Oladipo declares for NBA Draft; Zeller next?

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040913wsIt was the right decision, and it came as little surprise. But nevertheless, Indiana’s Victor Oladipo officially announced on Tuesday afternoon that he will forgo his senior season and enter the 2013 NBA Draft on June 27.

“I swayed back and forth, especially throughout the season,” Oladipo said at a press conference on the Assembly Hall floor. “I just felt like this is what was best for my family.

“I’ll always be a Hoosier until the day I die.”

Oladipo, a first team All-American, is projected to be a lottery pick by nearly every NBA draft expert, and is currently No. 5 in Chad Ford’s latest mock draft for ESPN. He will graduate with a bachelor’s degree on May 4, his 21st birthday.

“I truly support what he’s doing,” said Indiana coach Tom Crean. “There’s no question that he’s got the physical abilities, the mental capacity, maturity and focus, the emotional well being and spiritual background to go put himself in the position to take this next step.”

There’s no doubt the Hoosiers take a hit because of Oladipo’s decision. He, along with Cody Zeller, played a large role in helping Indiana return to the elite level. It will be impossible to replace him on next year’s team.

But what should not be lost in all of this is the way in which Oladipo accomplished what he did. He did it the right way. He came in as an under-recruited athlete, worked tirelessly, became a basketball player, grew into a leader, earned his degree, and then left.

Over the years, college basketball seems to have gone in the wrong direction. But in almost every way, Oladipo represents what is still right about the college game.

“Wherever Victor goes, there won’t be a part of the team that isn’t excited that he’s there,” Crean said. “We’ve all been privileged to see what kind of personality and resolve that he has, and how he treats people, how he is as a person. Whatever team he’s on, they’ll look back and they won’t even have any idea how great of a future player they’re picking, but more importantly how great of a citizen they’re bringing into their city, their community, their state.”

Oladipo will participate in the NBA Draft combine on May 16 and 17 in Chicago. He has not yet signed with an agent, but Crean said he will the process of selecting one will start to speed up now that he has declared.

The Indianapolis Star reported on Tuesday afternoon that Zeller will announce his decision on Wednesday, but that has not yet been confirmed. Oladipo told reporters on Tuesday that he did not know Zeller’s decision.

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  • Best of luck to Vic! Thanks for all you did @ IU!

  • bazaroworld

    One of my great pleasures in life is watching a great athlete basketball player play the game and there are few I will go out of my way to watch as much as I can, like M. Jordan and Lebron. Victor is one also. I can liken it to marvelling of a very beautiful woman. They are both rare and are, in my life, like rare pieces of art are to others. Like the others mentioned, his play is a thing of beauty. IU will miss him next year but it will be just another year for IU with great hope and expectations. But I will miss watching an exceptional athlete perform as in VO at IU next year. I am not an NBA fan. I am an IU fan and a fan of VO and his talents from his first game at IU (when many were constantly criticizing). He’s got talent, he is rare, he is a great person and I hope he gets everything he has ever hoped for and worked hard for. Good luck young man on your new journey. We will see you again.

  • Miamihoosier

    I will be a new fan of the NBA team that selects Vic. That being said, I reeeeally hope Cody comes back! With Big Z, we don’t experience a drop off at all, we might actually be better, and oh what it would do for Luke Fischer’s career!

  • Only nine of the 31 for Wyatt were against Oladipo.

  • marcusgresham

    Remember reading that story about Vic meeting Dwyane Wade? About how he was impressed with what Wade had to say about Crean? About how that connection played a part in his signing? Well, there are little kids out there right now who are going to grow up wanting “to play for the guy who coached Victor Oladipo.”
    The even better part about that is that he’ll be every bit the ambassador for them that Wayne was for him.

  • Miamihoosier

    The thing about your comment Mike, is that pretty much every NBA scout, and loads of former and current players and coaches disagree with you….so if we are talking about a player in the game those folks are the experts in, I think it would make sense to ask yourself what do they all see that you do not……

  • jmac

    Go away troll! You add nothing. Your just a jealous hater!

  • Williams98

    Hate 2 c him go. Loved watching him play 4 the Cream & Crimson 4 three years. Wish u nothing but the best Vic. – Always a Hoosier, I love that.

  • Provider_UNE

    I am typing this comment with a cloud of tears in my eyes mingled with Joy and Sadness, Joy for Victor’s future success, and the selfish sadness of my/our loss (never again to see the dude in IU gear, and I knew it was coming, but that doesn’t really blunt the fact that I will miss the hell out of that dude.)

    He made the right decision to be sure and like every former IU player who has made it to the “Show” I will endeavor to follow his every move. He has taken the place previously held by Robert Vaden, Aj Moye, Jeff Newton, Charlie Miller, Brian Evans, Greg Graham, and the list goes on of favorite players. Maybe it would be better to put it this way, he has joined my personal Pantheon of guys that might not have been the best and some that were but were class acts on and off the court.

    It should be obvious to just about any on the board that some of these were not the best players on their teams, but i tend to favor underdogs and people who rise to the occasion when faced with adversity. I also happen to be one of those apostates that still considers Funderburke worthy of recognition as a Hoosier as well as Jason Collier, and other departed ( not in the dearly sense thought that is the case with Jason, but in the played 6 games, two seasons [Ricky Calloway, Luke Recker} names escape me at the moment.

    In any event, best of luck Vic and Much love. The only time I met Charlie Miller was after his senior season had concluded. I had to run down two flights of stairs and across a park to catch up with him because I wanted to thank him for coming to Indiana and let him know how much I appreciated that he was also a decent human being. His first concern was my lack of breath, once I caught it back and said my piece he thanked me and gave me a man’s genuine handshake, a class act.

    Chris Reynolds

    Also, too, one of my favorites, that possibility of an 18-0 big ten season might have died at Penn State if not for him(while it occurs to me that officiating adjustments that we have come to know and love* might have been sparked by the play in question), or Graham knocking down those three free throws. Henderson goes down with an injury, Graham steps up to fill the void, and we finish 17-1, losing I think to ohio state in Columbus or Minnesota (not gonna look it up lest it bring devastating memories back to life, and I’m sure a better memory will follow up.)

    In the end, I have not witnessed a more dynamic player at this University since IsiahT. I will miss you Victor, and best of luck.

  • Youre entitled to your opinion. Youre not a scout or gm or nba owner so your opinion is… i agree cz WAS overrated preseason but not now. Consensus national poy. Finished year 2nd team b1g. I dont think 2nd team conference is overrated… unless you think there are more than 10 players better than him in b1g

  • iuoiu

    His impact on games go so far beyond the stats you cite. One is deflections – 12.2 per game according to TC, equaling Wade. He routinely shut down the biggest threats game in and game out, he was IU’s one man havoc (Shaka would have LOVED this kid). On offense, how many guys could crank out threes at his efficiency and still have top-tier ability to drive and finish like him? Plain and simple – he was the best, most impactful player on a great team. Now go home..

  • Beard

    Watching defense in the backcourt will never be the same without you dipo, best of luck to you in all that you do, my prayers are with you.

  • BlakeD1223

    I have a few comments I want to make about your comment but it’s really just not worth my time. Go away troll.

  • skotchie

    I get it “your stock will never be higher” “get the money while you can” “what if there is an injury”. I just feel like there is unfinished business at the college level for Vic and IU basketball. Yep I have selfish motives, I own that. It’s a shame you can be a star (household name) in college and never make a dime even though your institution profits by millions off of you. You go to the NBA to make millions and unless your one of the top 7 players in the league you’re just another dude!
    Ok got it off my chest, love you Victor thank you for everything, wish you the best in the future, I will miss you.

  • He did something that most Kentucky players don’t do….earn a degree! Hats off to Victor, you did it the right way, best of luck in the NBA!!

  • SCHoosier

    VO will be a bit of an oddity in the NBA..a player who will bring his best D every night (and not wait for the playoffs). Of course he’ll h ave work to do facing the best b-ball athletes in the world every night..but I’m glad he;s earned the chance. Second thing he will bring to the NBA is character and class (see CBS’s Goodman’s tweet). Often in the pro’s those attributes are hard to come by. He will be a great community asset for whatever team that drafts him.

  • HoosierFromCT

    So you watched 2 games all year? Sounds about right with your assessment of VO.


    Great point ! Big upvote given.


    Don’t know what rewards he will end up reaping at the next level, but I do know this, he is more than deserving of all of them….and more. Seems so lazy and incomplete to just say thank you and I appreciate everything you did, but rather than launch into some kind of long drawn out thank you note I’ll go with, a lot of the time, the best things in life are the simplest ones. Will never forget you sir !

  • Dennis

    Good post, Provider. I was at that Penn State game 20 years ago and it was one of the most incredible games I’ve ever attended. Electric atmosphere and the students were all standing right down on the court line, which I remember at the time surprised me that it was even allowed. Still watch it on ESPN Classic every chance I get when it comes on. And yes, it was @ Ohio State a couple weeks later that had our only B1G loss that year.

    And best of luck to VO. I met one of his old high school teachers a couple weeks ago up in DC at the Syracuse-Marquette game, and he told me VIctor was the best geometry student he ever had there, and he taught there for over 25 years and was an assistant basketball coach for some years. Was impressed that he spoke about him first as an outstanding student before we got into his athletic potential as a high school player.

  • Provider_UNE

    Thanks Dennis for the kind words. I can not imagine what it would have been like to be at that Penn State game in person and regarding the student section being inches from the court, that was Insane!