2014 guard Ahmed Hill planning official visits

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062013hcxcfsCHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Class of 2014 Aquinas (Ga.) guard Ahmed Hill has a long list of suitors and is in the process of planning official visits for this fall.

Indiana, one of the schools that has recruited him the hardest over the last year, will likely receive one of those visits from the No. 33 player nationally according to ESPN.com.

“I’m going to take a visit to Indiana,” Hill said at the National Basketball Players Association Top 100 Camp last week at the University of Virginia. “I really like coach Crean. They’re a hard nosed defensive team and their guards get after it. They’ve got shooters and I like their style of play. I like the fanbase at Indiana.”

The other programs who are potentially in line to receive visits, according to Hill, are Missouri, Florida, Texas, Kansas and North Carolina.

He’s already taken unofficial trips to Alabama, Georgia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina State and Georgia.

Despite a recent run of class of 2014 commitments over the past few weeks that included guys like Theo Pinson, D’Angelo Russell and Grayson Allen, Hill isn’t in a hurry to make a decision.

“A lot of kids don’t get this opportunity so I’m trying to make the best of it,” he said. “Just trying to get a feel for the right coaches and the right time. Hopefully I’ll put my trust with a coach and he’ll lead me in the right direction.”

As a junior at Aquinas, Hill averaged close to 30 points per game and was named the All-Area player of the year by The Augusta Chronicle. In college, he believes he can help a program at either guard spot if he continues to improve his ball handling.

“Pretty much (I see myself) as a combo guard,” he said. “If you have high IQ, you can see things before they happen and read the defense. You’ve just got to have good shot selection, know when to shoot and when not to shoot.”

Another facet of his game that Hill says schools, including Indiana, have taken notice of is his defense. Right now, he believes his speed, athleticism and ability to get to the basket are the strongest parts of his game.

“I’m a good defensive player. I’m getting recruited for my defense by certain schools,” Hill said. “Indiana definitely likes my defense. They like the way I guard, they like my toughness. I’m going to continue to get better at it.”

Indiana’s ability to develop players for the next level, particularly a player like Victor Oladipo, was a frequent topic of discussion by recruits at the Top 100 Camp.

Hill was no exception.

“It shows me that they can develop guys pretty quickly. He came in as a nobody and now he’s projected to go high in the draft,” he said. “That’s really great because it shows that they put in work every day and it shows that he trusted the coach.”

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  • CreamandCrimson

    I haven’t seen a ton of either Ahmed Hill or Phil Booth. From what I’ve seen, they appear to be pretty redundant players and I don’t think we have room for both of them (with Blackmon Jr. already committed and I’m holding out hope for Exum). I like Hill’s game better.

    Looking ahead, I trust Tom Crean to craft the best roster possible. That being said, I really hope we have a true point guard to take over whenever Yogi moves on (I think he’s a 4-year player but you never know). I know Stanford Robinson is capable of filling in at point (and he could develop into a true point). Same for Hill or Booth or Lyle but they describe themselves as combo guards, not point guards. It doesn’t look like we’re getting one for the 2014 class. I’m hoping it’s a priority in the 2015 class and that we don’t end up with a roster of 6’3″-6’6″ combo guards and a few 6’8″-6’9″ stretch forwards without a legitimate point guard or a legitimate low post big. Again, I’m not too concerned that’s going to happen and I love having a team full of options and athletes but I happen to think a true point guard who can direct an offense and low post big who can get easy points are very important in the tournament.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I know we have offered a couple of big guys and I know about Hyron Edwards (and Jalen Coleman who unfortunately, transferred from Cathedral to La Lumiere so I won’t be watching near as much). Stone and Thomas both look like great prospects.

    Like I said, I trust Crean and I think he’s going to bring in the best roster possible. I’m hoping as the recruitment of the 2015 guys ramps up and Crean and staff decide who to hone in on, I hope a true point guard is more of a priority than another combo guard.

  • N71

    A couple things make it difficult to forecast our needs, we develop guys quickly and they move up a position so-to-speak. Devin Davis for example is being developed as a guard/wing now. I thought he’d be a hardworking but undersized 3 or 4, but as a 2/3 guard/wing, hot dog. Stan is another, seems like he was a clear 2 in high school and now he’s being developed as a 1. Trying to determine which of these guys coach sees as a future replacement for Yogi is kind of confusing…unless we’re looking at a Hyron who by size alone probably couldn’t ever play anything other than the 1 in college. This is at the root of why its so fun to watch the Crean teams evolve.

  • cdog

    I would love to see Exum as well. However, the 2014 mock drafts have him in the top 10. That is a tough call. You could go to college and not live up to the hype and fall in the draft. He can wait one year and play internationally and run the risk of having college guys get exposure and move ahead of him (no one had VO as a top 10 at the beginning of the year). From there, how do you differentiate between Lyle, Bluiett, Hill, and Booth. I think Hill makes a lot of sense. He can score, play D, wants to learn, and seems to be a smart kid. Blackmon, one of the four combo guards mentioned, a big, and another forward would be a great class.

  • Miamihoosier

    You have to love our chances at landing one of these top guys. The 2014 class is loaded with wing talent, and we seem to have our foot in the door with around 10 of them. With Blackmon, Ferrell, and Vonleh, and a very high chance that one of the other 2013 freshman, or Hollowell ends up being a star, we really only need 1 of these 2014 guys to secure a #1 team. If we get two of them, I predict we’ll start the season as #1, if we only get one, we’ll still be #1, but it will take a few weeks for the all freshman teams at Kentucky and Duke to lose for us to get there. Even though our 2014 team will probably be better than last year’s, the great thing, is that this upcoming season will still be a blast to be a part of. 4 looooong months to go fellas, maybe we can get a commitment or two to help break it up.