An early look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten

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NV006With the spring signing period set to begin tomorrow and several key NBA Draft decisions out of the way, it’s time for our first look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten for the 2013-2014 season.

Illinois (23-13, 8th place, NCAA round of 32)

· Arriving: Kendrick Nunn (ESPNU Top 100), Malcolm Hill (ESPNU Top 100), Austin Colbert, Maverick Morgan, Jaylon Tate, Aaron Cosby (transfer from Seton Hall, eligible in 2014-2015)

· Departing: Brandon Paul (graduation), D.J. Richardson (graduation), Tyler Griffey (graduation), Mike Shaw (transfer), Ibby Djimde (transfer), Devin Langford (transfer)

Notes: The Illini graduate their leading scorer in Paul, but bring in a solid class headlined by a pair of guards from Illinois in Nunn and Hill. Three players who were recruited under Bruce Weber have also left the program via transfer.

Indiana (29-7, 1st place, NCAA Sweet Sixteen)

· Arriving: Noah Vonleh (ESPNU Top 100), Troy Williams (ESPNU Top 100), Stanford Robinson (ESPNU Top 100), Luke Fischer (ESPNU Top 100), Devin Davis, Collin Hartman

· Departing: Christian Watford (graduation), Jordan Hulls (graduation), Derek Elston (graduation), Victor Oladipo (NBA), Cody Zeller (NBA), Remy Abell (transfer)

Notes: The Hoosiers graduate two starters in Hulls and Watford and lose two others to the NBA Draft in Oladipo and Zeller. They also bring in the league’s top recruiting class, headlined by five-star power forward Noah Vonleh.

Iowa (25-13, 6th place, NIT runner-up)

· Arriving: Peter Jok

· Departing: Eric May (graduation)

Notes: Fran McCaffery will have continuity on his side as the Hawkeyes only graduate one player and return a young team that looks poised to make the NCAA Tournament next March.

Michigan State (27-9, 2nd place tie, NCAA Sweet Sixteen)

· Arriving: Gavin Schilling

· Departing: Derrick Nix (graduation)

Notes: The Spartans still have key NBA decisions on the table as Adreian Payne and Gary Harris are both possibilities to declare for June’s draft. If both return, Michigan State is probably a preseason top three team nationally.

041613wsMichigan (31-8, 4th place tie, NCAA runner-up)

· Arriving: Derrick Walton (ESPNU Top 100), Zak Irvin (ESPNU Top 100), Mark Donnal (ESPNU Top 100)

· Departing: Matt Vogrich (graduation), Blake McLimans (graduation), Trey Burke (NBA)

Notes: Like Michigan State, the Wolverines could still have NBA defections on the horizon as decisions loom for Tim Hardaway Jr., Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III. Burke has already declared for the draft and John Beilein has signed a top 15 class with three ESPNU Top 100 recruits.

Minnesota (21-13, 7th place, NCAA round of 32)

· Arriving: None

· Departing: Trevor Mbakwe (graduation), Andre Ingram (graduation), Rodney Williams (graduation), Julian Welch (graduation)

Notes: New coach Richard Pitino will likely be active in the spring signing period as Alex Foster and Alvin Ellis, the school’s two recruits for 2013 under Tubby Smith, are no longer coming to Minneapolis. The losses of Mbakwe and Williams on the frontline are significant.

Nebraska (15-18, 10th place)

· Arriving: Tai Webster, Nick Fuller, Nathan Hawkins, Leslee Smith, Tim Wagner

· Departing: Brandon Ubel (graduation), Dylan Talley (graduation), Andre Almeida

Notes: The Huskers lose two of their top three scorers, but Webster, Fuller and Hawkins could all play heavy minutes next season.

Northwestern (13-19, 11th place)

· Arriving: Nate Taphorn

· Departing: Alex Marcotullio (graduation), Jared Swopshire (graduation), Reggie Hearn (graduation)

Notes: New coach Chris Collins’ first major recruiting task is bringing point guard Jaren Sina, who signed under Bill Carmody and is still considering the Wildcats, back into the fold. With Jershon Cobb (suspended) and Drew Crawford (injury) both returning, Northwestern figures to be very competitive next season.

020812yeOhio State (29-8, 2nd place tie, NCAA Elite Eight)

· Arriving: Kameron Williams (ESPNU Top 100), Marc Loving (ESPNU Top 100)

· Departing: Evan Ravenel (graduation), Deshaun Thomas (NBA)

Notes: The loss of Thomas is significant and Ravenel is a depth loss on the front line, but Thad Matta adds two ESPNU Top 100 recruits to a solid returning nucleus.

Penn State (10-21, 12th place)

· Arriving: Geno Thorpe, Graham Woodward, Julian Moore, Payton Banks

· Departing: Nick Colella (graduation), Sasa Borovnjak (graduation), Patrick Ackerman (transfer), Akosa Maduegbunam (transfer)

Notes: Moore should give the Nittany Lions some much needed size up front and the return of Tim Frazier should make Penn State much more formidable next winter.

Purdue (16-18, 9th place, CBI)

· Arriving: Kendall Stephens (ESPNU Top 100), Bryson Scott, Basil Smotherman

· Departing: D.J. Byrd (graduation), Anthony Johnson (transfer), Sandi Marcius (transfer), Jacob Lawson (transfer)

Notes: The Boilermakers have announced three transfers over the past week, but none of the three are major losses. Meanwhile, Stephens and Scott will give Matt Painter a wider array of options in the backcourt to go with Terone and Ronnie Johnson.

Wisconsin (23-12, 4th place tie, NCAA Tournament)

· Arriving: Nigel Hayes (ESPNU Top 100), Bronson Koenig, Riley Dearring, Jordan Hill, Vitto Brown

· Departing: Jared Berggren (graduation), Mike Bruesewitz (graduation), Ryan Evans (graduation)

Notes: The Badgers lose a ton of front line experience, but add a capable frontline scorer in Hayes and a very good guard in Koenig. Josh Gasser will also be back in the fold following a knee injury.

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  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Oh my check out Minnesota. Ouch…..

  • WhatsUpKnight

    glad to see wiscy’s losing their top hoosier killers. would love to have beaten them once, but more than glad to tip my cap, call them my daddy, and bid them farewell as they fly out to turkey to begin their pro careers.

  • Pitino has his work cut out for him that’s for sure

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I’m gonna assume everyone that hasn’t declared yet, won’t (even though I think Payne and THJ will).
    1. Michigan State
    2. Ohio State
    3. Michigan
    4. Indiana
    5. Wisconsin
    6. Iowa
    7. Purdue
    8. Northwestern
    9. Illinois
    10. Minnesota
    11. Penn State
    12. Nebraska

    Illinois’s losses are too much to overcome the first year. Wisconsin will find a way. Michigan has reloaded really well with the 3 guys they brought in.

  • Daren Collentine

    I thought Craft graduated from OSU. Was he just a junior?

  • calbert40

    It feels like he’s been there forever, doesn’t it? Actually, I think Randy Ayers first recruited him!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    i think we’ll see several more declare before it’s all over, with scUM being dealt the biggest blow. a hoosier fan can hope, anyway.

  • Joe B

    Solid rankins.. I do think that Iowa will be the team in the B10 to shake everything up. They could either be really good and go as high as 3.. or be average once more and finish 6-8. IU is such an uncertainty at this time. Really hope the freshmen learn the ropes by time B10 season roll around, or else 2-4 could turn into 6-8..

  • marcusgresham

    It’s going to hurt for a year or so, but this guy can recruit. I’ll be interested to see how this affects Tyus Jones in 2014.

  • shknqk

    After all the gnashing of teeth and handwringing following the remy transfer I appreciate how this demonstrates how many transfers there are. In fact, its more rare it seems to not have transfers. Couple that with the Go Pro dynamics at top programs and you get really dynamic team situations. I wouldn’t want to deal with it and that tempers my criticisms or player personnel moves bc the forces at work are complex to say the least.

  • calbert40

    My very slightly educated first impressions/opinions.

    Illinois – down from last season. Their incoming class is good, but I doubt they makeup for the losses of Paul, Richardson and Griffey. Could be a rough year.

    Iowa – improved. Not much will change, but sometimes that is good. They were just a couple of buckets away from beating IU, MSU twice, UM, etc. I’m with Dakich…watch out!

    MSU – depends on what Harris and Payne do. If they stay, B1G champs, imo. If one or both leaves, drop them to the 3rd or 4th spot.

    UM – losing the NPOY would hurt any team, but if Hardaway, GROB3 and McGary all stay, this will be a really good team that will compete for the B1G title again.

    Minnesota – Good luck, Coach Pitino! The Hollins boys will still be around, so they won’t be awful, but it is going to be a long year in Minneapolis.

    Nebraska – I think Coach Miles is starting to improve this roster, but losing Ubel and Talley could hurt them. Expect them 10th or lower.

    Northwestern – Getting Crawford and Cobb back may negate the losses, but I still think they are 10th or lower for another season. It’ll be interesting to see how Collins recruits there in the future. They need to land Sina!

    OSU – Along with MSU and UM, probably the other favorite in the B1G. However, it will be interesting to see how they replace Thomas’s 20+ ppg.

    PSU – Don’t laugh, but they may have one of the best backcourts in the B1G. Frazier, Newbill and Marshall. That’s tough. If they can get anything out of the front court, they may be better than expected.

    Purdue – I think they will be bad for one more year. If (big if) Hammons stops taking plays (or games) off, they could be better, but I’m not convinced he will.

    Wisky – You heard it here first…they will NOT be in the Top 4 in the B1G next season. Too many losses and not enough to fill in. Still a tough team, but not enough talent to finish in the Top 4.

  • calbert40

    Assuming that everyone has declared or transferred at this point in time:

    1. MSU
    2. UM
    3. OSU
    4. IU
    5. Iowa
    6. Wisky
    7. Illinois
    8. Penn State
    9. Purdue
    10. Minnesota
    11. Northwestern
    12. Nebraska

    Tier 1 (title contenders):

    MSU, UM

    Tier 2 (good teams. Will beat up on one another and maybe steal a home game away from Tier 1):

    OSU, IU, Iowa, Wisky

    Tier 3 (solid teams, but less talent than Tier 2):
    Illinois, Penn State, Purdue

    Tier 4 (poor teams. Will be lucky to beat anyone above them)
    Minnesota, NW, Nebraska

  • HoosierTrav

    I think its going to be too late with Jones. He will end up at Duke with Jahlil Okafor. They have made it damn near 100 percent clear that they want to play together.

  • HoosierTrav

    Bronson Koenig is one of the better point guards i’ve watched. I personally guarantee you that he is going to be a stud. Bucky will be damn good in two years.

  • calbert40

    Yours are similar to mine, but I think everyone sleeps on PSU at their own risk. Frazier, Newbill and Marshall is a really, really good backcourt. I know their front line is weak, but if they have one guy step up down there…look out.

  • CreamandCrimson

    They’re damn good pretty much every year.

  • Yes, he was only a junior.

  • Daburns0

    I’m not sold on OSU with out Thomas. They had a lot of good role players, but I don’t think anyone returning is a “take over” kind of player. I think NW is a little high. There are going to be a lot of unknowns this year. We should have the best Freshmen, so I like IU to be better down the stretch.

  • unclekerfuffle

    True–Like Jolbert and Cardinal, it seems like we have been playing against him for the last six or seven seasons.

  • Benhyoung14

    Gary Harris, Adrienne Payne, and Tim Hardaway Jr……I’m going to need you to declare for the NBA draft. That’d be great.

  • Katie M.

    Do Maryland and Rutgers join the B1G this year? If so, look for Maryland to be in the Tier 2-3 area. I would put Rutgers in the Tier 4 category, but (as with Maryland) recruiting from the Midwest may strengthen them significantly.

  • Guest

    and McGary and GR3 would be nice too

  • Sallad

    Where’s Almeida from Nebraska off to? The NBA, I’m assuming. Definitely going to miss that guy.

  • Andrew

    Nope. 2014-15 season.

  • SCHoosier

    Two points 1) Iowa..if their 7ft soph center develops..they will be very good 2) Never underestimate Bo Ryan…hate him & his style..but don’t underestimate him. They will be small..but good and have one of the best players in the league in Deckker.

  • calbert40

    I agree. Woodbury needs to beef up a little, but if he does, their starting 5 is pretty tough with him, Basabe, Marble, White and Gesell. If they can improve their depth 6-8, they will be good next year.

    I know, I know…Wisky is always good. It seems like every year we underestimate them, and then we lose twice to them and they finish in the top 4 in the B1G. But I really think the loss of Evans, Bergerren and Bruesewitz will be a lot to overcome. Yes, they will have Dekker and Gasser back, so you know they will be decent, but they were a last second, half court bomb away from finishing 5th this season.

    One of these days the HAVE to have a bad year, right? Right?!?!

  • Both of those teams will be cellar dwellers beginning in ’14. Too many well coached power teams in B1G

  • Hardwood83

    Can’t argue with that analysis- but I do not believe all the defections are finished. I will be VERY surprised if MSU & UM don’t lose at least one more each.

  • Hardwood83

    Managing a Golden Corral is what I heard.

  • Agreed, I also think MSU will lose Harris I’m trying to decide if it would be less work to list the dog on Craig’s list or bury her

  • Oops- stupid paste

  • marcusgresham

    Oh, he’s headed to Golden Corral. I don’t know if he’s going to work there, but he’s headed there.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    craigs list is the way to go

  • Big_Shot_C_Wat

    I think the Illini have a drake transfer on the squad next year. I think his name is Rice.

  • The rats are jumping off that sinking Purdue ship pretty fast!

  • SCHoosier

    One can only hope…as long as they lose two games (don’t have to tell you which ones) I wish them well:)

  • Benhyoung14

    Almost forgot about McGary. Only way he goes is if his NCAA tourney play goes to his head. Don’t think GR3 will be going.

  • calbert40

    I’d love it if you were right, but I’m not so certain. I think McGary is the most likely of the usual suspects to jump. I think it is about 50/50 for Payne and Harris. I think that Hardaway and Robinson III both stay in school. That team will be Hardaway’s next year, and it will give him the opportunity to show how good he is and improve his future draft status.

  • calbert40

    I stand corrected. Yahoo Sports is saying that Hardaway is leaving. That will take UM down a peg.