2014 forward Trevon Bluiett plans to cut list in the near future

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050813sxThe list of schools interested in 2014 Park Tudor forward Trevon Bluiett continues to grow, but he is  getting close to narrowing his list.

At last weekend’s Hensley Memorial Spiece Run-N-Slam Classic in Fort Wayne, Bluiett listed Butler, Michigan, Indiana, Purdue, Depaul and Cincinnati as the schools that he felt had made him a priority, in that order.

He wouldn’t admit to listing any schools ahead of others, but his father believes he has some idea.

“I think he has an idea,” said Reynardo Bluiett, who is also Trevon’s AAU coach for Spiece Indy Heat. “I don’t ask him because I’m not prepared to know. He’s got an idea.”

Indiana continues to recruit Bluiett hard, and the Hoosiers coaching staff seems to be doing plenty to make him feel like a priority. Associate head coach Tim Buckley regularly sends Bluiett handwritten letters.

“What he sends me is really just quotes, just encouraging quotes and stuff like that,” said Bluiett, who is ranked 45th in the 2014 class, according to ESPN.com. “Sometimes he’ll write me and say, ‘Good game last week’ or stuff like that. He and Butler are the only ones that hand write me. That means a lot because most people would type it up on the computer and switch the heading at the top.”

Added Reynardo Bluiett: “That means a lot. As a kid, that’s gotta have some push for you. And it’s deep stuff. Buckley’s a pretty deep guy. I get a joy out of reading his quotes and facts as well.”

Bluiett said Indiana continues to contact him about twice a week, and he also regularly hears from former high school teammate Yogi Ferrell, who just finished his freshman year at Indiana.

“It helps a lot,” Bluiett said of having Ferrell at Indiana. “It helps me mentally and physically. He tells me how the workouts are. I just prepare myself for that.”

In-state school Butler remains a major player in Bluiett’s recruitment, and he said that’s because of head coach Brad Stevens. Bluiett called Stevens a “brilliant coach” and said Butler’s recent move to the Big East makes it a more attractive destination.

“Going from the Horizon with just a few teams to the Big East where every game is a good game, it means a lot,” Bluiett said. “When you get into conference, you want every game to be close, at least that’s the kind of games I would want. It makes a difference, but I have to see if it’s the right fit for me.”

UCLA has also become involved in Bluiett’s recruitment, largely because his former Park Tudor coach, Ed Schilling, now works on Steve Alford’s staff for the Bruins. But at last weekend’s Spiece tournament, Bluiett sort of shot down the idea that Schilling would have a bigger impact on his recruitment than any other coach.

“It changes it a little bit,” Bluiett said. “He’s been my mentor since sixth grade so that definitely means a lot. He’s like a second dad to me, so that definitely goes a long way. I love playing for him and all that kind of stuff.

“I just look at him like another coach. I can’t be biased toward his side. I’m happy for him that he got the job, but at the same time it’s a business for he and I. I can’t treat him different than the other college coaches because that’s just not fair.”

Bluiett’s schedule has been so busy lately that he and his family haven’t yet had time to sit down and discuss where he stands with the number of schools who have offered him, which has eclipsed 15. Reynardo Bluiett said that will happen soon, though, and once it does, Trevon will trim his list and begin to schedule official visits.

“We did want to sit down and put things on paper after this first group of tournaments,” Reynardo Bluiett told Inside the Hall. “He’s still getting offers, and we haven’t even sat down as a family. It’s kind of difficult. We just want to make sure we do it right.

“I don’t see this dragging out to the fall at all. When we get in it, we’re gonna be pretty quick to what we want to do.”

Bluiett said he would like to make a decision before he starts his senior year in the fall, if at all possible.

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  • IU, Butler, UCLA maybe Michigan maybe PU. This is a given, but I think he knows exactly what he is getting with IU and Butler and probably PU too at a lesser extent. He’s been down to IU so many times and has been recruited by them for nearly 3 years now. Take an official or not, you know what’s going on down there if you want to commit. I would guess he’s one of the most prepared kids to make this decision even before official visits.

  • Sounds like the kid has a good head on his shoulder. But thats to be expected of someone who attends Park Tudor. Great surroundings make for greatness. Hopefully IU picks him up. Be a good addition along Yogi.

  • Luke72

    Slim chances of IU landing him! After playing in the shawdow of
    Yogi, not sure he wants to try that again. My prediction is Butler, probably a good fit!

  • achurt

    I really want this guy. I think I’d like to see a small – lock the state down type class for 2014. Blackmon, Bluiett, Jaquan. It’d be nice to get a big at some point in time too…

    Kind of crazy that the Butler is legit competing with these schools for a high level recruit.

  • CreamandCrimson

    For some reason, I’ve always thought Blueitt was choosing between Michigan and Butler. I know a few Butler fans that follow their program really closely. No inside information here but Brad Stevens has definitely made Blueitt a huge priority and they really, really want him. For what it’s worth though, they recently offered another small forward which may be to put pressure on Blueitt to make a decision. (or they may not think they are getting him or it might mean nothing….who knows?) I think Blueitt is an elite player and if he was a couple of inches taller, I think his ranking would be somewhere in the top 25.

    He would be a tremendous addition to Indiana because of his versatility as a scorer but based on recent comments, most fans ideal 2014 class doesn’t include Blueitt. It’s usually Blackmon, Pinson, Exum/Lyle and Okonoboh. I can’t argue with that but I think Blueitt is a special player that I’d love to have. We’ll see how it all shakes out…one thing we know about 2014, there are a lot of very good options out there and IU has done a nice job of getting to this point with so many good players.

  • Kenneth234

    Gosh, I am getting to the point in which I do not know what I want for the 2014 Hoosier recruiting class! I actually wish that we had 7 scholarships coming open for next year rather than this year. Between Pinson, Exon, Bluiett, Blackmon Jr., Dion Wiley, Goodluck Okonoboh, Jaquan Lyle, Phil Booth, etc., I am just not sure who would they should realistically be targeting based on the likelihood that those players will commit to come to Bloomington. Then add in, we really have no idea of how much some of last years players are developing or how this years recruiting class will perform as freshman and I just have no idea what should be a priority need for the program. Because if Vonleh is not a 1 and done, Fischer is able to be an instant impact, or Perea and/or Jurkin develop into regular rotation guys, I just do not see a need for adding a big man in that class. Certainly we need a wing player, but other than that…there is too many if’s to get a real grasp of the situation.

  • walton

    Just from the video, he seems like predominantly a shooter. IU could always use a good shot maker. This statement fresh from watching Golden State shoot its way to a win last night.

  • rbhagwat

    i would love to have Trevon at IU, but I don’t see him ending up here. I think Butler is going to land him at this point and I’m kind of jealous.

  • BFBlog

    Michigan fans think he is theirs to lose.

  • Mooks

    With all the Indy talent potentially coming in. Trey Lyles probably wishes he hand not de-committed.

  • marcusgresham

    Everyone’s initial thought with Butler moving to the Big East was that Stevens will now have to beat top-tier opponents every game. No one stopped to consider that Stevens also will now be more likely to pull in top-tier talent.

  • PDXHoosier

    Does Michigan exclusively recruit Indiana kids now?

  • Julian Zavala

    This is a very good point. Just imagine if Bluiett goes there and Trey Lyles follows too?

  • PDXHoosier

    It seems like we are really missing pure shooters on this year’s team. Which seems crazy since you can walk into pretty much any high school gym in Indiana and find a lights-out shooter.
    Gotta make shots to win! especially 3s!

  • calbert40

    I think we will have a four man class next season, and I’d love to have that four man group you listed (Exum over Lyle). That being said, if Blueitt committed today, I’d be ecstatic! I think he is a great player and he seems like a high character guy as well.

    The 2014 class is just ridiculously deep. None of us even mention some of the other great recruits like Hill, Booth and Russell being on our “wish list.” Any of these young men would be great additions, including Blueitt.

    That said, I think Pinson is the jewel for our class, and I think Okonoboh fills a need more than any of the others. We may not get either of those players, but if our class ended up as Blackmon, Pinson, Okonoboh and Blueitt, I’d still think we had an amazing class that I’d be thrilled to see wearing candy stripes!

  • calbert40

    It is a strong strategy, if that is their strategy! One can hardly blame them!

  • kewaynes

    I’ll blame em

  • lolman

    He won two 2A state championships with Yogi. Why would he not want to play with him?

  • RoscoD73

    IU will need some size! Need one big man in the 2014 class. Hopefully that is Goodluck Okonoboh. I see Jaquan Lyle signing with Louisville. And Pinson signing with IU.

  • I think Hollowell is going to blow up as a shooter this year. I think we will be underrated in that aspect. Sheehey is a better shooter than his percentage shows. Same with Yogi.

  • I think we will pick Michigan as they seem to really be after him hard. He will fit in perfect and put up about 20 a game by his junior year. Oh well we have other wings we are after.

  • yimyames

    I don’t think the Big East is really gonna be a good conference, better than the Horizon yes. By 2014 Big East will be little to nothing.

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    Well said Tim. Exum is the guy we need to get.

  • Kenneth234

    If I had to chose between Exum and Pinson, I think I would lean ever so slightly to Pinson though.

  • esapata

    With the likes of G’town, Nova, Marquette, Creighton, and Xavier (once their transition/rebuild is done), I just don’t see this being true. Based on the last few years, they’re already a deeper league than what we’ve seen out of the Pac12, Big12, and arguably the SEC. They won’t be on par with the Big10 or ACC, but they’ll field a handful of teams in the NCAA on a regular basis. You gotta think St. John’s will be back once they develop the last few classes they’ve had.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Georgetown and Marquette are fixtures in the top 25. Butler, Xavier and Creighton (and potentially St. Louis), are all very good programs. Villanova and St. Johns are both historically better than average. I think you are vastly underrating the Big East if you think it will be “nothing”.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Thank you, I agree 100%. If Trey Lyles (or anyone else) isn’t sure they want to be at Indiana…okay, fine. They should go wherever they think they fit best and whichever school they are most comfortable with. There’s no reason to speculate on what a kid wishes he had done.


    Couldn’t agree more, he’s probably at the top of this fan’s wish list. Besides Randle he also had the Harrison twins doing their own two person version of the wave while looking around for someone to blame for getting embarrassed on D when he schooled them a few times.

  • Kenneth234

    I do desperately too! I actually think that if Trey Lyles was still verbally committed along side Blackmon Jr., Pinson and Exum would be near locks, and IU’s 2014 class would easily be the best in the county, even if Kentucky brought in another 7 man class consisting of 6 top 20 players. Whatever it was that convinced Trey to withdrawal his commitment is very unfortunate.

    I can imagine how unselfishly those kids have shown, despite their incredible skill levels, and I believe that if there was just a little bit of shot blocking, and a few capable defenders and re-bounders around them and they could certainly make a run through the entire season.

  • DingoBlue

    As a UM fan, not so. My hunch is he’s a Butler lean, with Michigan and IU trailing. Time will tell. We certainly want him!

  • yimyames

    There’s not one team that you mention that I would consider a fixture in the top 25. I would consider a “fixture” as a team that stays in the top twenty five virtually year in and year out. Very few teams you can say that about in any conference, definitely none of the above. Not to mention, other teams may end up leaving. Big East is a mess, and has weakened considerably the last few years with all the moving of teams. I don’t see how that helps for recruiting, unless you are a talent that is only good enough for a mid major, playing in the big east sounds great. As I see it Bluitt doesn’t fit in this category.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Alright…we can agree to disagree. Marquette has been in the postseason top 25 for 6 of the last 7 years and Georgetown has been in it for 4 of the last 7 (and the last 2). Butler has been ranked at the end of the year for 4 of the past 6 years. I’m not going to say the Big East is an elite conference but it’s not “nothing”. For the purpose of this particular thread (Trevon Blueitt), he has said moving to the Big East was a big step in his eyes for Butler. If Butler lands him, the new conference will have helped them do so.

  • yimyames

    Guess you went back seven years, because that supports your argument? 7 is an odd number of years, try 10, 20, 30 or 40 and see if you still consider them “fixtures”.

  • CreamandCrimson

    You are correct…7 years is an odd number. Marquette has been in the top 25 for 8 of the last 10 years, Georgetown has been in it for 6 of 10. I think the new Big East is obviously weaker than the previous version but I think it’s solid and a step-up for Butler (which is who Blueitt is considering and why it’s pertinent to this article). You think the new Big East is garbage…it doesn’t really matter either way, time will tell how good, bad or mediocre the new league is.