Draft watch: Oladipo, Zeller on the rise after combine?

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With the combine complete and the lottery taking place tomorrow, it’s time for an updated look at the prospects for Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford in next month’s NBA Draft.

In our latest update, we’ll walk you through the latest projections for each player as well notes and measurements from the combine for Zeller and Oladipo:

Cody Zeller
ESPN: (12) Draft Express: (9) NBADraft.net: (4)

Combine measurements and testing results:

· Height w/o Shoes: 6′ 10.75”
· Height with Shoes: 7′ 0.25”
· Wt.: 230
· Wingspan: 6’10.75″
· Reach: 8’10”
· Body Fat: 4.75
· Hand Length: 8.5
· Hand Width: 10.5
· 3/4 sprint: 3.15
· Lane agility: 10.82
· Modified lane agility: 2.69
· Standing vertical: 35.5″
· Max vertical: 37.5″

· Analysis: After drawing more scrutiny than any other player during the college hoops season, Zeller stepped onto the floor on Friday at the combine and stood out in the testing against his peers. His standing vertical of 35.5 inches was the best ever recorded at the combine for a player 6-foot-9 or taller. Zeller also fared favorably in the 3/4 sprint, lane agility and modified lane agility tests. Zeller was criticized for his play against Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament, but his athleticism really stood out at the combine and that should help him move up in the draft.

· Expert Opinion: “Of the players projected in the lottery, Zeller was the most impressive. He got a reputation this season as someone who struggled to play against long, athletic players. However, he excelled in every category Friday. He was explosive, quick and fast. He clearly showed some of that at Indiana with the way he ran the floor and at times showed explosion around the basket, but this result could only help him.” – Chad Ford, ESPN.com.

Victor Oladipo
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Combine measurements and testing results:

· Height w/o Shoes: 6′ 3.25”
· Height with Shoes: 6′ 4.25”
· Wt.: 213.2
· Wingspan: 6′ 9.25”
· Reach: 8′ 4.5”
· Body Fat: 6.6
· Hand Length: 8.75
· Hand Width: 9.25
· 3/4 sprint: 3.25
· Lane agility: 10.69
· Modified lane agility: 3.15
· Standing vertical: 33″
· Max vertical: 42″

· Analysis: The combine was also beneficial for Oladipo, who tested out very well like Zeller. There were questions about his height going in and he measured out at just over 6-foot-4 in shoes. Indiana listed him at 6-foot-5 this past season. His max vertical measurement tied Kansas’ Ben McLemore at No. 2 overall in the event. Most draft boards have McLemore and Oladipo as 1-2 at the two-guard with McLemore as more of a pure scorer and Oladipo with the better motor and better defensively. The combine also allowed Oladipo to meet with several NBA teams and there’s already word trickling out that the Trailblazers could be interested in trading up to select him.

· Expert Opinion: “Oladipo and McLemore lived up to their reputations as great leapers. They also showed great speed in the sprints. However, Oladipo looked considerably quicker laterally — which is really part of what separates him from McLemore as a defender (his motor is the other big factor).” – Chad Ford, ESPN.com.

Christian Watford
ESPN: (117) Draft Express: (No. 29 senior) NBADraft.net: (N/A)

· Analysis: Watford was not invited to the combine, so there’s little to report on the IU senior who still remains confident he’ll be drafted. He’ll work out this week at the Barclays Center with the next tier of players who weren’t invited to the combine with the hopes of catching the eye of an NBA team. Even if he’s not selected, there’s still a good chance Watford could get a look as an un-drafted free agent, play well in the summer league and get invited to a training camp this fall with a chance to make a team. Watford has been working out with Oladipo and Erick Green of Virginia Tech in Washington D.C. in recent weeks.

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