Hill, Hurt will not make visits to Indiana

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Two class of 2014 prospects who had announced intentions to take official visits to Bloomington this fall – Ahmed Hill and Stephen Hurt – will not see Indiana’s campus.

Hurt (pictured), who was visited by Indiana at Northwest Florida College on Tuesday night, decided on Wednesday night that he would not visit Indiana after concerns about fitting into Indiana’s up tempo style of play, according to a source.

The 6-foot-10, 280-pound big man is expected to choose between Kansas State, Miami (FL) and Wichita State. He’s already taken official visits to all three schools.

Indiana’s primary frontcourt target has been Goodluck Okonoboh, who took an official visit last weekend, for several months.

Hill, who was at the bottom of our 2014 recruiting board for the past few weeks, tweeted that he wouldn’t visit Indiana for Hoosier Hysteria on Wednesday evening and later confirmed the news in a phone conversation with Inside the Hall.

The Aquinas (Ga.) guard had been a fringe target for the Hoosiers and has four schools remaining on his list: Florida, Florida State, Marquette and Missouri.

On Wednesday, Indiana coach Tom Crean watched James Blackmon Jr. at Marion High School and assistant coach Kenny Johnson visited Devin Robinson at the Christchurch school in Virginia.

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  • Snookafly

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and taking this as a good sign.

  • Although Hill and Hurt weren’t our primary targets, it still makes me paranoid that it’s a sign of a trend of kids losing interest in IU. Our ’14 decommits and losing many of our top prospects doesn’t help. I was ready to jump off the ledge after Pinson. The “experts” are predicting RJ to UNC, Whitehead to SJU, and Robinson to UConn. Ugh.

    I’m still optimistic about Goodluck and unrealistically hoping Exum and/or Whitehead will be a Hoosier.

  • Steve Fischer

    A good sign?? Maybe you’re hoping the top 50 Division One universities all fill their rosters so we can get the leftovers without competition.

  • Snookafly

    My thought was that GO is about sealed up and Hurt knows we won’t need him. Also, the Hill situation sounds as though it was more about our standards than his.

  • Kenneth234

    Good plan, if the kid isn’t willing to cut some weight to make the team, he would have been a cancer for the team anyway. IU is about working hard, not wining!

  • BC

    I think RJ to UNC is correct. Why I don’t know. Somehow Roy convinced him of playing time. Whitehead to StJohns is probably right also, I think he wants to stay in NY area. But I think we have a good chance with Robinson. I don’t know where JBJ wants to go. But I’ll tell you one thing JBJ would fit in with this team next year like Peanut Butter in a PB&J. Just hope he sees that potential as well. His shooting with the gathered athleticism would be scary. Real scary.

  • Snookafly

    Personally, I wish we did have some big, strong bangers down low, but Crean has a vision so I have to agree. Work ethic and getting on board with the plan are huge.


    Wow! I really hope Whitehead and/or Johnson choose us this week! Our recruiting class could be pretty week if neither does.

  • semohoosier

    As much as I would like some of these highly regarded recruits I’m not that worried about losing some we need a good big man but you have to admire a kid like Hurt that is honest and knows it just won’t work.I do hope Goodluck is our guy even though I think he has a certain amount of risk with his lack of offense . Can’t help but liking a dominant shot blocker

  • WisconHoosier

    Hill is a top-40 shooting guard.

    What does “bottom of our recruiting board” mean?

  • WisconHoosier

    Another site said former IU target BeeJay Anya arrived at NC State weighing 337 pounds. The coach was quoted about the extra weight, so the story is credible.

    People were questioning his speed and stamina when he weighed 275. Now he needs to lose 60 pounds just to get back to plodding. I hope he does, but wow.

  • semohoosier

    I’m guessing it means he was on the bottom not because of skill but maybe the interest he showed or how he fit into our program. Just a hunch but kinda like i see it. I have to say if one of these kids don’t commit to Indiana this week I’m going to be disappointed but not totally shocked or worried just would like a kid like Whitehead or RJ. I think RJ would make a great 3 maybe 4 year player and we need some of those for leadership .

  • Do you guys really not know this site better than that? Bottom of ITH’s board is just that, The ‘ITH Recruiting Board’ is ranked in order of how hard IU is recruiting the players for that year.. or as to the priority of their recruitment to the coaches as seen by ITH. So Hill was seen as not very important in terms of priority/time spent recruiting him.

  • Bball Papaw

    I am beginning to wonder if the recruits and their parents are catching onto the fact that CTC is a great recruiter and a fine representative of the university and a good Christian man but when it comes to X’s and O’s he just isnt a standout coach. If you look at what we had last year. We had 2 lottery picks and four players that had scored a 1,000 points in the time here not to mention the fact that 5 of those kids are playing ball professionally some where and we couldnt get out of the Sweet 16. Four 1,000 point scorers on the same team had never happend here and probably doesnt happen anywhere very often. I think the ship might be starting to sail on the coaching abilities of CTC. Take out the last 2 years and the Final Four run 10 years ago and he hasnt been out of the second round of the tournament. Add t his to the decommitments we have hadof in-state players and you get the tough recruiting news we are starting to get. Just my thoughts…..I am a life time HOOSIER FAN and will remaing so for the rest of my life but I cant help but ponder these things.

  • Southport65

    If that is true then why is Johnson now last on the list?

  • ScoopGeoff

    Ponder this as well… Myopia.

    IU has been to back-to-back Sweet 16’s. While maybe that didn’t quite cut the mustard for us fans last year, when you step back and look at it in the national landscape it means we are an elite program. Notice some of the schools we are competing against on these final lists… FSU, Florida, Virginia, Mizzou, Marquette – what have they done that is so much more impressive? Not every top recruit can go to UK, KU, UNC, and Duke.

    You point out that Crean couldn’t get it done with 2 lottery picks, 4 1000-point scorers and 5 pros… Ok, so they didn’t win a couple more games in a single-elimination tournament… HE SENT 5 KIDS TO THE PRO RANKS LAST YEAR AND 2 OF THEM WERE LOTTERY PICKS! (Oh and everyone on the team seems to be on track to graduate early)

    So remind me again why a parent or athlete wouldn’t want to come to IU… Because Crean can’t win the big game? That is a fan concern, not a player or parent concern…. Parents want 1-or-more of 3 things – their kids to be happy, their kids to get a good education, and/or their kids to increase their pro potential. Do you honestly think

  • Kenneth234

    Further more, players win big games, lack of the elite level coaching decisions be dammed! If that is even the case. Perhaps, the players are not quite as elite as you wish to pretend. Sure Cody and Vic were special, but the other three pro’s, are playing in less that high level pro leagues. And just because they got a contract outside the US, doesn’t mean they are looking at having long careers. Hell, Verdell Jones lll has been playing over seas, he certainly isn’t a stellar basketball talent by any means.

  • Oldguyy

    The chess pieces are starting to move. Looks like Crean has a good idea of who will make up the 2014 class and is letting some people know that they need to turn their thoughts elsewhere.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Quotes from the Indianapolis Star article on JBJ’s recruitment…..

    “He (Calipari) talked about how they take a lot of one-and-done players. That appeals to me because it’s always been my dream to play in the NBA.”

    “I probably won’t take all five visits because I’ll probably decide before that happens. I’m looking for a coah that I can really trust and a team that has a chance to compete for a national championship and has good players to play around. A coach who will help me get to the next level.”

    I’m no mathmetician, but……….

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    No one can claim that the games @Michigan and @MSU were not big games. Those were huge, nationally televised games where the players and coaches came really came through. We just had a bad draw with Syracuse.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    making it to the final four ain’t easy, you can ask anybody. even coach k and slick rick went out in the 1st round in recent years. and those teams were chock full of McD’s all-americans. and let’s face it, the four 1000 pt scorers is more than a little deceiving. with those miserable teams, it came down to somebody having to shoot the ball.

    i don’t care to argue one way or the other if ctc’s a great xo guy. wins last year over izzo, roy williams, motta, and beilein sort of speak for themselves. and maybe he did get out-coached by boeheim. i don’t think so, but so what if he did. we’re talking about 900 game winner. not a lot of shame in that

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I think you mean “mathmetist”…

  • Kerry Smith

    Hurt dropped us from the list. We did not go all the way to Florida to drop him. He said he didn’t fit our system. Which is correct. I don’t even know why we were recruiting him in the first place.

  • Kerry Smith

    I think the fall out from the Lyles and Blackmon decommits is really starting to show now. We got so far behind with other recruits because we thought we had them locked up. Hill and Hurt won’t even make visits and we are about to see Johnson and Whitehead go to other schools. Exum and Blackmon are not coming to IU. That leaves Goodluck, Robinson, and Nairn. Goodluck CTC.

  • Corey Dunigan

    Why do folks continue to talk about CTC x’s and o’s abilities like he coaching basketball at LeGore Boys Club? Those comments always go back to with Cuse game.

    The Cuse game was awful but I have a hard time believing it was how the Hoosiers were coached. We did not hit any jumpers and the zone killed us as a result. If we hit some jumpers to begin the game it could have been a different story. I would compare it to saying, “we didn’t hit free throws so our players must not have been taught how to shoot them”.

    I also think we should realize that we were not a very deep team last year; If the main rotation guys were not hitting or executing what were CTC options? CTC coached in the big east for sometime so I find it hard to believe he does not know about it. You need execution and we did not get it. I also remember reading that according to a COACHES poll CTC was a top 15 x’s and o’s guy. How many d1 coaches are there? It is comedic to talk about CTC coaching abilities when his colleagues who make a living coaching say otherwise.

    I think its way too easy to bark at our Coach because we are an impatient fan-base. One team a year wins a title.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Maybe you can help me understand a few things…
    – Cheaney leaving; Crean not getting Zeller for 4 years; cant recruit the state of INDIANA.

  • chiswede

    Didn’t the “experts” predict Pinson to IU?

  • Mike K

    Perhaps because it is alphabetical by first name. Go to the recruiting board page; you’ll find he is on top.

  • CreanFaithful

    Was going to post the same thing. Unfortunately, certain talking points get perpetuated by our fan base, even when they are not factual. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the “good recruiter, bad x’s and o’s” statement. And it’s always delivered like it’s an original statement, which is both hilarious and frustrating to me.

    There was a mis quoted Isaiah Whitehead quote going around the forum, which basically changed the entire meaning of the tweet. I corrected it when I first saw it, but now it has been re-quoted (the wrong way) about 100 times…

  • CreanFaithful

    If only you could have told CTC earlier, you could have saved him a bunch of time… LOL. But if I was betting, I’d be with you on your predictions. Still think there is an outside shot on RJ and JBJ though.

  • calbert40

    I’ll try to help you out, but people see what they want to see.

    1) Calbert left, because a former IU guy offered him a better position than was available at IU. If an IT guy gets offered a corner office at a competitor, he leaves too. Nothing more than that.

    2) CTC got Cody for 2 years, which is 2 more than anyone else got him. Luke played for ND when CTC was at Marquette, and I don’t think any of us could blame Tyler for choosing to forgo coming to IU due to what Sampson did right as he was deciding what college to attend.

    3) We currently have 8 players on the roster who have Indiana ties (either raised here or played at an academy here). Eight. We only have room for 13, and just because a kid grew up in Indiana doesn’t mean he wants to play in Bloomington. So, Lyles, Lyle, Irvin, Blueitt, etc have all chosen (or will choose) somewhere else. Knight didn’t do a better job recruiting Indiana kids. Everyone thinks he did, but he really didn’t.

  • yeah, that’s why I’m still holding out hope that we can land Whitehead. It’s also why losing Pinson hurt so much

  • Ole Man

    It’s not just the Cuse game that call CTC into question. But what is often overlooked are the games he has won head-to-head against Izzo for example.

  • calbert40

    Not trying to sound like a tool, but it is called the Final Four, because only 4 teams out of all Division 1 make it. Also, I have a problem with your statement: “take out the last 2 years and the Final Four run 10 years ago and he hasn’t been out of the second round.” Using that logic, we could make the same comment about EVERY coach in the NCAA. “Well, if you take out the three really great years his team had, he hasn’t been that great.” The problem is that those three years do count, and you can’t take them away from him.

    Knight coached at IU 29 seasons. His teams failed to get out of the 2nd round 15 of his 29 seasons. More than half. And they didn’t even make the NCAA a few of those years. And he is one of the all-time greats!!

    The point isn’t that CTC is the perfect coach. He isn’t, and he wouldn’t suggest that he is. The point is that making Final Fours and even Sweet Sixteens isn’t as easy as I believe you are making it out to be.

  • ScoopGeoff

    If you are seriously asking those questions I doubt there’s any hope in making you understand much… Sorry.