• Congrats Victor, you’ve earned it! I look forward to following you in the NBA!

  • Congrats Victor, you’ve earned it! I look forward to following you in the NBA!

  • Jakedipo

    I think CZ shold stay one more year. Then if IU is even close to being as good as this year’s team without Watford, Hulls, Elston and Oladipo, all the doubters will have to admit how awesome Cody really is, and NBA scouts will drool over him. Best of luck Oladipo… I miss you already!!

  • Frangipani

    Best of luck to you Vic. It’s been a pleasure watching you represent IU these past 3 years. You are going to be missed!

  • BluegrassHoosier

    Congrats to Victor. Well earned. Hope he becomes an NBA All-Star.

    I wish IU would adopt the approach Louisville takes with early departures – let guys like VO go through Senior Day ceremonies. His speech would have been a classic, and he and his family could have received the praise they deserved.

  • Ole Man

    The real NBA scouts are still drooling over Cody.
    He and Vic did not want to “upstage” one another; thus the separate news conferences.


    Mr. Victor Oladipo: The poster child for everything that is NOT wrong with college basketball and all the good it can do for a person if they truly want it. If he can get me to now watch some NBA games than the impact he will have on viewership is worthy of the NBA exec’s of writing him a check for that alone ! I foresee him being a dream come true for company exec’s wanting a professional athlete to endorse their product, much in the same way that Peyton Manning is, instantly likable, well spoken, easy to work with and maybe most importantly of all is they don’t have worry that he is going to end up in the news for all the wrong reasons. Hope, and think you will, make a ton of money Vic, you’ve earned it !