Draft watch: A look at best fits for Oladipo, Zeller

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IUMinnITH0012After months of mock drafts, workouts and interviews, Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo will learn their new homes tonight when their names are called in the NBA Draft at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

In our final edition of draft watch, we’ll look at final mock draft predictions as of Monday morning, an updated scout’s take and give our best fit at the next level for both players:

Victor Oladipo
ESPN: (2 to Orlando) Draft Express: (5 to Phoenix) NBADraft.net: (2 to Orlando) Sports Illustrated: (5 to Phoenix)

· Analysis: Of the four major mocks tracked for the final draft watch, two have Oladipo going to Orlando at No. 2. This is, of course, contingent on Cleveland taking Nerlens Noel at No. 1. If the Cavs opt for Alex Len at No. 1, the Magic would likely opt for Noel at No. 2, which would also shake up subsequent picks. Oladipo doesn’t seem to be in play at No. 3 (Washington) or No. 4 (Charlotte), so if the Magic pass, he’d likely be the pick for Phoenix at No. 5. Minnesota is another team that has strong interest in Oladipo, but would need to move up from No. 9 in order to pick him.

· Best Fit: If the choice is between landing in Orlando or Phoenix, and it appears that it is, the Magic are a much better fit for Oladipo. They have a relatively new GM in Rob Hennigan, who worked for San Antonio and Oklahoma City prior to being hired in Orlando and is well thought of in NBA circles at just 31 years old. Phoenix, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have ownership that is committed to winning, which is a recipe for a permanent spot in the lottery.

· Scout Says: “Love his makeup. Great worker. On defense he plays like Tony Allen. He took very limited attempts to get that high (three-point) percentage. My question is, has he had his big jump already of improvement? The fact that he’s a top five pick is an indictment of this draft.” — Anonymous scout to Seth Davis.

Cody Zeller
ESPN: (11 to Philadelphia) Draft Express: (11 to Philadelphia) NBADraft.net: (4 to Charlotte) Sports Illustrated: (11 to Philadelphia)

· Analysis: Zeller worked out for 10 of the 14 lottery teams: Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix, Sacramento, Detroit, Minnesota, Portland, Phoenix, Oklahoma City and Utah. ESPN.com’s Chad Ford reported on Wednesday that Zeller could be in play at No. 4 to the Bobcats, but he’s also been heavily linked to Minnesota, Portland and Philadelphia.

· Best Fit: Of the five teams (Charlotte, Detroit, Minnesota, Portland and Philadelphia) that seem to be seriously considering Zeller, the three that stand out as the best situations are Detroit, Portland and Philadelphia. All three franchises, assuming Andrew Bynum remains in Philly, have established big men he can play alongside. Portland is intriguing because they get out in transition and have the best point guard of the three in Damian Lillard. Philadelphia looks to be moving in the right direction under new GM Sam Hinkie.

· Scout Says: “The best running big man in the draft. He’s a better face-up player than we were shown in college. He has to get stronger on his post-ups, but he handles the ball well for a guy his size. If he develops a jump shot, that will give him more space to drive. I think he has great upside. When you talk to him, you see he’s an elite human being. He really gets it, and physically he’s an elite athlete.” — Anonymous scout to Seth Davis.

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  • Candy Striped Kid

    I was literally just searching this topic on google. You guys at ITH are the best!

  • Candy Striped Kid

    ORL has E. Moore, D. Lamb, Afflalo, and J. Nelson at the guard spots. Talented squad, especially the youngsters Moore and Lamb. The Suns have Kendall Marshal, G. Dragic, S. Brown.

  • plane1972

    Because guys reach their ceiling at some point and some think Victor may have worked himself close to his full offensive potential. If that is true, he still has elite athletic ability and the defensive stopper skill set, which still makes him valuable.

    Unfortunately defensive skill at 6’4″ is not as valued as the same skill set on the interior. Guys like Hasheem Thabeet, Anthony Davis, and Nerlens Noel were shot-blockers with questionable offensive skills at best. Yet they were never considered to be outside of lottery pick material.

  • Outoftheloop

    Just wait until he develops the running floater, the tear-drop, the 15′ bank, etc. When Victor is 30 he will still be getting better!

  • Outoftheloop

    It will never happen but if I were the Cleveland GM, I would trade with Phoenix and get #5 and #30 for #1 this year and my highest two second round picks next year (or after). Then with #5 I would get Zeller, #19 Plumlee, #30 Canaan (if he is still around), #31 Thomas, #33 Leslie. If Canaan is gone then the next best PG in the draft or PG/Combo G. The line-up next year would be Vrejao C, C Zeller PF, D Thomas SF, D Waiters SG, and K Irving PG; second unit T Zeller C, M Plumlee PF, T Thompson SF, W Ellington SG, I Canaan PG; with C.J. Leslie for energy off of the bench and Speights as a Big, and Livingston, Miles and Gee as a deep bench. As the Phoenix GM I would get Victor Oladipo with the #1! Tell them that I am available to consult at any time for the right offer! LOL

  • Miamihoosier

    Noel, might not even be ready for the start of the season, and even if he is, has no offensive game, and is still a physically weak teen-ager…he is a huge risk…Irving/Oladipo back court is in next year’s play-offs no doubt. I hope for Vic he doesn’t have to go to Phoenix. What a disaster of a team that is, plus I don’t want to have to become a fan of the Suns…..If he goes to Orlando, he and Glenn Davis would get them on the road to becoming a tough hard nosed team. They are talking about dumping Afflalo (good idea), if they could get one more “tough guy” and keep Gortat, they could start bullying people like the Bulls and Pacers with their strength. My first choice is Cleveland, then Orlando, then ANYONE but Phoenix….even Charlotte would be better. If he went to Charlotte, he’ll be the rookie of the year, and best player on the team…they’d lose a lot, but still be fun to watch. I don’t even like the NBA all that much, but I’ll probably get league pass to watch all of Victor’s games.

  • Miamihoosier

    Phoenix is probably the worst run franchise right now along with Charlotte. I guess if they got Victor, they could end up with Wiggins next year, and have one of the most athletic 2/3 combos in the league…I think Cleveland is the only team Oladipo could go to that won’t be awful next year, so he’s almost gauranteed to get a star to play with him in 2014’s loaded draft….Kobe’s done, Wade is done, Lebron has 3/4 dominant years left, but the new generation of the league is on it’s way…..bird/magic 80’s, Jordan 90’s, Kobe 2000’s, Lebron 05-15, who takes over from there? I think 1 or 2 guys will pop up out of the 14 draft to take the mantle, but I truly believe Vic could have a Wade type impact on the league….time will tell, but he’s not the new Tony Allen, no way

  • plane1972

    I agree!

  • baukev55

    I see Oladipo as a Jimmy Butler type

  • Ole Man

    Cleveland isn’t smart enough to draft Vic.