Q & A: 2014 point guard Lourawls Nairn discusses finalists

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Class of 2014 Bel Aire (Kan.) point guard Lourawls Nairn, the 24th best player at his position according to ESPN.com, is down to three finalists.

Nairn, who plays at Sunrise Christian Academy, will take official visits to Minnesota (Aug. 29-31), Oklahoma (Sept. 6-8) and Indiana (Sept. 20-21) and spoke to Inside the Hall on Tuesday night about each of his finalists.

On Oklahoma:

“With Oklahoma, they were my first offer as a sophomore. They recruited me for a very long time and I have a good relationship with the coaches, so they were always there showing me they care.”

On Indiana:

“For Indiana, they’ve recruited me from when I was a sophomore, also. I always stay in contact with Coach Buckley.”

On Minnesota:

“For Minnesota, they just started recruiting me at the Peach Jam, but I’ve talked to coach (Richard) Pitino and coach (Ben) Johnson just about every day since. They keep telling me how I’d fit in to the offense and the defense, and that’s really stood out.”

On if all three schools are even:

“I hear from Minnesota the most, and then Indiana and Oklahoma. I don’t have them in order.”

On what he’s hoping to get out of these visits:

“I’m just basically looking for a great relationship with a coach. I know every visit is going to be exciting because I’ve never been on an official visit before, so I can’t get my emotions involved. Those three are big time schools and they have big time campuses, so I can’t focus on how the environment is or people going crazy. I just have to go with whatever my heart goes with, and I pray about it, but I think coming out of these visits, I’ll know which one is the best place for me to be.”

On whether he could he commit on a visit:

“I don’t think I’m going to commit on any visit. I’m going to go on the three official visits, then I’m going to sit down with my coach and then after that, then I’ll commit. Even if I feel like I want to go to this school, I’m still not going to say it on the visit. I’m going to come back home, take a week off ¬†and then start thinking about my decision.”

On reaching the end of his recruitment:

“I’m not going to lie to you. My recruitment’s been a blessing. I’ve been blessed to be able to play for so many high-major programs, but for me, it hasn’t been stressful at all, because I have a small circle. I’m very thankful to be down to three schools that want me bad enough for me to come in and help their program, but I can’t say it’s been hard for me at all because my two coaches never let me worry about it. It’ll take care of itself. I already put it in God’s hands and I prayed about it, so it hasn’t been stressful for me at all.”

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  • Punjab

    I assume you’re looking at Rivals, since Scout and ESPN both have Nairn as 4 stars with a #61 and 80 ranking, respectively. (He was unranked by ESPN just two short weeks ago, so that demonstrates that a) he’s rising and b) the full-time scouts are once again all over the board.) How exactly does that not meet your criteria?

  • ADegenerate

    Yes it was rivals and for what it’s worth I’m not really hating on the guy as I think he’s a better option then what we’ve had to fall back on in the past (Jordy, Remy).

    What it boils down to is this…we aren’t getting good enough players to take us to where we feel like we ought to be (perennial elite 8 threats). We’ve been slowly getting better and better players and this 2014 class has been a regression. We’ve missed out on four guys I’ve been extremely high on (Jaquan Lyle, Trey, Blackmon, and Pinson). Why aren’t we landing 5 star players after having two top 5 picks? If you can’t see why I’m annoyed with landing a player considering Minnesota and Oklahoma then I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Punjab

    I’ll save myself a little extra embarrassment: the Scout and Rivals rankings referenced above should be reversed. The premise stays the same. I’ll also conclude here that Tum wouldn’t be my first pick at this point, but should the other guard pospects (Whitehead, Johnson, etc) choose to declare elsewhere, he still strikes me as a very exciting option. He may have a little more delayed impact, but would be a fine player and likely fan favorite despite his stature. I’d be happy to have him.

  • and Jordy had a bad shoulder and couln’t shoot. We would have beat them if Jordy was healthy or Abel replaced Jordy.

  • Speed trumps height at times.

  • Bballpop

    Love how people say “enough said”, like that’s the final word and no one can comment any further. Sorry. Just a few facts. Shortest players in the NBA:
    Mugsy Bogues (14 years) was 5′ 3″
    Earl Boykin (13 years), 5′ 5″
    Spud Webb (13), 5′ 7″
    Calvin Murphy (13), 5′ 9″ (NBA Hall of Fame)
    Nate Robinson (still plays), 5′ 9″ (3 time NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner, the only 3 time winner)
    Who cares about size? It’s the heart that matters.

  • IU76’s

    The scouting report from ESPN, I believe, says LN has blazing speed, character, defensive skills, maturity and leadership skills. He can develop his shot…Oladipo also was weak in offensive production when he came to IU. Maybe he won’t ever play 30 min a game but he can certainly add spark off the bench. Who knows how his shooting skills will emerge…well CTC has certainly already evaluated his potentential for ppg!