• Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Quick release and I swear this kid only hits the rim on layups! He’s one of the purest shooters I’ve ever seen coming out of high school!

  • Jennifer G

    Love his confidence!

  • HoosierKen73

    Every video I’ve seen of him is equally impressive. I’m believing we’ll get number six with him here, if not before… One would think the other guys we’re after in this class would want to come here with him. Hopefully, that’ll turn out to be the case.

  • N71

    Reminds me of some of our state’s most prolific scorers Jay Edwards, Troy Lewis, and of course his dad, James Sr. Dude is going to light things up.

  • stevetodd73

    16 seconds in! WOW what a move!

  • mike griff

    How this kid isn’t a consensus 5 star player is just mind boggling.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    smooth as silk

  • ufo3

    JBJ is going to be an immediate impact player for IU in the B1G.
    I predict JBJ will be a McDonald’s All-American and also possibly 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball. It is going to be hard to argue against the numbers he is going to put up this season. JBJ is an offensive machine. Reminds me of Jay Edwards or his father James Blackmon at his same age, two other Marion Giant legends.

  • ufo3

    I think JBJ will be a 5 star player by the end of his Senior year of HS.
    JBJ was rated in the Top 15 and Top 10 as a Freshman in HS. He will be back at the top where he belongs, now healthy and lighting ’em since returning. If anything JBJ is more explosive than he was before. Dude is lights out since his return.

  • Jacob

    Oh boy. This guy is a natural, reminds me of Eric Gordon with how easy he makes it look scoring the ball.

  • Dagwoods

    I think he’s going to be just fine!

  • SCHoosier

    This kid is a scorer..period. Love his “floater”…oh do I wish Yogi had that shot and touch going to th ehole. Would make us a whole different team..just as JBjr will. No justice if he does not become a MCD ALL-A. Gonna need to have a monster senior year.

  • HoosierCruz

    Floaters, fadeaways, drives – JBJ is a natural born scorer! Can’t wait to see him in Assembly Hall

  • RatKingSports

    James will be a big time scorer for us. And I just love that this kid has not wavered in his commitment to IU throughout everything. He is the type of kid you want representing Hoosier Nation!

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    We need to stop worrying about potential recruits (something I do incessantly) and be grateful for what we have; Blackmon will be a big time scorer for the Hoosiers, hopefully for years to come.

  • indyrl

    The cross over he did after the little shot fake towards the beginning was very nice.

  • ufo3

    Scoring the ball will not be a problem when JBJ arrives at IU.
    What a smooth touch.