Breaking down the IU career, departure of Maurice Creek

  • 04/24/2013 5:02 pm in

IUCCSITH0011Everybody has their own opinion on Maurice Creek, and that’s fine. But it’s impossible to talk about his career at Indiana without using the word “unfair” or without discussing what could have been.

In reality, Creek helped the Hoosiers very little on the court after his first year and half with the Hoosiers.┬áIt wasn’t his fault and he did everything he could to contribute, but his body never could hold up long enough for him to make any real impact.

It’s not like he didn’t want it bad enough or didn’t work to have success. If you spent any amount of time around the Indiana campus over the last four years, you likely witnessed Creek’s love for the game of basketball. He regularly carried a ball with him when he walked around campus, and he spent considerable time shooting around at the HPER and SRSC facilities during the team’s offseason.

Creek loves the game. The game just hasn’t always loved him back.

It’s unfortunate, too, considering the talented player we’re talking about. Some people forget how good Creek was as a freshman, when he scored 31 points on a highly-ranked Kentucky team that consisted of a backcourt of John Wall and Eric Bledsoe.

He averaged 16.4 points per game that season, shooting 53 percent from the field and 45 percent from beyond the arc. And that came on a team that won only 10 games.

He was a likely on-and-done talent, maybe two-and-done. He should be playing in his second or third NBA season right now. Instead, he’s trying to find another school where he can use his last year of eligibility and begin working on a graduate degree.

It’s the right decision for both Creek, who wants to get more playing time and for Indiana, but it’s still hard to hear the news of Creek leaving and not feel a little sad.

The guy has been through three terrible basketball injuries during his time in Bloomington, and he just keeps coming back.

Creek’s story is one of perseverance, of never giving up. Even though he was never able to accomplish what he wanted to on the court at Indiana, maybe he succeeded in teaching all of us an important life lesson.

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  • nate91

    Mo Creek will always have a special place in Hoosier fans hearts. Sad to see him go.

  • Kenneth234

    This is truly a sad day in Indiana basketball. Mr. Creek has no doubt had the short side of the draw since that first injury. But if he is deciding to move on to a place where he can utilize his final year of eligibility than I can only wish him the best, and hope that he remains healthy for the duration. I do regret that he had not come to this decision earlier in the season, for no other purpose than to be able to take part in Senior Night with CWAT, Elston, and Hulls where he belonged, and allow the fans to truly show how gracious we all are of his commitment, sacrifice, and determination in the face of adversity that he willingly gave us. So long Mo, and I will not forget what you have demonstrated while wearing the candy striped pants for Hoosier Nation!

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    Feel for everything Creek has gone through, and wish him all the best, but to say he was a ‘one and done, or two and done’ talent is ridiculous. One game does not an NBA player make. Nice player, tough kid, but doubt he would have made it to the big leagues.

  • Its’ a great sad story but no matter what the facts are -negative spin doctors from West Lafayette and other places with sub-par programs will blame our coach for forcing him out.

  • marcusgresham

    ….and when they talk about “having your degree to fall back on,” Mo Creek will forever be the example. So glad he did the classwork along with the rehabs.

  • Thanks, Mo. You’re a class act, a good role model, a good man, and I’m sure you will succeed in life. Student today, Hoosier forever!

  • esapata

    I just saw Elston and Hulls watch Creek play at the HPER last week. Feels weird to be reading this news now. He will be missed.

  • Agree its the best for him and IU. Maybe its just me, but watching him now is kind of painful- it fear his legs are going to snap…Anyway,I hope it goes somewhere and just tears it up!

  • RT1

    Why would anybody say that after Abell left? IU actually has a scholarship to give! I’ve got my eye on some one year grad students…

  • SCHoosier

    Pick the right school..go light’em up. Stay healthy and good luck..u will always be a Hoosier. God bless!

  • Kelin Blab

    Wish Mo all the best……..the most interesting piece of this story is, will Mo have other opportunities at a Division 1 program. I would like to believe if he could provide something to IU next season he would be there…..maybe a mid major will take a chance……

  • anyone else getting suspicious?

  • jaywiz

    Everybody always talks about mo creek as the guy who dropped 31 on UK his freshman year.

    this is a man that should be remembered for his heart, persistence and personality. he is truly an inspiration for anyone going through hard times. sometimes you get a rotten deal, but if you keep your head up and take one step after another you can still succeed and achieve greatness. go mo. you are my favorite iu player of all time.

  • Southport65

    I agree with you totally. If anybody needs some good luck it is Mo, but he is giving up his free education for the unknown. I hope he finds what he wants without anymore pain.

  • HoosierPat

    It’s too bad to see Mo go elsewhere to complete his college career. I was in attendance when he scored 31 his Freshman year. I was there when he scored 29 that year also. And unfortunately I was there to see him be injured for the first time. I wish Mo the best as he moves on from Indiana. I hope he has a successful, healthy season. Thanks, Mo.

  • enickman

    We love ya Mo!

  • Hammer

    It is time! Great kid and my hat is off to Indiana–he did gegt a degree! Time to move on

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    You say there are 2 differing opinions on Creek. Well I would like to meet the person that has a negative opinion of this kid. He was given the short end of the stick by life in his legs. To just look at his legs is nothing short of gut wrenching. His calf’s are almost as big as his thighs which I am sure lead to his injuries and yet he still fought back again and again. He easily goes down as one of my favorite Hoosiers of all time. He C Wat, Hulls, Oladipo and Zeller and the others may not have the label of “the unforgettables” like UK’s 92 team but they are the foundation that built what we are today. Again, anyone that has a negative opinion of this kid can contact me personally and I will set you straight cause you are an idiot

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    Hell yeah Marcus. Right on

  • Brad Norrington

    I think they leave the roster as is for this year. That leaves one spot open for scholarship. So next year Sheehey will leave and I’m going to guess Vonleh and maybe one other. That will give 4 open spots. We need to get Alexander, Lyle, and Blueitt to add to Blackmon. A couple 5 star one year players and 2 players to develop for a couple years. Perfect recipe for success.

  • you tell me, bobby.

  • calbert40

    Anybody else tired of people getting suspicious for little reason?

  • calbert40

    Most people are expecting our ’14 class to be 3 or 4 players, so that’s not out of the question. I think that the three additional players you mentioned are not terribly likely to come to IU, though. I’m not fully convinced that we are still heavily recruiting Alexander. With Lyle and Blueitt there seems to be mutual interest, but I see Lyle at UL and Blueitt at either Butler or UCLA with his old coach.

    I’m thinking Pinson is priority number 1, and it seems as though we are the leader at the turn right now. Probably either us or Duke. Goodluck seems to have us in his top 3 based on his comments. The other being Dante Exum, but there are now rumors that he could reclassify to play this season, and since we have the scholly available, that may be more possible than originally thought. Regardless, lots of good players from which to choose.

  • There’s a bunch of schools near his home that would love to have a seasoned senior from an elite program – Towson, UMBC, American, Coppin St, Moragn St., Howard. Maybe even GW or G Mason.

  • LeeTimmer

    Oh, what could’ve been. {:o(

  • I thought with his experence that he would be an important part of the rotation next yr. CTC most have a better option avalable.

  • Brad Norrington

    Yeah I agree more with the players you listed as well. I like the idea of Alexander and Lyle though. It seems like recruiting has picked back up as of late on both of them. Pinson is probably a lock at this point with how hard he is being recruited. Exum would be amazing if he reclassified. I still think IU has a chance with blueitt though, he wouldn’t give up on 1-2 years of IU recruiting him, plus his old point is there too. Like you said lots of good solid options.

  • bruce038

    He is graduating in may didn’t give up anything

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    I love Mo Creek and after reading many of your posts I would say your first name fits.

  • He did kinda hog a scholarship, but that’s not his fault.

  • Kennesaw State bound.

  • I’m glad Mo is graduating with an Indiana degree, and he’ll enjoy playing on a team where he can be the man again! He wouldn’t get that at Indiana next season, and this is it for him. I don’t blame him one bit for seeking that out after what he has been through! Best of luck!

  • SeattleHoosier

    Maurice remains a model student-athlete for the Hoosiers. His injuries just forced him to attain this stature differently.
    Hope I can continue to watch him.

  • Matty’84

    Help me out as I never heard – did he not want to stay and play at IU?