Indiana has sold 14,500 student season tickets for 2013-2014 season

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Update: A previous edition of this story said Indiana had sold 15,500 student season tickets for the 2013-14 season. Fred Glass gave us that number on Tuesday night, but after checking the records, indicated later that the number is actually closer to 14,500 at this point.

When Fred Glass was hired as Indiana’s Athletics Director in 2008 and began his tenure in early 2009, he tried everything he could to get students to buy basketball season tickets. The number of students he could put in the stands at the time was right around 4,000.

Fast forward to now, fresh off a Big Ten regular season title and second straight trip to the Sweet Sixteen, and Glass is facing a different problem entirely. The demand of student tickets has increased close to the level of Glass’ days on campus, and his plan is to just keep selling them.

Glass told Inside the Hall on Tuesday night that 14,500 student season tickets have been sold for the 2013-2014 season. The student section has a capacity of 7800, and as of right now, each student with season tickets will get to attend eight games.

If that number continues to grow significantly, however, students may get even fewer than eight games, though Glass said he “doubts” that will happen.

“Traditionally, IU has oversold the basketball seats,” Glass said. “When I was on campus, it wasn’t unusual to sell 17,000 or 18,000 tickets and then you got a subset of the total package. So if they solid twice as many tickets as they had seats, you got half the games and so forth.

“Basically your choice is to let a limited number of kids, 7800, go to every game, or let a vastly larger number of students have the opportunity to go to games, although not every game. From my perspective, the right thing to do is to give more kids an opportunity to go to the games, even if it’s not every game.”

Glass said the athletic department will continue to sell student tickets until shortly before the season begins in November. Indiana sold around 12,000 student season tickets last season.

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  • kewaynes

    I bought 1,000 of them. Look for me on Stubhub

  • Cehlerding

    I understand that they want to sell more tickets, but there are too many people who just buy the tickets to re-sell them. Upperclassmen and in-state students should have priority on tickets

  • Ole Man

    Upperclassmen, yes. Out of state students wishing to pay the tuition should get just as fair a chance as anyone else.

  • Lil Hoosier

    I’m one of them, so pumped!

  • thrawnjan

    I find it curious that the prices for bball tickets per game have remained so constant (and low) throughout the years.

  • thrawnjan

    They don’t sell more tickets, they just sell fewer tickets per individual to a larger number of individuals.

  • BluegrassHoosier

    Great so see the students so jazzed about IU basketball. Makes a special place even more special.

  • gerald

    same total number of tickets are sold for the season. less people get each game.

  • TomEke

    The ticket prices for football actually went up this year for students, though they are still relatively low. However, it indirectly raised the price of the basketball tickets, since Fred decided to make students have to purchase tickets to football to be able to go to to basketball.

  • TomEke

    This will be my 5th year at IU, and I am happy to see the number of students at games rising. That said, I have purchased tickets all 5 years, only to see the percentage of games I receive tickets to dwindle as the years go by. Fred’s priority system for those like me was a joke last year, as we received tickets to UNC and sat at home for college gameday while FRESHMEN I knew received tickets to both only to sell both of them on craigslist. The priority should be given to those who have had tickets longer, but they are doing it all wrong. A simple solution:
    1st year purchasers receive : 4 games
    2nd year purchasers receive: 8 games
    3rd year purchasers receive 12 games
    4th year+ purchasers receive: All games
    I didn’t have time to do the exact math, so this could be tweaked. But where is the reward for loyalty, if it only means your name gets more “priority” in a seat selection process that lacks any transparency in the first place?

  • Gary

    I don’t understand why they don’t require student ID to get into the game with a student ticket. This would take care of the problem with selling them.

  • Chris

    only 8 games for students? how about we disallow all freshmen from getting seats so seniors like me can get more??

  • Student

    They require a student id. You can sell your tickets to other students is the problem. Many Students sell their tickets to recent grads or high school relatives, then they find someone that looks similar in there Student Id’s (College kids are good with Fake ID’s you know).

  • senior

    this is exactly what i’m saying! i’m going into my senior year and i’ve gotten tix all 4 years. i haven’t missed a game during that time and was in attendance for the UK game. upperclassmen deserve more!! freshmen can wait

  • Ron Chron

    Well I am a senior and I have not gotten my tickets yet (only a few
    games have been scheduled for next year). And over the three years the
    amount of tickets I’ve gotten has slightly declined. If Fred Glass knows
    what right, he would give priority seating in some form or another
    (whether that’s conference game and/or GA seating) to the upperclassman.
    I mean, they don’t even check ID’s at games so what people do is buy
    them cheap and sell them high. These people suck, as we all know, but
    Fred Glass doesn’t seem to care about the QUALITY of admission into
    games or the amount of money that University is losing from this….He better do something about this, someone needs to whisper
    something into his ear, and he needs to get the message somehow or
    there’s going to be a lot angry Hoosier fans and have been loyal during
    the bad times and most importantly will make Assembly Hall a more
    exciting, and louder arena to play in.

  • gerald

    actually if people are reselling their tickets to more serious fans then the better people are getting in. fact of the matter is part of the beauty of the IU Students is that everyone wants to go. Even girls who have never been to bball games enjoy IU games. I was a student from 2007-2011 and obviously had season tix. Trust me, you would rather have it this way then have a garbage squad. People need to stop complaining.

  • Ron Chron

    Correct, I agree with you Gerald. At the first Michigan game, tickets were sold by the students with other obligations (like there’s something more important than IU basketball) to people that really wanted tickets, some paying upwards of $300 for general admission. If Fred Glass raised the price of tickets this year, less people would have demanded the tickets, and the one’s that did buy the tickets, had higher marginal valuations. But no, people are still gonna get away with selling their tickets on stubhub and make profit because the price on the ticket is WAY under its true value. So the University is losing money. Gerald, if you work for the university then tell them this because I don’t mind paying extra for tickets if it means more games and more money to the school

  • Ron Chron

    no. they sold 3,500 more tickets this year. last year was12,000 this year was 15,500

  • gerald

    I hear you

  • baukev55

    There’s also a huge market for selling tickets to other students by connecting via Facebook. I could have sold my behind the basket Minnesota tickets last year for upwards of 200 dollars (I don’t remember the exact going rate)

  • marcusgresham

    What that means is that 7800 tickets are sold to students for each game. If 7800 students apply for season tickets they get to attend every game. As there are far more students wanting tickets than that, each student is given a package of games. For example, if there are 18 home games, there are 138,400 available student tickets for the season that will be divided amongst 14,500 students.

  • marcusgresham

    I bet you didn’t mind freshmen getting tickets 3 years ago.

  • thrawnjan

    This is the same logic that people don’t understand when they claim IU has a “student section of 14,500”.


    Calculator, or old school, paper & pen ?

  • marcusgresham

    Pencil & paper, baby!

  • marcusgresham

    It would be a damn trip if there were one game that was students-only in the crowd just to see how loud the Hall can actually get.

  • thrawnjan

    That would be amazing! I never went to Hoosier Hysteria, what’s the percentage of students there?

  • Guest

    where are you getting 7800 from? is that how big the student section is, i guess im confused?

  • Ron Chron

    ok. i got you

  • Ole Man

    In the early days, when Bobby was just beginning to turn the program around, as students we bought packages to all the games. And the student section at that time was probably about 12,000; maybe more.
    It was indeed, insane!


    That’s what I’m talking about !

  • PDXHoosier

    there are way too many super seniors at IU for that math to work out

  • David Macer

    But the bad thing was, the tickets were all over the place. You would get 1 or 2 floor seats, then 1 or 2 balcony seats and the rest main level. I like the fact that the students are all in one section now !!!

  • John Boyd

    I understand the sentiment that Glass is getting at but personally. I think whoever bought the tickets for the 2011 season (Cody’s freshman season) should have first dibs on getting all 16 games, then everyone else can fill up the seats or go on a wait list for the following year , because we bought tickets before we were really “back” in the eyes of the world. Just my two cents.

  • Ole Man

    That was true; they spread them out evenly. But with so many students, it was always a freaky atmosphere for the other team to play in.

  • thrawnjan

    They are not. There is a general admission section, but it is only a fraction of all the students. I don’t know how many tickets there are for that section, I would guess somewhere around 2,000 to 3,000. The rest still sits wherever, and they try to distribute the “wherever” seats that you get over the season, so that everyone gets good and bad seats. Obviously a tricky endeavour.