HD Video: Troy Williams wins MVP at Derby Festival Basketball Classic

  • 04/20/2013 12:08 pm in

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — 2013 Indiana signee Troy Williams scored a game-high 21 points, grabbed five rebounds, dished out four assists and had a block as he won MVP honors at the 2013 Derby Festival Basketball Classic on Friday at Freedom Hall. Williams also was runner-up in the event’s dunk contest.

Inside the Hall has compiled over 20 high-definition clips of the versatile wing from the event, including footage from the dunk contest, in the embedded media player below:

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  • Pritch24

    I hope we get at least three years to watch this kid. Troy is going to be special after some development and work with Je’Ney Jackson.

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    I’m more excited about Williams than I am Vonleh, but can’t wait for both to suit up next year. I see Williams beating out Hollowell for a spot in the starting 5.

  • Can’t wait.

  • notfargj

    this kid is special.

  • Yes – for a while

  • James Foster

    the put-back dunks remind me of victor!!!

  • HoosierFromCT

    This kid will be a stud. Oh yea, and Zeller just crushing Little 5 week. Man I miss college


    Was at the game and before the game I felt like he was gonna provide IU with as much help as anyone one coming in. May not be as tall or as athletic overall as NV but what cannot be overlooked, in the least bit, is that he is gonna provide Crean with just as much flexibility, if not more, than NV will IMHO.

    While watching the game I was thinking to myself that TW was the best overall player to take the court last night. The very knowledgeable coach that I went with then proceeded to tell me that he thought that exact thing. Before the game was over pretty much everyone sitting around me voiced the same thing, and they were not all IU fans, One of them was even a pUKe fan and he had badmouthed pretty much every player throughout the game and quietly told that to his friend where I couldn’t hear it and then his friend loudly exclaimed, ” well duh, anybody that can’t see that #14 (TW”s #) is the best player out of all these guys has to be blind”, when he turned back around I just looked at him, smiled very broadly and winked.

    Luke is not 7 foot. From where I was sitting, which was pretty close, he was pushing it to be 6’11”. IMHO the part of his game that is going to need the most work, not surprisingly, is on the defensive end. Good mechanics on his shot and wasn’t afraid to go to his off hand. He is the kind of player that is going to need a much more structured setting for most people to be able to truly appreciate what he is going to be able to do for IU next year.

    I don’t think that Stan is going to be a player that is going to have gaudy stat numbers but is going to see his share of playing time cause he will play D at a high level, will be the kind of player that doesn’t care to be a pass first type of player and seems to be the kind of player that is more than capable of doing just that but at the same time is someone that can’t be left so open that he can eye the shot for an extra second or two and then take it. Think he will be very capable of getting hot and filling it up from outside on some nights and is someone also capable of taking it to the hole and finishing if the pass isn’t there but the driving angle is.

    DD looked exactly what most of us think he will be, a player that, on most nights, isn’t going to put up big numbers or just dominate a game in any single aspect of it but is going to be good enough at enough things that it will be hard for me to see him playing minutes only after the game has been decided.

    CH seems to be a player that just really wants to wear the Cream & Crimson and if that means that he doesn’t see significant minutes until his junior or senior year than he is OK with that. No one can tell from one year to the next what kind of impact a player is going to make but I just don’t see him making much of an impact until his last year or two. Now having said that there is always a place for kid that has wearing the candy stripes as the most important thing to them and with a kid like that you never know what they will end up providing. Evidently CTC sees something in him and I hope that turns out to be the case.

  • SCHoosier

    any IU coaches in attendance last night?

  • WisconHoosier

    Hartman should watch the video of Michigan’s Nik Stauskus shooting 102 threes in five minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAJl7Tgk97I.

    There is such a need for IU to have a player like this.

  • Guest

    Wow I actually watched the whole 6 min video. Amazing

  • Wow i actually watched the whole 6 minute video. Impressive

  • hoosier1158

    Troy can play the point guard spot??

  • I’d guess just in spots – not for a long period of minutes

  • Uncle Chad

    Thanks for the report Mike!

  • Basketball fan

    I was there and while Troy did look impressive at times, he did seem to be a bit if a ball hog. Jarrell Martin looked like the best prospect on either team an Austin Nichols looked like the most overhyped. It was an all star game so expect players to shine extra bright or fade slightly. Good game though. I’m not shorting Williams but he looked for his shot a little too much to me.


    Thanks, far from professional. Felt like having done some coaching myself and having a person with me that has coached for a long time and that makes a good portion of his living coaching to bounce things off of and swap observations with it made it worth my while to throw our opinions out there.

  • MillaRed

    Seeing how the coach let him bring the ball up as the point often, and the fact it’s an all-star game I wouldn’t worry about the ball hogging too much.

  • chiswede

    Crean needs to start recruiting Seventh Woods, NOW.

  • CreamandCrimson

    If he does, it will be for very brief spots. The important thing for me is that it certainly appears he can be a shooting guard. With a bit of an improvement in his ball handling, I really think he can split time between shooting guard and small forward (Sheehey can do the same) and Tom Crean will have the option to have some very tall/long lineups on the floor that can cause a lot of trouble for opponents’ offenses.