Indiana to meet Syracuse in 2013 Big Ten-ACC Challenge

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Indiana’s opponent for the 2013 Big Ten-ACC Challenge will be Syracuse, Inside the Hall has learned. A conference announcement this afternoon confirmed the Hoosiers will travel to the Carrier Dome on Tuesday, December 3.

Syracuse advanced to the Final Four last season after beating Indiana and Marquette in the East Regional at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

The Hoosiers will be looking for their third straight win in the event after beating North Carolina State and North Carolina the previous two seasons.

This will be the first Big Ten-ACC Challenge for Syracuse, which is joining the ACC this fall along with Pittsburgh. The Orange are a top 15 team in many of the preseason rankings that have been released for the 2013-2014 season.

Jim Boeheim returns two starters from the Final Four team — C.J. Fair and Rakeem Christmas — as well as key reserves Jerami Grant, Baye Moussa Keita and Trevor Cooney. The Orange also add the nation’s No. 6 recruiting class according to

The full Big Ten-ACC Challenge schedule is available after the jump.


Tuesday, Dec. 3
Florida State at Minnesota
Illinois at Georgia Tech
Indiana at Syracuse
Michigan at Duke
Notre Dame at Iowa
Penn State at Pittsburgh

Wednesday, Dec. 4
Boston College at Purdue
Maryland at Ohio State
Miami, FL at Nebraska
North Carolina at Michigan State
Northwestern at North Carolina State
Wisconsin at Virginia

Note: Clemson, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech do not play in 2013 Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

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  • calbert40

    I think he already has, Ole Man. The details of the situation aren’t terribly difficult to locate.

    Patterson had met the academic standards to be eligible according to the NCAA, but IU has higher standards than the NCAA minimum. Due to the fact that he was in this unfortunate middle ground, he was admitted to the Faculty Sponsorship Program.

    If after going through this program, he could have gotten a member of the faculty to sponsor his enrollment into the university, he would have been accepted despite the fact that he didn’t meet some requirements. For whatever reason(s), he did not make it through this process. Unfortunately for all of us, the university is highly unlikely to discuss the matter, because it involves a student’s academic record.

    To speculate about what actually happened is natural; however, many are going past speculation to conspiracy theory. That is the stuff that needs to be avoided.

  • plane1972

    Notice the smiley face. I was joking.

  • calbert40

    I’m not “dissing” anyone. As I stated previously, it doesn’t take much effort to say, “Coach is lousy and didn’t prepare.” Really? Does ANYONE really believe that CTC didn’t prepare for the 2-3? C’mon…that’s “dissing” someone.

    The “vocal minority” to which I refer are those who hop on here and post ignorant rants about our staff and players. Then they get a few up votes and get even bolder with their qualitative critique, yet rarely engage in a quantitative discussion on stats and in-game decisions that require more than a couple seconds of research.

    Guys like you who have a reasonable critique are fine with me, and I enjoy discussing these issues with you and others like you. But that “vocal minority” won’t like allentown’s remarks.

  • Oldguyy

    Now let me guess, Jersey–that’s what passes as a witty rejoinder among your playmates, right?

  • Oldguyy

    If you can’t take the truth, Ole, don’t read it.

  • Ole Man

    What truth? ” Iā€˜m guessing that even at Syracuse you need to have an I.Q. above 50 to maintain your academic eligibility.”
    That’s not truth. That’ simply an uncalled for rip at a young man you know nothing about.
    And you do it all the time.

  • Ole Man

    You’re not here to comment on basketball.
    You’ve said nothing about basketball and done nothing but posted “tear-downs” of other people.
    Does that make you feel superior, somehow?

  • Ole Man

    I’ve read the same thing, Cal. I wasn’t getting on him. I was asking him to tell us what he knows; because from his answer it’s obviously that he knows more than he is telling.

  • Ole Man

    Oh; didn’t see that the first time.

  • CreamandCrimson

    You either trust what Alex has to say or you don’t. He has never been a shill for the program and I don’t know why that would start with this situation. If you don’t think Alex is being truthful and you don’t trust his judgement on what he should and shouldn’t share, I question why you would keep coming back to ITH. I like reading your opinions and if you refuse to accept what has been reported by Alex and others and hang on to speculation, well, I suppose that’s your right.

  • Ole Man

    Didn’t think you were dissing anyone. Thought allentown was.
    And I appreciate the kindness of your remarks…those go right back to ya!
    Also; yep, those fans–no matter whether they “rah rah” or “harshly critique”–drive me crazy.

  • CreamandCrimson

    How has Alex assassinated Ron Patterson’s character? He replied, “Wrong.” to a statement of, “Ron Patterson’s grades and intellect were more than adequate.” I don’t think that’s in any way, shape or form assassinating Patterson’s character and I don’t see anything malicious in it.

  • Ole Man

    Implied nowhere in my question or statement is anything malicious about Alex. I was asking, hoping he would open up more.
    Secondly, you’re not the God of ITH to question anyone.
    So stick that comment in your back pocket.

    And I enjoy reading your posts, as well as others, which is why I spend too much time here.

    Again, NOwhere do I take a shot at Alex.

    Lastly, never have I been one of the “muck rakers” on this site. I think if he could or did tell more it would shut down some of those people.

  • calbert40

    Did we just hug it out…cyber style? I think we did! šŸ™‚

  • CreamandCrimson

    “Then tell us” came across as more than a question to me. It came across as a demand. I guess I misunderstood, my apologies.

    I never said anything about you being malicious towards Alex. As for questioning you, it was a question of why anyone would go to a site where they don’t trust the author’s content or his judgement but you’re right, I am certainly not God and why you come here shouldn’t and doesn’t matter to me. I’m not going to get into any arguments here…so, my apologies, comment stuck wherever you want it. I just wouldn’t count on anything else about Ron Patterson to come out from Alex. If he was going to say more, he would have a long time ago.

  • Ole Man

    ROFL, Cal!

  • Ole Man

    Thanks, Bro. I certainly don’t want to come across as someone who thinks his opinions “walk on water”.

    And you’re right about what I was hoping Alex could or would was a question.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I wasn’t predicting a win, just merely stating it is a great opportunity. This could be a difference maker win when it comes to bubble, or seeding depending on what transpires next season.

  • Ole Man

    Totally agree. I just think we’ll be a young team which hasn’t faced that type of task before.
    I agree that facing them will help us later in the year; especially against teams such as Northwestern, which zones a lot. And oddly enough, it could help against a team like Wisky and their deliberate pace.

  • LivingHereinAllentown

    Sorry, was on a plane from Taipei the last 24 hours… Did not mean to ignore your reply. My point was not to diss those posting well reasoned arguments. I just do not appreciate the flippant “coach did a bad job preparing”. I just do not think there is as much evidence to support that as there is to say we had a freshman point guard that played like a freshman for one of the few times all season. That coupled with a terrible shooting night and a game that was called fairly but not tightly (really rough games that were not called tightly was a common theme in all of Indiana’s losses this year) was more to blame than coaches preparation. By the way you clearly disagree but substantiate your position which I do appreciate.

  • yimyames

    1 C and 1 C- for the only two classes he had to take in the summer. Below the 2.0 that is required. That is a quote from his AAU coach. The way I see it is Buss didn’t work hard enough to get the grades. And obviously didn’t work hard enough in high school to be prepared to enter college academics. I really don’t see how people side with Patterson on this issue and just assume Crean pushed him out.

  • We should schedule a them every year that we don’t play them in the ACC/B1G challenge! That way the team learns how to attack relentless zone defenses like Cuse’s

  • Wait these patterson conspiracy theories are still going on?

  • calbert40

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the particulars of his summer grades. I am with you…I don’t see how people can assume that he was forced out of the program. I think it was a blow to the program to lose him.

  • this will be a tough game for an IU team that’ll be pretty green at the time. Gonna be ugly while all the new faces get a first look at the zone!