2016 G Tyus Battle ‘not in a rush’ with his recruitment

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Tyus Battle has visited Indiana twice already this year, most recently arriving in Bloomington last Tuesday and leaving last Friday afternoon. The Gill St. Bernard’s (N.J.) sophomore shooting guard told Inside the Hall after his most recent visit that the Hoosiers are “definitely one of the leaders. Indiana is probably recruiting me the hardest right now, too.”

But that doesn’t mean he is close to a decision. As his father, Gary, noted, Tyus “is not in a rush to grow up.”

“He is truly 15. He plays video games, he hangs out with his friends, and he really likes doing those things,” Gary Battle said. “As a family, we really expect him to develop and grow up, but at the same time, we like who he is. I think that sort of makes him unique. I think a lot of kids grow up a little too fast.”

As much as Gary Battle likes to think of his son as a typical high school sophomore, Tyus Battle is not.

Regarded as a five-star prospect and the No. 7 overall recruit in the 2016 class, according to ESPN.com, Battle’s recruitment has taken off. Indiana offered him a scholarship in February when he visited for the Hoosiers’ game against then-No. 1 Michigan on ESPN’s College GameDay. The 6-foot-5 guard also holds offers from Ohio State, Miami (FL), Connecticut and Villanova, among others.

Since he has garnered so much interest and is in no rush to make a decision, his family has been open to taking as many visits as possible. Battle has plans for trips to Michigan (Sept. 7) and Ohio State (Sept. 21), and he also expects to take visits to Syracuse and Villanova, though those dates aren’t planned yet.

“He really likes hanging out with his family, which is why it’s important for us to get out see these schools a little bit farther away,” Gary Battle said. “He seems to be pretty comfortable with leaving home, so I don’t think that’s going to be an issue for him.”

In the Battle’s three-day visit to Bloomington last week, Gary said they got a “pretty good feel” for how Indiana runs things and how Tyus would fit into the Hoosiers’ system of play.

One thing that stood out, Gary thought, was watching the Hoosiers’ workouts and how Indiana coach Tom Crean and his staff communicated with the players.

“It’s very clear and concise. They really put a lot of emphasis on skill development, and everybody gets better every year,” Gary Battle said. “It’s pretty impressive. I really like that. They work really hard on the weights, and obviously, the conditioning stands out.”

Tyus also got the chance to experience potential life as a Hoosier. He attended the Indiana football game Thursday night, toured campus and visited the Kelley School of Business, a potential school he is interested in attending.

He also got to play with current Hoosiers in multiple pick-up games, teaming up with potential starters Noah Vonleh and Yogi Ferrell.

“(Tyus) did pretty well in the pick-up games. They were pretty competitive, and he was pretty happy with the way he played,” Gary Battle said. “On Friday, we got the chance to look at some film and stuff like that, and we spent more time with coach Crean. I talked with coach Crean, myself, and then we took off.

“It was definitely a great visit. It was very in-depth, and we got a lot of information. I could absolutely see Tyus playing for him.”

As far as a return trip to Bloomington goes, the family did not rule out a visit for a game this season. Though a decision might be far in the future, the Hoosiers and Tyus Battle have reciprocated interest in the early stages of his recruitment.

“He likes (Indiana). He likes it a lot, but it’s too early in the process,” Gary Battle said. “We’ve still got a couple of years to look at other schools and do whatever he’s going to do, but he likes it a lot.”

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  • Steve Fischer

    I’m hoping to hear some good news soon, “visits” don’t do much for me anymore . Over the weekend Bluett committed to UCLA and Illinois just picked upa 5 star. Yeah yeah i should be patient, but it’s difficult.

  • SCHoosier

    Nice to get on kids like Battle early..and IU has. That said..two years from now Sept ’16..I have no doubt the kid will still be trying to make up his mind as to where he’s gonna ball in college. Anybody who thinks recruiting isn’t a long term process and investment needs to think again. Of course he could fall in love with a place and verbally commit..but having to keep tabs on a kid like this has to be a major commitment by the coaching staff. Even with the investment of time and attention there are no guarantees as we are seeing this year. Tough job.

  • Ole Man

    Leron Black committed to Illinois. Ouch!

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    I agree that the impact of visits is overblown. However, I also don’t want recruits to make snap decisions and then decommit.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to recruiting top 30 players, they have one eye on the NBA and are jockeying for slots at the top schools. We’re not at the very top, but probably in the second tier. This means we have to keep working these guys and wait for the dust to settle. I’m fairly confident we’ll end up with a very nice class.

  • Caleb Moore

    I think the 2016 and 2017 classes will be great for IU. All kinds of studs in there with IU leans or at least major interest. Lot to be determined between now and then though. Think for ’14 we end up with Goodluck, RJ, and Robinson if I had to pick right now. That would likely be a top 10 class. Whitehead is a bit of a wildcard for me. Think Exum is just about a pipe dream as I think he goes NBA. Hurt still a possibility if we miss on GO.

  • BC

    I think most people believed he was Illinois’ to lose.

  • MillaRed

    I think it’s very possible these ’14 kids are looking at this roster and wondering where they get PT. Yogi isn’t going anywhere. Stan and Troy are ballers. Getting deeper with bigs but I still think this is the next commit, a 4 or 5.

    Have to admit no commits for 14 is somewhat shocking to me. Not real worried but scratching my head.

  • HoosierTrav

    I think you’re right. We have a deep roster. Not sure anyone other than Exum would come in and be a LOCK for major PT in this 2014 class. Maybe Whitehead? Thats it though IMO.



  • Kyl470

    I agree. Assuming everyone returns except for the seniors there are only 2 scholarships available. Other than a big to come in and play with Fischer and Vonleh I don’t see a lot of PT available at the wings and Yogi has a lock down on starting PG.

  • Ole Man

    Mostly agree; sorta disagree.
    Most of the players IU has been recruiting expect playing time when they hit campus, no matter who is on the current roster.
    We hope Stan and Troy are ballers, but at this point they are “blank canvases.”

    I know we’ll get “somebody”, but the blue chips are falling off the board faster and faster.

    And personally, I’d love to see Whitehead in the Pinstripes. Think it would open up another great recruiting area for us.

  • Ole Man

    Maybe, but this is what he had to say about IU recently, ““I like the program, I like the way they play,” Black told Inside the Hall at NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this summer. “They’ve got good Christian values, I love that. I like the development they’ve got going over there, the development of Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller. It makes you think you can go in there and get better too.”

    Now tell me how IL matched up with any of this?

  • SCHoosier

    Had to be the lure of immediately starting for Coach G.

  • Ya,mon.

    And that’s both the strength and weakness of recruiting a team with both multiyear players and one year players.

  • MillaRed

    Let’s revisit this Stan Robinson/Troy Williams thing when they are sophomores. I expect a lot from these two. A LOT!

  • MillaRed

    We have 10 FR/SO right now. And zero one and dones. (Vonleh? I don’t believe that) and zero sophs heading to the NBA anytime soon.

    Still surprised we don’t have at least one 14 commit though.

  • BluegrassHoosier

    Glad to see he is interested in the biz school. That could be a huge advantage for us.

  • BC

    ILL is going to build their system around him. He will be the centerpiece. I don’t know if that would happen here. Simply a matter of being the man from day one pretty much. And I suspect he almost got away. They didn’t want him leaving without a commit that is for sure.

  • BC

    Things should start falling into place in the next couple months. I bet Crean is facing a lot of negative recruiting. By negative I mean the competition is saying we are too deep right now to get playing time.

  • HoosierFan08

    We’ll be alright. Neither Black nor Blueitt were ever coming to IU in the first place. Everyone thought IU was an early lock or at least heavy favorite for Blueitt a year or two ago because of Yogi, but I think he was always set on going somewhere away from Indiana and Illinois would have had to do something stupid to lose Black. We still look really good for RJ, Goodluck, Robinson, and Whitehead. With two roster spots available, I don’t see anyone going pro after this year. We’ll nail at least two of these guys.

  • Ole Man

    Think you’re right.
    And good luck to the young man, except when he plays the Hoosiers!
    He would have been great in crimson.
    Not sure how soon that IL program will be back.