Will Sheehey will go down as one of my favorite IU players of all time. Will embodies everything that I imagine each and every IU player to be and develop towards. Looking forward to his senior season and so thankful that we have had the pleasure of watching this young man.

  • Apologies for the feedback you hear on the audio. Got a new microphone and am still trying to figure out the best settings.

  • Daniel Coffman

    It’s great to see Will so nice and happy with the media. He looks like he’s refreshed and ready to be a leader.

  • skotchie

    If I could find Will Sheehey stock somewhere I’d buy it all up instantly. Will is going to be a force this season, and I believe he will be on an NBA roster this time next year!

  • Banners

    Will Sheehey’s clearly a guy who’s going to be successful in life. Articulate, intelligent, humorous and direct. He’ll be a lifelong ambassador for IU and we’re fortunate to have him.


    If I were the Human Resources guy somewhere and he came in, I would hire him on the spot. No, wait a minute, I would go out and recruit him to go to work for me and furthermore he makes me want to have a job (the person doing the hiring) that I would never really want to have. Yep, think Will do just fine when his bball playing days are over, and yes, he will be just the kind of ambassador for us that we want.