• triple

    o la di po

  • Arch_Puddington

    WOW. His continued improvement is a marvel. His skills are off the chart, and he looks more relaxed and confident than ever. I realize it’s just summer league, but the DWade comparisons that I admit to having scoffed at look better and better all the time. So, for that matter, do the Russell Westbrook comparisons. Is VIc the next great NBA point guard? If this is any indication of what’s to come, that’s not such a wacky thought.

  • Caleb Moore

    Watched most of his game…….they are obviously putting him in positions to use his athleticism as he had the ball in his hands a lot. His shot looked good throughout the game. He was pretty loose with the ball on some bad passes, but made up for it with a lot of deflections and steals. It’s funny…..he just played his game his way he always has and everyone that is not a Hoosier fan is like “wow he’s so explosive and long and has such a nice shot”. Welcome to what we’ve been seeing for awhile.

  • plane1972

    If that perimeter shot keeps going down and he develops the handle, he really is going to be a player in the mold of Russell Westbrook. I know, I know…summer league play. Just really excited to see a workhorse rewarded for his efforts.

  • Shawn Congo

    Did he look seriously more buff in his upper body?!? I almost thought he looked not as loose bc of it though he played great! Was glad to see things seem able to translate to the next level.

  • I definitely think he looks bigger. But that happens a lot in the offseason when you’re not practicing and playing games as often.

  • Kenneth234

    True, it is just the Summer League, however, there are plenty of players who are playing extremely hard during this opportunity because they are desperate to get invited to a camp. The skill level may be under the actual play that he will see in the season, but in many ways, it is on par with how hard many will be playing. The one thing that would concern me is whether he can stay in front of some of the quickest point guards or penetrate against them as well.

  • GaHoosier

    That center from Gonzaga, Kelly Olynyk, looked lost. Oladipo made him look bad on several occasions.

    Still love to see Dipo play. He is truly becoming one of my all-time favorite players.

    Good luck Dipo!

  • Gregory Spera

    Wow. If Vic can keep knocking down those NBA threes he will be the perfect combo guard, because everything else is a given.

  • MillaRed

    I refuse to acknowledge he is gone. He’ll be here in October. HE WILL BE HERE


    The DWade comparison looks more legit every time I see him play. Summer league play I know, I know, but that doesn’t change everything he done. A tremendous amount of hard work starting to be rewarded and deservedly so.

    Can’t remember what team it was that Bracey Wright was on during an off season during his time at IU but Crean was one of the coaches on it and I remember reading where he told Bracey that if worked hard enough that he could be a really good player at the next level but he had to want it bad enough & he had to put the work in. Victor obviously did and well, I think we all know how Bracey’s pro career turned out. Wonder where he is now, what he is doing & wondering if he watched this and is mumbling to himself, ” damn that Crean dude was RIGHT, shoulda listened ta him” !


    I will happily delude myself along with you until reality smacks us in the mouth as next year’s team takes the floor during Hoosier Hysteria.

  • baukev55

    Olynyk scored a game high 25 points… Sure he looked lost on a couple occasions, but I actually thought he played a better offensive game than Vic did. Vic’s defense was tenacious all game though like usual.

  • GaHoosier

    I’m sorry. I should have mentioned that I based my opinion off the highlight reel of Victor. I didn’t watch the game or look at the stat sheet.

  • PDXHoosier

    I think he will thrive in the NBA’s style of play.