Abell had second thoughts, but decision to leave is final

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Update: A source close to Remy Abell tells Inside the Hall that his decision to transfer is final and that he will not return to IU.

Just five days after it was announced that Remy Abell would leave Indiana and finish his career elsewhere, the junior-to-be is having second thoughts on his decision to transfer.

After speaking with his former high school coach, Jason Couch, The Indianapolis Star reported on Wednesday that Abell was considering staying at Indiana to finish his career and that his mother had met with the coaching staff.

His former high school assistant coach at Eastern High School and mentor, Joe Rogers, confirmed that report to Inside the Hall and provided a little insight into what Abell is currently going through.

“He’s having a tough time making a final decision,” Rogers told Inside the Hall. “The biggest problem is that he’s getting pulled from a lot of different angles. He’s got parents, he’s got friends. Some people say stay, some people say go.”

Playing time was cited as a major reason Abell was leaving Bloomington in the school’s release and Rogers said that it was a factor weighing on the Louisville native beforeĀ announcingĀ his intention to leave.

“He worries about playing time. His confidence really fell low during the season,” Rogers said. “And I think he felt like a change of scenery might help him a little bit.”

In 36 games as a sophomore, Abell averaged 4.0 points, 1.5 rebounds, 0.9 assists in 12.5 minutes per game. He shot 46.5 percent from the field, including 48.5 percent from behind the 3-point line.

With the spring signing period officially underway and IU’s continued pursuit of Jaren Sina, Abell won’t have much time to reach a final decision.

“I told him he’s got to make a decision,” Rogers said. “I said, ‘you’re not being fair with Indiana, you’re not being fair with yourself. You have to be happy, you’re the one.’ It’s him that’s got to be happy.”

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  • q95

    the sad part is this kid had the skills and ability to earn himself a whole lot of playing time next year. especially on a team losing four of their top six players. it now seems he is starting to regret his choice. i hope things work out for him.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    Forget my user name and the fact that i went to his high school many years before him. I just really feel that Remy coulda been used so much more than he was this past year . For the good of team he was a much better match up then some of our other guards . Of course Syracuse was one of them , but there were other losses tha t we were getting beat on the defensive end that Remy might have been the one that got us through it . I’m sorry folks but I Still think coach lost more games for us this year than our players did .I love what CTC has done for IU , and I love that we have him , but he has to get better at ” coaching ” . Remy is a very skilled , talented , athletic , player that is getting it done in the classroom . There’s no way I want any freshman over Remy as a junior . In my opinion it’s another fail for CTC IN 12-13 season .. Hate me if you want.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    GOOD !

  • Ole Man

    Now that was funny!


    Excellent point

  • Ole Man

    And, IMHO, I think you could use this years team as an example of that. Watford and Hulls were not going to let any of the younger players back off of their personal or team commitment.

  • Ole Man

    And, IMHO, I think you could use this years team as an example of that. Watford and Hulls were not going to let any of the younger players back off of their personal or team commitment.

  • Ole Man

    They probably won’t release him to anyone in conference.
    Don’t know, but just guessing as that’s pretty standard.

  • Ole Man

    In case you missed it, Sina committed to Seton Hall.

    Now we really need Remy back.
    But it looks like (from the note above) it’s settled that he won’t be back.
    I swear it’s getting to be like “Days Of our Lives” in Hoosier land.

  • Ole Man

    Always thought that if Remy had come back he would take off next season, much as Oladipo did. Or even moreso, like Sheehey did. The kid had a weird shot, but man when it was fallin’…….

  • CreamandCrimson

    Hate is a strong word….

    Two questions for you, was Remy forced out by Tom Crean (or was it Tom Crean’s fault that Remy is leaving)? If Tom Crean lost more games than our players did last season, did Tom Crean win more games than our players did?

    I’m not coming at you or “hating” on you. I’m just curious.

  • WilliamTellOverture

    well saying this is Crean’s failure is debatable because… Wait, you are from KY and we let you on the site?!? mods! someone get the mods!

  • Remy, you’ll be missed and best of luck to you wherever you end up next

  • calbert40

    Agreed. PT is earned not given unconditionally. I’m not suggesting that Remy was demanding PT, but maybe he wanted more assurances that he’d get PT and CTC was unwilling to guarantee it?? None of us will probably ever know.

    Evidently, the ship has sailed on both he and Sina. I wish them both luck in the future. I like the 13 we have going into next year!

  • calbert40

    Well played! haha.

  • Gunman Jones

    defensively he was light years ahead of Hulls, 3 point shooting almost as good…It could be argued he should have been starting instead of hulls…His confidence would have increased as well as skillset had he gotten a starting nod and think we would be staring at a national championship had he devloped him. Remy can ball, we’ve seen it. We would have beaten Kentucky last year if Crean didn’t take Remy out the last 5 minutes…He shut down Teague and after Roth was put on Teague, well Teague won the game. This is a personality clash between Crean and Remy, I think the team agrees that is why 2 of the members are going pro. I don’t think its just the money I think the players that went pro believe that they can’t learn anymore from or that Crean is making major mistakes that precludes another title. who would pass up on being a national champ? That is unless you don’t believe the coach can get you there.

  • aHoopandaPrayer

    Remy was not one I would have predicted to transfer. There were some that let slip their discontent with playing time, albeit indirectly… never picked up on that from Remy. A few of the videos suggest a lack of rapport between Yogi and Remi. Their personalities couldn’t be more different. With so many graduates/depatures, Remy would have been one of few upperclassmen, with experience, yet still coming off the bench to spell Yogi. I understand his indecision and ultimate desire to start fresh. Onward and upward Remy… we will miss you!

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    I can’t answer the why Remy is leaving , don’t even want to try . But I think it’s a lose – lose situation for Remy and IU . For the win / loss question , my point is that I think coach made some bad decisions , over substituted , under substituted , called bad plays etc in our losses , and quite a few of our close wins . Look coach is part of the team , I see alot of room for improvement , that’s all . I don’t want another coach . I’m just saying I think he cost us some games , and I think he won some games .

  • CreamandCrimson

    Fair enough. There’s no doubt CTC can (and I believe will) improve himself as a coach and lead this program successfully.