• SCHoosier

    I don’t watch much NBA..except for maybe the playoffs..but I think VO will change all that. This kid has been amazing in the summer league. They hand him the ball and say..be a point guard. Vic has done everything they could have hoped..pick and roll, stop and pop..hit outside shots and most of all going to the hoop. He has been absolutely blasted a couple of times..knocked to the floor..woozy..gets it and nails the FTs..and believe me..they ain’t calling much when a player goes to the hole. As you might anticipate.. Vic’s TO’s have been too high..but given this is his first experience at full time point…the Magic have to be jumping up and down with their draft choice. What an athlete and player and the team mates seem to love him. The fact that he burned the Syracuse guard for the game winner was sweet indeed.

  • Mark Coppock

    I know, right? A few of those during the… Oh well, water under the bridge. But, man…


    And that, ladies & gentleman, is just one of the reasons he was drafted way ahead of Michael Carter-Williams.

    A name that screams chant me simply by the way it’s pronounced and with the reasons he gives fans to chant it, well, it’s almost impossible not to chant it.

    O-la-deep-o clap clap clap clap clap

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I remember a couple of months ago I predicted that Victor will be the Rookie of the year, average 15-18 points, 3-5 Rebounds, 2-4 Steals per game…. and everyone said, NO WAY, but we sure hope so. I really think I’m right on this one! He may lead the league in turnovers if he is the point in the league, but boy is he fun to watch….

  • chris

    check out the Magic staff high fiving in the background of the screen shot…they are just finding out who they have

  • HoosierFrom812

    The 15-18 point guesstimate might still be a little high, E Foy, but I believe everything else is very, very reachable for Vic. He should definitely end up getting some starting time. I personally believe he (as a rookie) will be more around 8-12 PPG year one. Definitely think his playing PG, from day one, is solely to improve his turnover-prone tendencies and improve his passing, which neither are RIDICULOUS by any means, sometimes he just goes for the near impossible plays, when he should just rev it down a millisecond and make the smarter decision. He’s such a hard worker though.. I have NO doubt that he will improve that facet of the game, and will become the most all around guard in the league within the next 3-4 years. We’ll definitely see him on the All-defensive squad, but I’m not afraid to say we’ll probably see him in a few All-Star games as well. Fan favorite, head-strong, and hardest working player I’ve EVER seen in an IU uniform. ( granted, I’m only 23… lol)

    Him and Harkless will be a joy to watch as their chemistry/friendship grows. I’m a Pacer’s fan at heart, but I cannot help but hope to see the Magic play a ton now, as well. Kudos Victor, you’ve earned all you have coming to you my guy!