Robert Johnson to announce decision on Sept. 20

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Class of 2014 combo guard Robert Johnson has set a date to announce his college decision.

As first reported by Paul Biancardi of, Johnson will pick from one of his four finalists and end his recruitment on Friday, Sept. 20. Johnson confirmed the date of the announcement in a text on Tuesday evening to Inside the Hall.

Johnson, who has already taken official visits to Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina, has an official visit to Florida State scheduled for this weekend.

According to the Twitter account of the Benedictine (Va.) guard, Tom Crean had an in-home visit with Johnson on Monday and North Carolina coach Roy Williams conducted an in-home visit on Tuesday.

Virginia coach Tony Bennett watched Johnson, who is rated the No. 80 prospect nationally in the 247Composite, work out at his high school on Monday and Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton was in on Tuesday morning.

“I have some of the classiest and most passionate coaches in college basketball recruiting me,” Johnson said on Twitter late Tuesday night.

Johnson played AAU for Boo Williams, the uncle of Indiana freshman Troy Williams.

The fall recruiting period, which began on Monday, saw Indiana coaches travel to see Johnson and Devin Robinson, who plays at the Christchurch School in Virginia, over the first two days.

According to comments made in the past by Johnson’s father, Robert Sr., several factors will be important as the family sits down to make a final decision. Among them: education, graduation rate, program culture, environment, player development and the chance to earn playing time early. Style of play was also mentioned by Johnson Sr., but he added that his son can adapt to almost any system.

“He adapts to any system really. I think you would not see his best if you see him in a system where they’re making multiple passes and he’s not creating shots for someone, not creating shots for him,” he said. “Transition, he likes to get out in the open court and also as a trailer, hitting jumpers in transition.

“I’ve watched Indiana play and they pretty much let their guards loose. And he’s the type of player that was always a shooter, but now he’s been working on that high screen and roll, which a lot of colleges are running.”

Johnson’s visit to Tallahassee will be his final official visit and after returning from that trip, he’s expected to take a couple of days to think things through before making his decision public.

“Gotta tough decision in front of me, man,” Johnson said on Twitter late Tuesday.

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  • semohoosier

    That is the same guy that said Indiana would go 12-19 and then posted it twice

  • HoosierTrav

    I personally think he ends up at UNC. I would love to have him though.

  • Rie

    Exactly, he is about to shoot up. They haven’t re-ranked since he started dominating. This whole argument going on here is hilarious when people don’t even realize he is about to be top 30 at least.

  • Southport65

    It seems to me that all this and that would be for nil if Inside the Hall had mentioned he was a hot item over the summer and that other recruiting services have him as high as 39. This is not the first time you have done this with recruiting numbers causing problems on the site when you could have given the fans that don’t follow recruiting more than the lowest number you could find along with giving players who bypass IU with inflated numbers. Fans don’t realize that there are a lot of reasons for recruits to change their minds. First and for most is playing time. CTC gets 2 high rated classes in a row and guys like Blackmon start thinking I will have to earn PT because this current class of freshman look very good so he goes after another school who will tell him and Daddy he can start right out of the gate. You can’t blame CTC for getting good recruits that are willing to put in the time to get better and then the next class is not so dedicated so they move on. Johnson is a player and Coaches saw that over the summer. You even posted that in earlier comments but some fans don’t read everything you put out so it would be good if u reminded them of other things you have posted about Johnson being a hot player this summer causing less trouble. To the right of this site is a list of recruits Coach is going after but some posters did not even know who we are going after. That’s not your problem that they don’t read it but it sure shows some of these posters don’t have a clue! if they would read that they would see that Johnson is considered a 4 star player.

  • Ya, mon.

    I hope I’m not the only one who believes It’s time for “Jerry Smith” to leave ITH and spew his foul comments elsewhere. His vitriol is worse than the most vile UK fan.

  • gerald

    wasnt directing the comment at you more at the “hanner comments” we see a lot in general

  • Kenneth234

    I don’t care where Mr. Johnson is ranked in the guru ranking boards. The kid can play, and even better, he can shoot the lights out! Personally, I would take Johnson, Whitehead, and be happy with the class above those mentioned in the op. Why? Because it means that the players in the fold will develop into upperclassmen without having to worry about some young stud who is going to be on campus for one season, always playing in front of them. I like the team we are building, and we would be just fine with a couple of players who can fit in, rather than trying to take over the team.

  • Snookafly

    Hanner was a 4-Star on just about every site. Go back and check Rivals, ESPN, Scout, etc.

  • OhioHoosier

    What was Oladipo ranked again? Sheehey?

  • CrimsonandCreamFraiche

    We are all on the same side here. Let the players take the shots.

  • drewheck

    the espn rankings mean nothing people seem to drop or raise on their board over night so that 80 could go lower or get way higher as the season goes on

  • drewheck

    I wonder if any of these recruits read these post/ just saying

  • CrimsonandCreamFraiche

    How highly ranked in high school were the players that Louisville just won a national championship with? No matter who we get in 2014, we will still have a solid core of talented guys with size and athleticism on our roster already. Hopefully developed at that point. We don’t need a home run every time. We just need guys that buy-in.

  • Ole Man

    Got a bug up your behind, Gerald?
    The comment wasn’t even addressed to you.
    I’m on here to offer and read other opinions, whether I agree with them or not.
    You, apparently are on here to make salacious comments about other posters.

    And I disagree with your thoughts.

  • Ole Man

    Lots of guys “buy in”. We also need stars to go with those buy-ins and 3 stars.
    As is well noted: how many 4 and 5 stars eventually pan out? We need as many as we can get, if for no other reason than that one.
    And I am sure that their character is just as good as the 3 stars.

  • Ole Man

    Give what up? That comment makes me chuckle.

    Fischer wasn’t unranked or unnoticed when we recruited him.
    Sheehey is a wonderful player. When did I say he wasn’t?

    Oladipo is an exception who won’t happen every year.

    Nowhere did I mention Tom Crean.

    From some of the responses, it’s others, not me who are beginning to reek of desperation. All the excuses being made; all the defensive reflexive jabs.

    My original contribution to this thread was that Oladipo going from that raw of a recruit to 2nd in the draft (particularly in just 3 years) was being overused as an excuse by many posters on this board. He is a rarity. IU will recruit some 3 stars who will become excellent players, no doubt–given our system and our coaching. But it will not remotely resemble what Oladipo accomplished.


    And with Jerry Smith, or rather the troll going by said name, being his number one assistant. Dumb & Dumber come to mind pretty quick. LOL


    I got it AND agree.

  • Tucson Hoosier

    It kills me to see Steve Alford recruiting the same guys as Crean. I am sure he has done it while at New Mexico and Iowa, but now I am reading and hearing about it and it makes me cringe. Plus he is at a blue blood school now.
    As far as I know he was not recruiting Johnson and I could have probably waited to vent on another thread. But I just keep seing his name paired up with our recruiting targets and the legend is starting to tarnish. Ugh.

  • NarnDiertar

    I hope we dont lose another recruiting battle to UNC!

  • Shawn Congo

    If we don’t get Robert Johnson that day, I hope I can land an iPhone 5S! Lol

  • WisconHoosier

    I know I’m late to this thread, and no one will read this, but it sure seems like the ITH board has become less friendly in recent months.

    There is a lot more hostility than there used to be, with more arguing and less civil discussion. If we don’t watch out, we’ll just turn this into a daily troll-fest like some other sites became.

  • earl scheib

    i like your line: “great …3-4 yr players are going to get us closer to a banner than losing a great frosh to the NBA every yr.” the classic hoosier teams that won it all were just that: TEAMS. in 87 the only real marquee player we had was alford. yet we won it all by having a great team as opposed to individual future NBA superstars. the game has changed so much since then of course, now you hafta have a mix: top mickey d all american talent, as well as the guys who will play 3-4 years. sometimes the best players don’t make the best teams–i predict kentucky’s roster this year will fizzle because everyone’s a superstar and they’ll wind up underachieving because they won’t gel as a team and they’re looking at the game as a platform for the next level and as a showcase for themselves. indiana has always been team-first, not me first–that’s why we have no player names on the back of our jerseys—which begs the question: what’s better? a bunch of top guys who bail after a year? or 4 year players who will become a team? as i said, probably a mix, but in my heart i feel as you do–rather have a great team than great individuals. i hope we get RJ. i could care less what he’s ranked–29, 3, 80, the takeaway is the same: the guy is a great player and in the right program, he will get even better. and help create a better team. and another frigging banner!

  • No Question

    RJ recently moved up on rivals.He’s a top 50 prospect ranked 44 overall which means he’s pretty good.

  • CreanFaithful

    Glad you got a chuckle. And fair enough. And I did concur in my post that the extreme of Olidipo’s rise is certainly an outlier. My point was that guys rise and fall all the time. The person you responded to also included Sheehey. So I took his point as not putting too much stock in the ratings.

    And yes, Fischer was DEFINITELY ranked outside the top 100 when we started recruiting him and when he made his verbal commitment. As for the CTC thing, I’m not sure what you mean. All I said is if CTC wants em, I want em. Meaning I trust his ability to evaluate talent and I stand behind that.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I thought the same thing yesterday, and that is why I didn’t comment. I don’t think this is the example we would want to set to any of our recruits. How can we ask our team to carry themselves at a very high level, respect others, and be good people when us as fans are starting to turn on each other based upon impatience. This story is about Robert Johnson. In the comments section that is should be all that is discussed. This is Indiana. Not the cess pool down south. Stick together Hoosiers, and eliminate the discord.

  • Ole Man

    Thanks for the correction on Fishcher. I knew he was number one in Wisc. And I thought Rivals had him in the 90s at the time he made his commitment. But with so many articles to read, it’s difficult to keep everything straight.
    I do remember that ITH made note in an earlier column the IU was the only B1G team with four 2013 commitments in the top 100.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Completely agree…..the only reason I posted what I did was to basically state for the record that from now on, I, for one, will just ignore the few people on this board who seem hell-bent to only cause turmoil and arguments. And, as we all know, it’s only a couple of people consistently dragging this board into that situation. Firing back and forth with them only enables and encourages the behavior. Don’t understand the motivation behind it, but no longer my concern. From now on, I (and hopefully others) will only engage in conversation with others who are here to have real discussions on what we love – Indiana basketball. I get enough of that other garbage other places in my life (i.e. work) – don’t need it here……

  • b_side

    Unfortunately it’s one of the downside sides of having a growing population of readers on ITH, which is likely correlated to a more successful basketball program. I’m sure Alex, Ryan and Jordan appreciate the spike in traffic, but we can also play our part by not stooping to their level. I admit getting caught up in the trolls, but as @The_Real_Assembly_Hall:disqus and @Aiken_Hoosier:disqus alluded to, the best we can do is ignore the comments until they get deleted.

    If you haven’t joined the Forum, it’s days like this (or topics like this), that make you appreciate the civility on the message board. Sure Forum members disagree, but opinions are typically very well thought out from both sides of the story.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Interesting comments from college basketball writer Jeff Goodman (formerly of CBS, now with ESPN) about recruiting. He said several coaches he has spoken with during this recruiting period have no idea where they stand with recruits who are close to decisions. He has never seen them this “in the dark”. Goodman thinks it has to do with the fact that most communication is now via text.

    Anyone who says they know where Robert Johnson, Goodluck Okonoboh, Whitehead, Blackmon or anyone else is going is most likely just spouting off because it’s clear, even the coaches don’t know where they stand.

  • Kerry Smith

    I agree. It definitely seems like some people can’t accept the fact that not everyone loves CTC. That some people don’t think he is the right guy for the job. It doesn’t mean I love IU Basketball any more or less than anyone else. I just have a different vision for the program.

  • drewheck

    i think if RJ commits it will cause others to commit to IU just to get that first quality recruit will open up that door but with that being said hes still gotta choose us

  • Kerry Smith

    The problem is IU had two high quality recruits named Lyles and Blackmon and they both left because no one else would choose IU.

  • CreanFaithful

    Do you have a source for that statement? I’ve never heard that reasoning. Seems like there is plenty of talent one year ahead of them to work with. Your screen name also seems eerily familiar…

  • CreanFaithful

    You are welcome to that opinion. I’m confident you aren’t alone in that opinion. However, when people say that players are not coming/decommitting because of CTC (insert specific characteristic of his), it seems improbable based on his track record with recruiting. We are talking about one class of recruits and that class has yet to be solidified. I for one think CTC will close the door on that argument by the time 2014 recruits are signing on the dotted line…

  • Hoosier living in Peru

    I have read all of the comments on here and IMO, I think this kid would look great in an IU uniform. I really don’t know why there are so many arguments on here about a potential recruits rankings. Who cares where they are ranked? A rank doesn’t make the player, the coaching staff makes the player! I don’t care if a recruit is a #1 or a #100. That player has to buy into the system at the school they choose. If a player is ranked #1 in the country and comes to IU and another comes in as # 80, or whatever, if #1 doesn’t buy into the system, he will be out performed by the lesser recruits. It is in my belief, CTC knows exactly what he is doing in the recruiting dept. I think that CTC has a knack for seeing things in players that others don’t. Believe me, if CTC wants a player for IU, its because he see something in that player that others don’t. We may say that “Oh man, I wished that guy or this guy would come to IU and play but the player that we wish for maybe the “wrench in the spokes” so to speak. Let’s just hope that all of the recruits that do commit to IU are TEAM players and not a player trying to be a superstar at others expense. It takes a team to win a National Championship, and that is exactly what we need, team players. Now, I am just like the rest of you. I want those top notch recruits, just like everyone else, but I don’t want them and IU doesn’t need them if they can’t buy into the system. Now, can we all just get along and make this about opinions instead of sounding off like it is a page for personal bickering against other fans from the same team.

  • nwin iu fan

    Well said I love Iu 365 days of the yr next four yrs will tell me a lot

  • semohoosier

    I agree winning a banner with a young team is as rare as getting another Oladipo no matter the talent

  • semohoosier

    Agree with you on that screen name it would not seem so obvious but the comments have the same tone.guess i better shut up or i will start exactly what we don’t want on here.(bickering)

  • drewheck

    Lyles and Blackmon decomitted because IU sounded great to them in eighth grade but when other offers came pouring in they had to consider those their games changed as well as there national ranking.

  • Bruce

    Surprise. Try project!

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Exactly. Indiana is better than this.