• That just about said it all. Will be very interested to see how Cody’s game translates to the NBA. Still don’t think it is possible to “coach” physical toughness. It is what it is. I wish him luck.

  • RoscoD73

    I would say they nailed this scouting report. I think Cody should’ve taken more jump shots, and been more aggressive on defense around the basketball. A lot of missed opportunities to block shots. But overall he did a lot for IU and he will go down as one of the best Hoosiers!

  • SCHoosier

    In the pro’s Cody won’t have to worry about fouling out and will have 6 good hard fouls to give..and he’ll need to do that. Face the basket game essential to his development..just a shame that for whatever reason he chose not to use it at IU.


    I’d say they pretty much nailed this scouting report, the pros and the cons. You could tell it was done by someone without a reason to “polish” the bright spots and dull down the low points or by someone that didn’t have an axe to grind with IU.

    Always thought his wingspan seemed to not be overly wide but didn’t ever remember seeing an measurement or at least not an unbiased measurement of it.

    Good luck Big Guy and a heartfelt thank you for all that you did from this IU bball fan !

  • I had to stop watching. A little too heartbreaking. For all the things some people wish he would have done, the young man plays a smart, interesting brand of Hoosier ball and I’ll miss watching it come November.

  • Thompssc

    He didn’t get much stronger from freshman to sophomore year? Are you kidding? Freshman year he was spindly stick and he’s a freaking tank now. I’m not saying that translates to a tougher player, but he DID get hella stronger…