Indiana offers 2014 guard Isaiah Whitehead

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Indiana may still be recruiting guard James Blackmon Jr., but they have started a search for his replacement in the 2014 class.

On Friday night, just over 24 hours after Blackmon Jr. announced he would reopen his recruitment, the Hoosiers offered a scholarship to Brooklyn, N.Y. guard Isaiah Whitehead.

Whitehead, a 6-foot-4, 195-pound combo guard, is ranked 35th in the 2014 class, according to Whitehead also has offers from Arizona, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Minnesota, St. John’s, Syracuse and UCLA.

Whitehead has said recently he plans to commit in the fall, by November, so Indiana is getting in quite late. But the Hoosiers have had success in such scenarios lately, landing 2013 forward Troy Williams after other schools had spent considerably more time recruiting him.

With the offer to Whitehead, Indiana is now recruiting four 2014 guards hard. The others are Australian point guard Dante Exum, Robert Johnson and Louisville decommit Quentin Snider. Snider has not yet been offered by the Hoosiers.

We will have more on this developing story.

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  • Corey Dunigan


  • Corey Dunigan

    another great comment! exactly. only the willing… we will love it all

  • Corey Dunigan

    when I come. I come with the Thunder!


    IMHO, excellent comment.


    As far as the, “willing to accept” things go, there is a large enough body of work for you to form your opinion of how you feel about them, regardless of which side said opinion falls on, but I think you may be just a little premature on the 2014 recruiting results part. One actually has to wait a while, sometimes as long as 2 or 3 years to, objectively, judge a recruiting class. Many like to back up their criticism of, at the time, the signing of VO by saying that he is the exception rather than the norm. While that may be true, it also points out that we have to wait for a period of time to really know what kind of recruiting class each one ends up being. If Alex was to go back and collect all the negative comments that were made about the recruiting class that gave us VO it would be several hundred comments long.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    why offer a 13 year old

  • Townie12

    What is colinbb10 saying about missing on Black? Are we talking LeRon Black?? I thought we were still in the mix for him…. are we?

  • Dave

    I remember Tom Crean stating a couple years ago that when you recruit someone it’s best to either be first or last. The Blackmon/Whitehead saga is a perfect example of executing on this.

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    Hmmm. Most consider coach Crean to be an outstanding recruiter – myself included. He changed the culture from criminal to exemplary and had his team consistently ranked in the top 5 last year, winning the Big 10 title. The season ended in disappointment, but few seem to realize last years team had several real flaws (practically no bench contribution, lack of size for example). From my vantage point, it looks like the staff has been recruiting very talented players and assembling the team to be much deeper from top to bottom.

    Let’s wait until the 2014 class is complete. It may or may not be a top 5 class, but I suspect it will be in that ballpark.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    looks like CTC is scrambling now to get players, recruiting has some strange twists and turns so here’s hoping a stud drops in to our laps soon!! Goodluck……

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Wow! What an offseason 2 B a reader on ITH! The Kool-Aid is delicious, but one really needs 2 ask WHY!?! PUKe signed the #1 class of all time & is preseason #1. CTC had an epic team & got schooled in the touney due 2 lack of in game coaching. HS players have more 2 say in where & who they play w/ than ever B4. The TOP players want media visibility & 2 win it all. Those w/ huge egos want the daily stroking that comes w/ many programs as they R SPECIAL. So many will NEVER have the desire/passion 2 become a VICTOR. Lyles, Blackmon, etc r like our politicians, they want 2 B stroked … they R not into integrity/character. They R all about themselves, what a shame!

  • Guest

    Are we no longer recruiting Ahmed Hill?

  • Townie12

    2nd post from top…. colinbb10 says we missed on Black – anybody know anything about this? Are we still in a strong position with LeRon Black or not?

  • Guest

    Been a while… Hope you are doing well!

  • Aaron Anderson

    The great thing is you don’t have to settle for anything. You get to choose what team/ program you support. I can’t imagine cheering for a team I don’t support…must be exhausting.

  • obomb98

    Wow, what a bunch of chicken little cry babies we have here.

  • OhioHoosier

    And people no longer spell out words when making comments!


    Agree, while I was proud of them and will always remember them as the team that got us over the hump of being back, they did as you say, have their flaws. All teams have their flaws and the ones that that team had were filtered out by some due to their cream & crimson glasses and then you had the ones that shut their eyes tightly and wouldn’t even put those glasses on lest they take the chance that a flaw would become apparent.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Does that bug u? Cuz if it does, idk, I can do it better. Cheers!

  • Collin

    Not entirely related, but i find it very interesting this kid comes from the same high school as Marbury and Lance Stephenson. Read a great book about that school a couple years back called “The Last Shot” by Darcy Frey. Great read on high school recruiting, making it off the streets. Makes me really want to root for this kid.

  • slojoe

    Well, if we just started recruiting him and he’s already scheduled a visit, he’s definitely got some interest in us. He cut some big-time programs to check IU out. But Syracuse will be tough to beat.

  • dssnyder1

    ” a pathetic job by CTC and his staff” wow! mighty harsh if you ask me. CTC and his staff are in the process of making IU Bball relevant for the 1st time in many, many years. are there setbacks and letdowns? Yes, but have some faith in the program or jump ship to another one where banners outweigh recruiting kids with ethics and morals.

  • FTaylordave

    This kid should NOT go to IU. Tom Crean is a salesman, not a Coach. TOM CREAN NEVER PLAYED THE GAME!!!!! Last year Tom Crean had the #2 and # 4 pick in the NBA draft and could not get out of the sweet 16. Are you kidding me? If you are a talented player, do not go to IU, you will be playing for a Coach where most of the players know more about the game than the Coach.

  • scottybower

    All indicators are that Illinois or Florida are the two frontrunners

  • WisconHoosier

    Nice post, notfargi. I noticed you used all lower case, while the poster just above you shouted and used exclamation points as if they were on sale at WalMart.

    Just because we don’t all agree with someone point for point doesn’t mean we’re not all IU fans.

  • Justin Albers

    Yes, Indiana is still in the mix.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    I’m not trashing CTC , but we did fade badly down the stretch last year , he was completely out coached against syracuse (yogi and Jordy out scored 38-0) , we have lost Lyles , and Blackmon ,We missed on Pinson and Lyle. We currently have zero recruits for 2014 . I definetly think he lost more games for us than our players did last year . I am very happy to have CTC , and am amazed to this day about how he rebuilt the program .But Let’s face it he had 2 NBA top 5 picks , and we couldn’t get any farther than we did . Recruiting … top 10 classes ? only 2 players of the last 2 classes have produced , the others haven’t . I live in KY , U of L and UK are the last two champs , They aren’t having the problems locking these kids up because THEY WENT FARTHER IN THE TOURNEY!!!!!!!

    Therapy is going well , thank you !

  • r

    I laughed as I read this post. So, what team do you hope he goes to…or, whar school do you root for? An answer to either question will suffice, as they both will answer the same question. If I may, I would like to offer you some advice…you can go to your team’s blog and entice him to go there. It is apparent you are not an IU fan.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Simply “next man up.”

  • r

    Just three names for you to ponder…Roy Williams, Rick Majerus, and Mark Few. Are you telling me they can’t/couldn’t coach either? All played high school and none played on a college team…unless you count Roy Williams’ experience on UNC’s practice squad.

  • r

    And, furthermore, I am willing to bet that 95% of players know less than their coach. Players play…coaches study the game, break down opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and prepare strategies and game plans. I will let this rest now, and appologize to all other posters for wasting time and space. I am just irritated by this poster’s comment. I assume, based on all you read coming from Victor Oladipo, that he would laugh at this poster’s comments as well. IU seems to have been a good career choice for Victor. That may have a lot to do with so many other factors that are wisely considered by a prospective recruit…IU has an arsenal of experienced coaches assisting Crean, 24-hour practice facilities, and among the greatest strength and conditioning coaches anywhere in Jackson.

  • SCHoosier

    dear god if you are the Bobby Knight loving F Taylor who use to post n the Star..I’m unsubscribing here. pLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE NOT.

  • If you have no suggested remedies, you should refrain from negative comments, ripping coach and the staff. It’s easy to rip one’s efforts, when things do not go right, it’s quite another matter to offer what you feel is a fix for your supposed problem and let us rip you for the stupid suggestion as a fix…lol….

  • I agree with you Daburns0… I don’t believe we have to look at the picture with Cream and Crimson glasses at all. But please, if those guys posting that crap, would just make comments that have at least some well thought out logic to them and not just ‘knife in the back pessimism’.


    My apologies, as I am only able to give you one down vote when you are so deserving of more.

  • Tj21

    Did you miss your meds? We have more talent and athleticism than we have had in my lifetime (pre-Knight). All due to CTC, we had 2 top 4 picks in the draft and due to a couple of teenagers changing their minds, the program is in dire straights……get a grip folks. We are not going to sign a top 5 class every year, nor do we need to. We are not UK, and do not want to be. Get off CTC, get off the bad coaching ( it’s old), look forward to the most talented team we have ever had and get excited about players that want to be in Bloomington. Also, I like it that CTC is a salesmen, he is selling a great opportunity, reserved only for class acts.

  • r

    I just read some interviews from Whitehead. Does anyone know much about his personality and character? I don’t aim to judge, but IU has had a humbleness from their players for the most part. Based solely on comments such as, “…I’m the next big thing from Lincoln” or “…my name is one of the hottest names right now” he doesn’t initially strike me as appealing. Maybe I am just spoiled by Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo…both confident, but humbled…both looking past all the praises and knowing they need to continue to improve (I often hear people who know Vonleh describe him as very humbled). Or, maybe I am reading too far into Whitehead’s comments. I was all excited for JBJ…seeing he and his family in Assembly Hall added to the hopefulness of IU’s future. Now, after how and when he backed out, I wouldn’t trust he was ever fully committed even if he would choose IU. I like Robert Johnson as a replacement for the JBJ scholarship…although I am still very hyped about Exum, if he actually attends college (great character). I also hope IU lands Okonoboh. Please do not take this as judgment…as I know full well a person can be very easily misquoted (or taken out of context) in an article. I just wonder if anyone knows more about Whitehead out of uniform.

  • doodle777

    Coach knight was highly overated, He brought home three titles when a couch like roy Williams , C0ah K, etc. would have brought home 7 or 8. This is the hoosier state, we have a basketball movie named after us, A coach should bring home twice that many championships in the long of a time freme

  • AKA Hoosier Daddy

    I gotta totally 100%agree with what you just said and Indiana has had a pathetic 2014 recruiting class thus far and have lost some great recruits and now a 2nd decomm I mean wth is going on in Indiana.Is it Creans inability to defend the zone or one man at temple almost beating IU or the inability to adapt to a changing game situation either way we have great recruits for 2013 but the Head Coach is the reason we are loosing top tier recruits.I certaintly appreciate what he has done at IU but he plays cupcake games at the beginning of the season with a lot of energy but when it comes to teams with talent and a good coach CTC confidence goes way down along with the players themselves and this my friends has IU spiraling downwards.CTC got played by the Blackmons in a way that’s gotta be humiliating to him and prolly didn’t see it coming but you must get to the final game or win the National Championship to KEEEP bringing in the top talent. CTC has the talk but not the walk and the recruits see this just like the rest of us.He better get his rear in gear and make a few players of the year before IU throws him out on his EARS !!!

  • HoosierTrav

    Are you really calling for CTC’s head for the 2014 recruiting class being empty? Really? After CTC”s track record with recruiting, this is what you’re gonna bash him on? I can understand the Syracuse zone…. but recruiting prowess? You are exactly whats wrong with our fanbase. Impatient and unappreciative. We are lucky anyone has wanted to come play for IU. Since CTC has been here we have recruited Oladipo, Sheehey, Hulls, Watford, Zeller, Hollowell, Yogi, Troy Williams, Luke Fischer, Noah Vonleh, Davis, and I’m sure I’m missing someone. Thats nothing less of spec-fu*$ing-tacular. These kids that are being recruited only knew IU as a downtrodden program that had a losing record and viscious fans. Its going to take some time to repair that image. There were maybe 2 guys that could have done what Crean did. One is the greatest coach of all time and the other is someone who i can say with 100% certainty that NOBODY would want us to bring in. We all like to say that we only want guys who WANT to play for IU….. Do you not remember that CTC was the ONLY guy who WANTED to take our wreck of a program on?

    what was coach supposed to do about JB? You act as though this is CTC’s fault. JB was as good as decommitted when Lyles did so. He played his cards like a savvy poker pro. He had a major knee injury and knew that Indiana was as good as he could do unless he could come back stronger than ever. He also knew exactly how we treated Lyles so he waited until after the July evaluation period to drop the bomb. I hope you were as hard on Bobby Knight. He had tons of in state recruits poached away from him. This has been a problem since way before i was born and many of our banners were hanging on the wall.

    I suspect you are one of the same people who were pissing and moaning around this time last year, then were nowhere to be found when Troy and Noah committed AFTER Hoosier Hysteria. When we land Exum, Goodluck, and some other stud, I hope you join us all on inside the hall…. Dont forget to bring your appetite. We’ll all have your crow ready for you.

  • HoosierTrav

    I think its anything but reasoning. Its pessimism at best. If it wasnt, you would aknowledge the positives that Crean has brought this program and realized that there are way more of those than negatives. Of course last season was a disappointment but that happens wayyyyyyy more in college bball than end of the year success does. You realize that we have only 5 banners in our entire history right? That is tied for 3rd best EVER! I tend to agree that some of coaches decisions, in game, are horrible. I have also seen CTC out coach guys like Calipari, Izzo, Painter, Matta, Roy Williams, etc. Do we think that the 2014 class is a make it or break it class? pfffttt nope! FYI the 2013 class has much more potential (at lest professionally) than the 2014 class. Our roster is LOADED. We dont have room for much. But lets fire CTC though. Come on guys. Its August and we haven’t had Hoosier Hysteria yet. Stand behind our Coach. We’d miss him if he left. Coach K isn’t walking through that door.

  • HoosierTrav

    Good post.

  • HoosierTrav

    There’s been one coach in the history of college basketball that has brought that many championships anywhere. And Roy Williams couldnt even win one in Kansas. So I disagree with that statement. I will say that Coach Knight could have won more ships had he not let his massive ego and pride consume him. As a Hoosier fan though, we need to be thankful for having Knight. There were 2 banners hanging on the wall before him and 5 when he left. His recruiting class played for another ship without him and I’m sure in my heart, that if he were coaching that game, we have 6 titles. Without him, we are storied but not nearly as storied as we are today.

  • skotchie

    6′-4″ 195. thats all I need to hear.

  • HoosierTrav

    Thats weird… Bill self and Roy Williams lost in their 2nd and 3rd games in the tournament and have top classes….Your comment is invalid. You need to temper your expectations around reality. We won the toughest conference in the country outright and the 5 seed in our conference was national runner up. So what Syracuse beat us in the tourney? WE beat them in the national title game. We have 5 championships…. Boeheim has won 1 in the 294992347829378 years he’s been coaching. FIRE BOEHEIM! He’s a loser!. Get it together grouch!

  • HoosierTrav

    I like you man! Stick around would ya?

  • HoosierTrav

    Can we add an “Invalid Comment” button? Then maybe ITH can get paid per click and be rich….. forever…. I’m not talking Beyonce rich, but Daddy Warbucks rich…. Then you can join the Illuminati and run the world…..forever……. Sorry i had 2 cups of coffee.

  • HoosierTrav

    Sounds like a Syracuse guard. I hope we can have a Troy Williams like recruitment with him.




    We all like to say that we only want guys who WANT to play for IU….. Do you not remember that CTC was the ONLY guy who WANTED to take our wreck of a program on?

    Excellent Point !