Yep, he said it. I backed it up and listened to it a second time and Noah said he got on campus on May 29th and had put on 20 pounds since then. I was sure all this time that the only way you could put that kind of weight in that short amount of time was having a large steady diet of Leinenkugels, wings and chips during the season. I stand corrected.

  • N71

    Man, we’re looking good versus several years ago. We’re winning and making runs in the NCAA, player development, draft success, degrees, Cook Hall, recruiting…what’s up with that bed sheet backdrop though?

  • GaHoosier

    One of the best comments ever!

  • Miamihoosier

    I’m so glad Will Sheehey is still on this team. He’s our last man from the pre-Cody days, and I feel like he and Yogi can’t get back to practice soon enough. That’s great these fellas got to practice their leaderships skills, but it’s time for the Vets to come in take the reins of this team for the rest of the off-season. Purdue, Iowa, Michigan State, will all be better, Wisconsin will be even slower, OSU and UM will be tough, if we want to finish in front of any of these teams in the standings, Yogi and Will are going to have to dominate…games and practices. You have the blind leading the blind when it comes to our big men…the experienced guys (Perrea/Jurkin) lack the offensive skills, and the skill guys (Vonleh and Fischer) lack the experience…our post play is going to be an adventure this year….who’s guarding Payne? Hammonds? Woodbury? Amir Williams? …..Anyone? Come to think of it, Hanner Perrea might be the most important defensive puzzle piece we have this season. No matter how strong he gets, I really doubt you want to put your only legit offensive post threat in Vonleh, on the other team’s best big man, and risk getting him in foul trouble…

  • HoosierTrav

    I dont think we will need Will to dominate games. That’s never been his thing. We will need Yogi to dominate though. I’m pretty confident that Vonleh will do most of the dominating though. We will be fine down in the post. I think you are going to be very surprised at how well Fischer transitions into the college game. I think every team in the B1G needs to be concerned about guarding Adrian Payne but the other guys you listed aren’t juggernauts by any means. We only play Iowa, Purdue, and OSU once, so we just have to take care of business once against these guys. I keep saying it over and over and over again, but confidence or the lack thereof can cause a player to look great or terrible. Hanner and Jeremy had little time on the court. That affected their confidence. They played not to make mistakes. This year, guys like Fischer, Hollowell, Williams, Perea will be on the court a ton. Look for the prototypical “Crean-like” development out of the sophs.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Devin Davis’s skill set will keep Jeremy Hollowell’s time on the floor to about what he got last year…better “D”, more enthusiasm & athleticism and is not afraid to get on the glass = significant contributor to this coming season’s success.

  • SCHoosier

    Will is key to IU’s success but I don’t think “dominant” and Sheheey go together here as much as leadership and Sheheey do.This young team is going to have some really rough patches in games..that’s when Will , Evan and Yogi have to make their presence felt. I do think Will may emerge as our best 3-ball threat.(if he’s not forcing opportunities)…counting only those guys who are actually going to see floor time. Not much is written about him..but a friend of my on campus tells me that Jonny Marin can really fill it up with the 3-ball???