2014 forward LeRon Black narrows list to four

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DD5D1762-LClass of 2014 Memphis White Station (Tenn.) forward LeRon Black took another step in his recruiting process on Wednesday by cutting his list down to four schools.

According to John Martin of The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Black’s final four consists of Baylor, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee.

He had also been considering Memphis and Florida.

Black was previously committed to Baylor before reopening his recruitment in January. He has only two official visits scheduled at this point, one to Baylor the weekend of Sept. 6 and one to Indiana the weekend of Sept. 20.

The Hoosiers offered Black a scholarship in early June.

Black, a 6-foot-7, 215-pound forward who can finish well around the basket and also excels in the midrange game, is ranked 36th in the 2014 class by ESPN.com.

“I like the program, I like the way they play,” Black told Inside the Hall at NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this summer. “They’ve got good Christian values, I love that. I like the development they’ve got going over there, the development of Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller. It makes you think you can go in there and get better too.”

As far as what position he plans to play at the collegiate level, Black said he’s versatile and can probably play at multiple spots.

“I can play the 4 and help teams stretch out the floor or I can play the 3 and take it from the wing or post up a smaller guy,” he said.

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  • I think you are wrong… dead wrong… Ok, don’t know about the ded wrong part, but, I’m hearing Hanner is a load this year. Man, if ya look at the length and athleticism, he’s got all the tools to be great. I think Hanner will be a great Hoosier and you’re going to have to ‘eat your words’.. How would you like them served, with salt or just salsa.. We’re going to be reminding you of this ol’ colinbb..


    Coach Tom Slick, isn’t that CaliSlimy’s illegitimate brother ?


    My downvote is there.


    uuuumm……..Having very similar thoughts.

  • calbert40

    Obviously, you are an Illinois fan, and that’s fine, so I’m going to refrain from arguing with you about the quality of your facilities. You obviously know what you are talking about (and more than I do about this subject). Welcome to ITH, btw.

    So far as the atmosphere, the OSU game wasn’t the only one that was like that. The NW game was pretty bad too, and on 1/17, I’m assuming the students are back on campus. Their arena is built nearly identically to Mackey, so yes, the students are close to the floor, but you even acknowledge that they find it difficult to be loud when they aren’t cheering for a winner.

    We don’t have that problem in Bloomington. That place is rocking regardless of our record. In the informal player poll done by BTN, IU was easily listed as the toughest place to play on the road followed by MSU. ESPN recently listed IU as the best college basketball atmosphere in the nation. Maybe I am selling Illinois’ atmosphere short, and I will freely concede that point to you. I know we have lost our fair share of games in that building!

    I believe that B1G basketball has great atmosphere throughout the conference minus notable exceptions (I’m looking your way, Penn State). But you need to understand my point of reference is Bloomington. Being considered in the “6 to 8 range” in the B1G means you have really good atmosphere. I’m making a judgment based on comparison instead of measuring Illinois on its own.

  • calbert40

    I don’t think any of us will argue with you that Assembly Hall has some lousy seats. Illinois is built similarly to Mackey, and it is like a symmetrical bowl, so every seat is a good seat from which to view a game. No argument here.

    The question of which is a better venue, specifically in the eyes of a prospective recruit, however, won’t rest on the sight lines for the fans. Any recruit that goes to an IU game tells the ITH staff that the atmosphere at Assembly Hall is amazing. Illinois’ may be good too, but IU’s is pretty tough to beat.

  • CreanFaithful

    Yeah. Recruits watch games directly behind the bench on visits. So, I doubt they are too concerned about some seats having lousy views. The atmosphere for recruits is likely the enthusiasm/volume of fans, banners hanging from the rafters and the extended audience (television viewership).

  • Mike Mears

    He wouldn’t be the centerpiece as a freshman. Illinois will be deep at every position in ’14-15.

  • Mike Mears

    You guys have been good again for two years and all that old, unwarranted arrogance is back in full swing. Love it.

  • Ottomatic

    Reminds me of the Pacers first round pick, Solomon Hill.

  • Tom J

    Illinois says they are in the fight for Leron Black but same
    time the newspaper beat writers admit they cant do a “midnight madness” because the students/fans wont or cant fill their “Assembly Hall”

  • Alrightnephew

    Id be careful about leaving out Illinois and just assuming Black would choose the Illini just because of PT. I think there would be a serious point there IF Hanner and Hollow took the big time jump next year (Which they could, probably will, but it not guaranteed).
    I have to agree with Carl though, as someone who played many school ball tournaments at both Illinois and IU (Not at IU’s new facility but I have seen the new facility many times) Illinois’ is not bad at all. It isn’t at Indiana’s level and neither is the campus but lets not act like they are practicing in parking lots.
    As for the actual team and coaching though, the gap isn’t so wide. Groce is known to be a top notch recruiter and in only about 26 days on the Illini campus he hauled in a top 25 class. Okafor is not going to Illinois but it was pretty impressive for Groce to get him on that list, and Alexander is STRONGLY considering going to the Illini.
    The bottom line is this. If the Illini get Alexander and Black that is a top 15 team EASILY. Abrams, Hill (Big time 4 star scorer who many project to be Illinois’ top player in 14) Rice (Another big time scorer, and a transfer) Black, and Alexander with top recruit in 14′ Kendrick Nunn as PG off the bench with brooks, Paul, and Egwu, that is right up there with Indiana, if not better. Only Abrams and Rice would be a senior.
    The following years would be: Nunn, Hill, Black, Alexander, and Egwu which is a 4 star or higher at every position. So to just say Black is looking for PT is a bit misguided.

  • Nathan

    A lot of that has to do with the last AD’s ineptitude in advertising.

  • Nathan

    Illinois’ to lose. John Martin is extremely connected with the Memphis scene and especially Black. He says it’s essentially a done deal.

  • B-TOWNdawgs

    Nothings a done deal