmed hill takes indiana off his list as soon as whitehead announces he will make his decision which just happens to be the a day before Johnson makes his decision, and they just so happened to visit together. Maybe im ambitious in thinking this but I would like to think there is at least a chance that hill got word of whitehead and Johnson’s iu commitments and thus he took us off his list. Wishful? Yes. Unlikely? Definitely. But it is at least worth the thought. A lot of things happening abruptly that IU happens to be a part of.

  • RonB

    There are 18 players on our roster and 11 have played basketball sometime in their careers in Indiana. That is over 60 percent. It looks like the 2014 class is not going well for any players right now but we could still get Blackmon,a long shot, but the next 2 classes 2015 and 2016 are going to be full of great Indiana kids. Coach got Indiana kids every year
    he has been here and he had some for 2014 and they decided to change their minds because IMHO playing time was going to be hard to earn. I don’t think he has stopped recruiting Indiana. Bob Knight had many players leave Indiana for other schools. You are just not going to get them all.

  • Andrew Walker

    I’m not trying to piss people off when I say this but pUKe isn’t having a great 2014 recruiting experience. If they are the standard in recruiting what makes us think IU should be any better or have an easier time recruiting.

    IU has been two sweet 16s in since 2003. IU is not back. IU needs at least 4 or 5 solid years to be considered back. 4 straight years consistently vying for a B1G title. 4 straight years being considered a top 25 team. 4 straight years being of being tournament bound and not on the bubble. IU needs at least 4 solid years of combined recruitment and player development to be considered back. It takes more than 2 good years for any team that has had consecutive years of losing records to be considered back.
    The success of individual’s and their draft selection doesn’t always yield a team’s success.
    The true reality of IU basketball is much lower at this point than fan expectations. We should want 5 star recruits to automatically commit to IU but the fact remains IU basketball isn’t a consistently good product. If CTC can produce the next 2 seasons the 5 star recruits will begin knocking on their door.
    We need patience.

  • kingoflucerne .

    CTC is at Marion tonight. There’s probably a good reason he’s there. Remember, he offered Whitehead after Blackmon dropped out. Now CTC is back in Marion to do the same to Whitehead. Whitehead stays home to play at MSG. RoJo to Miami. We get LouRawls and Goodluck for 2014. We get a player to push Yogi in practice and another project in Goodluck. I’m okay with it though. LouRawls will still get some minutes while making Yogi better and we’ll prove everyone wrong with Goodluck when he develops his offensive game.

  • BC

    Crean hasn’t had the depth previously that he is getting now. We dont know what the rotation will be like with this team. Abell is abad example because his game regressed and he wasn’t working as hard in practice. But Stanford is primarily known for his defense at this point, they are going to need another guard to help with shooting and scoring. That is not going to come from Yogi and Stan solely. If they can get a scorer he will see significant minutes out there.

  • BC

    Pfft, Colorado is where you ski. NY is where you skate on ice.

  • BC

    He is not going to IU guys. So I wouldn’t get too worked up.

  • BC

    It’s not fair to be judged in a vacuum. He has pulled too classes the last three years. Compare him to his peers. Who has had top classes every single year? Self Pitino Coach K? Who has won the title every time they had a great team? Calipari Roy Matta? It took literally one of the greatest groups of recruited talent for Calipari to win a title. Crean had one 5 star recruit and then look at the rest of that squad. Don’t judge him in a vacuum, it’s not fair.


    It has been my personal opinion that, while most of the heavy lifting has been completed when it comes to us being back, it is still a work in progress. If you had asked the IU faithful at the beginning of this process if being ranked #1 most of the season that was last year I think most if not all would have been grabbed it and rolled around with it in happiness while answering with a, ” hell yea “.


    Well put.