• GaHoosier

    He dribbles with his head up and he has a nice shooting touch.

    I’m gonna speak for IU Nation and say, “Mr. Johnson we would love to have you at IU.”

  • Sandra Wilson


  • Tucson Hoosier

    He is very smooth.

  • Jennifer G

    Like seeing him hit those threes….

  • WisconHoosier

    If we get him, it means our Johnson is bigger than Purdue’s.

    (Mods, hope this was okay; delete it if you think you should.)

  • inLinE6

    Similar to Blackmon’s game. I’m very excited for this kid.

  • tj21

    I concur, sign him up, we need a shooter like this.

  • Highlights of mostly made shots doesn’t tell me much… If a kid shoots 15% from the field, you can take a video of all his made shots and make him look spectacular. His uncontested breakaway basket was a layup. Is he athletic enough to dunk a ball with a higher or equal percentage of success as a layup? I couldn’t care less about seeing our players dunk in a game, but I’d like to see our kids have that kind of athleticism, which translates to other areas of the game.

  • Mikeyfresh

    That was one thing I took away from it too, that layup. Obviously not many players are going to be explosive athletes AND lights out shooters like JBJr who is unconscious from 3 then can really explode and throw down a dunk in transition or on an oop. With JBJr out exploring options, I don’t know how many other recruits have both the natural scoring ability and that elite, or even high,-level athlete. Johnson seems to be a good scorer though and maybe that’s the best that is still available.

    His game, although a few inches shorter, reminds me of Bluiett. He is very smooth, creative in his scoring, good shooter, maybe “old school” game, but doesn’t QUITE have that explosive step and athleticism. Again, not that many players have all of it pieced together, but I’d be happy with this kid. Anyone else think this?

  • walton

    I like him more and more every week. He seems from the videos very natural.

  • CreamandCrimson

    One major difference between Johnson and Blueitt (and I realize you weren’t making this positional comparison but I think it has major implications in our roster construction moving forward) is that Johnson can play point guard for us.

    An elite shooter who is a solid (but not great) athlete that happens to be 6’4″ at point guard would help alleviate some of the concerns the ITH community has about a small backcourt.

  • Rie

    From an ESPN article that came out today on the top shooting guards in 2014, this snippet was under “Effective Driving Game”. Robert Johnson was the only guy under this category as the best at it:

    “Known as a perimeter player who makes shots, Johnson’s ability to drive is also quite impressive. He has the vision to read how he is being defended and then attack the basket when the situation calls for it. A low shoulder and tight handle help him hit the gaps, and once inside the paint he can finish with either hand. He uses his dribble penetration to score but also to read the help defense and see his open teammates as his drive, draw and find game is always a threat.”
    This leads me to believe that if he actually does lack athleticism, which I don’t really believe he does, he makes up for it with his basketball IQ and ability to read defenses. With our player development, Johnson would become a very special player for us.
    Johnson should be a priority for our 2014 class, together with Whitehead and Black (and obviously Exum).

  • GaHoosier

    Hopefully scores more also!!! 🙂

  • SCHoosier

    Glides around the court with a very smooth jumper. According to his coach this kid was a late developer and still has a lot of upside. that’s what’s exciting. Big enuff to be a good defender and presence on the boards.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    IMO … This is the one we need the most , Even over Exum because of the long term .