• N71

    Kind of reminds me of a young David West. I can’t wait to see Noah and Jeremy on the court at the same time, they will frustrate the hell out of people trying to get shots off. Is Peter going to be healthy and in position to contribute? If so, how will the other team get any interior shots off?

  • Jeremy Johnson

    I guess you could say he has some talent.

  • MillaRed

    Early success is going to depend on the jumper. If he can knock that down he will be a big problem for the B1G.

  • CreamandCrimson

    They are very similar in size, build, playing style, etc. Another thing to keep in mind, Vonleh should be in the class of 2014 (same as Lyles) so age/experience is the same. Now, here’s one thing I would give Lyles a slight edge in so far…quality of opponent on a daily basis. I think the quality of opponent that Trey Lyles plays against every week in the center of Indianapolis is higher than the quality of opponent Vonleh sees. I am a big believer that consistently playing against good players will improve your game.

    That might not matter at all once Vonleh gets to Bloomington and starts playing against Fischer, Hollowell, Sheehey and the rest of the Hoosiers but for now, I think it gets Lyles an edge over other similar players.

  • inLinE6

    I would give edge to Vonleh on rebounding.

  • calbert40

    Agree. I guess I haven’t watched enough of his game film, because I wasn’t expecting that type of range. Also, I am impressed with his handle. He can get a little out of control at times, but with some practice that could be a great asset for a big. He could be a HUGE match-up problem.

  • calbert40

    Now, I will freely admit that since his decommitment, I haven’t watched much of Lyles, but I feel that he has better offensive post moves than Vonleh. However, I feel like Vonleh has better perimeter moves and possibly more bounce. Both are pretty great. Would have been nice to have both, but so long as Cal gets neither, I will count that as a small victory!

  • Mooks

    His versatility alone is going cause alot of problems for opponents…

  • And_One

    Very nice. Love the use of his shoulders as he pivots, and love that he can shoot from outside–especially the one he hits over the double-team, who, granted, didn’t have their hands up but they didn’t dare. Add the chantable 4-syllable name, and you’ve got a fun player to watch on Branch McCracken Court.

  • Dee McDonald

    Vonleh definitely has more bounce. Lyles looks like he can’t hardly jump at all half the time. Not quite Kennedy Meeks ups, but probably Kevin Love’ish. Vonleh also plays a PREP Schedule. While Indianapolis basketball is good, I don’t think it’s on the same level every night with a PREP schedule. Granted, I’m sure they play some week teams, but with Brewster and Tilton out there…they’re no little sisters of the poor. When your starting 5 is going Division I, I’m not sure that is too bad… Either way, I’m glad we know what we know about Lyles now and after a few weeks when you realize he’s just about getting his. Vonleh had to do everything for his team this year, so he’s probably going to be overjoyed to have high level guys to pass it to and rebound around. Looking forward to it.

  • Jakedipo

    It is absurd how much potential Vonleh has, especially considering how good he is already. I can’t wait to watch playing for the Hoosiers next year!!

  • MillaRed

    When watching the video, you see defenders honor him at the 3 point line. No one his size can handle his dribble. He whizzes right by them.

    If you don’t hit the 3’s, they take away the dribble drive (see Yogi).

    The kid has all of the tools. And I agree, he will need more strength in the B1G to dribble through traffic (see Jeremy).

  • John Temple

    His athleticism is obvious. But in these high school games he is a mismatch for most players he’s going against. The test will be how he holds up against the kind of bigs he’ll see every game in the B1G. I must admit I’d like to see him and Hollowell paired up at the 3&4 and see what happens.

  • HoosierTrav

    I like the comment but I’m not convinced that Lyles schedule is quite what Vonleh played. Tilton, Brewster and other National powerhouses 2-3 times in a season would put his schedule far and away ahead of even downtown Indy competition. I know we are partial to Indy kids but its not quite at that level IMO. You see Wayne Seldon and Nerlens Noel on different clips in this video.

    I give the edge to Vonleh bc F*&^ Trey Lyles! That’s why!…. Just kidding……. I really do give Vonleh the slight edge though bc of his ability to pass the ball better, handle the ball better, rebound better, and block shots more often. Trey is a more gifted scorer. no doubt about it.

  • HoosierTrav

    Agree. The level of skill Vonleh went up against day in and day out is ridiculous.

  • HoosierTrav

    The good thing is that he is 230-240 lbs. Not quite the rail that Jeremy was coming in. Remember Zeller was much lighter than that as an incoming frosh. Vonleh will exceed our expectations, i believe.

  • Dee McDonald

    There may not be footage out there, but he went up against Mitch McGary and Nerlens Noel a year ago and faired very well against them. His length and quickness really helps him against bigger guys…in fact, if I remember correctly, I think he had a nasty dunk on McGary. He got into Noel’s body really well so he couldn’t block his shot. Can’t wait to see him in the candy stripes!

  • HoosierTrav

    He’s playing against Nerlens Noel 2 times in this video and played Mcgary & McCollough 3 times last year. Chris McCollough 3 times this year. Many more. I think hes just so darn good he makes it look that way. Remember he is playing quite well against Noel in this video and Noel is most likely the #1 overall selection come june 27th. His schedule was BRUTAL.

  • HoosierTrav

    They have footage of Vonleh vs McGary on youtube and Vonleh wins that battle inside and out.


    Do you know which part(s) is against Noel ?

  • CreamandCrimson

    Point TAKEN. I guess my point was that I tend to think there is more talent on teams from top-to-bottom in the Indianapolis area (although more and more guys are going the prep school route so this is changing I guess) than pretty much anywhere else but you and HoosierTrav appear to be experts on the Northeast prep school scene so, I was wrong. Thanks for the information.

  • awunderground

    Just look for the flat top.