NBA Draft decisions looming for Oladipo and Zeller

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040713asdIndiana fans will soon learn the status of All-Americans Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo as it pertains to the 2013 NBA Draft.

Both players are projected as lottery picks in mock drafts and according to multiple reports, will announce their intentions for next season this coming week.

The NCAA’s deadline to withdraw from the draft is April 16, but the NBA’s deadline to enter is April 28, which means the NCAA date is only relevant for those who declare and then wish to withdraw and retain their eligibility.

In an interview on Saturday with Bob Kravitz of The Indianapolis Star, IU coach Tom Crean said that both players have put in paperwork with the NBA’s undergraduate advisory committee to receive feedback on their draft status.

The deadline for receiving a response from the undergraduate advisory committee is April 15, one day before the NCAA deadline to withdraw from the draft.

Projections for both players continue to vary, but every major projection has both in the lottery, which includes the top 13 picks.

First round picks receive a guaranteed three-year contract with a team option for a fourth season. Compensation for rookies in the 2012-2013 NBA season ranged from $4.28 million for the No. 1 pick to $2.55 million for the No. 6 pick to $1.59 million for the No. 13 pick.


In the immediate aftermath of Indiana’s Sweet Sixteen loss to Syracuse on March 28, neither player was prepared talk about the draft.

“I have no clue. I don’t know how it goes, I don’t know what happens from here,” Zeller said. “I was putting everything into this team, this tournament. I haven’t thought about it at all.”

“I haven’t even been thinking about that,” Oladipo said of his future. “I’m just really disappointed about the loss because we wanted to go all the way. I haven’t really been thinking about my future at all, just been in the present.”

In an interview with 92.9 The Game in Atlanta on Saturday, Oladipo said his decision-making process is still ongoing.

“I’m just trying to evaluate everything. The ins and outs of everything and whether it’s best for me to stay or leave,” he said. “I’m going to sit down with Coach Crean and talk to him about it and talk to the whole coaching staff about it and eventually make my decision.”

In its most recent update of who’s in and who’s out for the draft, lists Oladipo as a player who has “one foot in the door” to declare and Zeller as “50/50” to declare.

Oladipo averaged 13.6 points, 6.4 rebounds and 2.2 steals per game and shot 59.9 percent as a junior and was the first IU player to be named a first team Associated Press All-American since A.J. Guyton in 2000. He was also The Sporting News national player of the year.

Zeller was a second team AP All-American and averaged 16.5 points, 8.0 rebounds and 1.3 blocks and shot 56.2 percent from the field as a sophomore.

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  • jermhoosierfan

    My heart wants them to stay, but my gut says that Oladipo is gone with Cody staying to develop that outside shot more. You never know until they actually declare one way or another.

  • Wow! –what an opportunity for CZ and VO if they stay.

  • they’re both gone.

  • CutterInChicago

    As a fan, I’d love for them to stay. However, I think the reality is they are both leaving (and I cannot blame them and wouldn’t begrudge them that choice at all). I still think there is a slim shot that Cody might come back, which would be great but I think its “brave new world time” for IU in 2013-2014. I thank them both for the memories and for their part in turning things around.

  • “His style of playing low to the ground makes him susceptible against length and athleticism, and he struggled against it all year.”

    This is ITH’s own quote about Cody Zeller. If I may be so bold, any player who struggles with the “length and athleticism” they face in college ball is going to get killed in the NBA, which is, of course, wall-to-wall length and athleticism. Every GM and scout quoted in a recent article in the Indy Star said that Cody would be well served to return for another year of development at IU. All that said, if I were him, I would take the money and run. No guarantee another year in college will actually IMPROVE his draft stock. The last few weeks of this season actually HURT it. Plus, he might not rate as highly in a much stronger draft class next year.

  • you’re a negative Norman, Bruh.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    I think Cody is gone as well why else would there be an announcement except to say thank you to the fans and to say goodbye.

  • iuoiu

    He does not have to be 100% ready, and he obviously is not. Most kids are not prepared to make the jump, but the NBA is forgiving and is glad to let kids sit a few years before contributing. So my hunch is Cody is 60% gone. It would be 100% but he can really make strides with another year at IU. We’ve talked about the skills he can further develop, but I think the biggest thing is changing his mentality. His personality is not one of a low post grinder, instead taking the thinking mans approach and finding ways to foul the best guys from the other team out of the game. This worked a ton during the regular season but once the refs swallowed the whistles like the did in our tourney games he just got abused. He needs that plan B – “if they are not calling them then I guess it’s time to smash face” plan. Mitch is showing that mentality for Michigan right now and man is it paying off.

  • Nothing negative about being a millionaire. I will wish Cody luck if he goes.

  • He had an announcement last year.

  • Mel Piepho

    Cody did not shoot much from the outside this last,although there was one game where he did and was successful. With all of the other good shooters on the team, it wasnot critical that he shoot from outside, but it would have helped in tourneys. If he comes back next year, he can definitely shoot a lot more, and an outside shoot will help his drives to basket. He could really put up some great numbers next, in addition to getting stronger, mature and showing more leadership. He would have a chance to go up in draft..1-4′ making even more money and getting his degree. He should stay.

  • IUCannon

    No he’s just being honest and not letting a bias view point get in the way.

  • Andrew

    So what you’re saying is, we need to start popping soma tablets on the reg. Probably not a bad idea.

  • I think VO is a foregone choice to leave. His stock is rising, and his athleticism and potential right now is to kill for with some developing teams. Not to mention his ridiculous work ethic will come in handy too. Cody, although he’s got a lot of work to do, can still make his mark in the league. That’s my honest perception. I would hate to see him turn into a Jared Jeffries type player, but I think he’s got the tools and upside. I hope they both stay. I believe Cody is the one we have a realistic shot at getting to stay though. It’s going to be a nerve wracking week for all of us leading up to their announcements I believe.

  • nate91

    Im going to take the fact that they are announcing before the NCAA’s deadline as a positive sign for them coming back. I know it is unlikely but I am holding out hope until the last moment.

  • Hardwood83

    I’ll make this easy for them- Vic, you should go. Unlikely you’ll improve your stock by returning. You have improved immensely, helped the program and graduated. Time to go with our thanks.

    Cody, you need to return for another season. You improved marginally over last season but have more to do. Also you will have your degree next season so that goal remains accomplished. Finally, the team could still use your presence for another year before turning over the keys to the younger guys.

    Now the pressure is off, I’ve solved it for you both!

  • I guess when their decisions are made we will know how bad they wanted to “go all the way” If they return you can bet we will make the Final Four next year to say the least.

  • I think they both need to return and finish the job they started, and achieve the goals they set for themselves, hanging banner #6. Nobody can truthfully say that either one of these guys can’t raise their stock by playing another year! Ask Larry Bird, of Michael Jordan that question? Come on back guys and finsh the job!

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    VO is way gone, i would be shocked if he came back. and CZ well not sure about him, Hanner go to the GYM

  • IUFAN87

    Defiantly would be a talented team but we still need a lot of improvement from the freshman/Sophomores, HP and JH, to be at the top of the Big even with them returning

  • stillstoned2011

    It seems strange that IU gave out 6 scholarships if these two are staying. It just doesn’t make any sense and three guys are going to have to go.

  • HoosierTrav

    I think asking Victor to come back is unfair. He won’t improve his draft stock with the frosh coming in next year. It would be foolish for him to pass up this years draft. I’m by no means saying he can’t improve as a player with an additional season, but there are some special special talents in the 2013 class. Probably one of the deepest classes top to bottom in a long time. If the NBA draft’s trend of drafting on potential continues, then Vic falls out of the top 10 and throws away A LOT of money. If he was my son, I’d advise him to pack up and say adios to B-Town. He will have a degree and have accomplished so much in getting us back to a national contender. Thanks Vic and represent HoosierNation well in the pro ranks.

  • HoosierTrav

    We can hope but as we seen this year, nothing is a given. One bad night or one bad stretch and see ya.


    Why would Olidipo stay? He’ll never be higher in the NBA Draft and even if he waited, he would be giving up a ‘million’ or two at least. Zeller would also be giving up ‘millions’ by staying but might improve his draft status to make up for those millions (and also maybe not). The problem with staying is that IU is not going to be as good/talented next year so there’s no NCAA Championship on the horizon. I hope Zeller stays but an intelligent/business decision would be to go.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    In terms of talent, I’d say our incoming class (with Vonleh) is more talented than our graduating seniors. Hulls was almost non-existent in March (love the guy). Replacing Watford with Vonleh loses shooting, but we improve on the boards, defense, and athleticism. We lose shooting from Hulls, but maybe we replace Hulls with an improved Remy, or a surprise Stan Robinson. If Cody and Vic stay, I think next years team might be better.

  • HoosierFromCt

    How many players are actually “ready” for the NBA when they get drafted? Maybe 3 or 4 a year, probably less. I can make an endless list of top 10 picks who weren’t truly “ready” their rookie year. The NBA drafts based on potential. Cody should leave.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    I think they both go. Next year’s draft class is so much deeper than this years.

    By the way, what’s the difference between “one foot in the door” and “50/50?? I gathr that they mean Vic is more likely to go, but really, the two mean the same thing. I think the most accurate thing for ESPN to say would be: “We don’t have a clue, but here are some guesses”

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Agree on that. Also, I don;t get this concept that staying on college is the best way to improve your game.

    The NBA has more coaches, fewer restrictions on practice time, a longer season, and none of the “distractions” of college (class, mainly). From a pure player improvement POV, going through a season of NBA practices, even if you never see the court, is far superior to a season in college.

    Just ask yourself this: Would it be easier for Cody to score in practice with his low-to -the-ground, sloppy footwork game at IU, or with the Cavaliers/Hornets/Blazers/Etc.?

    I want Cody to stay, but for purely selfish reasons (I want IU to be good). If you think he has a better chance to improve his game in college than the NBA, you’re fooling yourself.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Please, can we stop with whether a player is “ready” for the NBA?

    The draft is a speculative excercise based on potential. Period.

  • Wow! What an opportunity to be a lottery pick in the NBA draft. This years draft is weak compared to next year. VO is gone, CZ likely gone as well.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    I don’t think you can blame anyone for going for that kind of money.

    And there is no way to predict that we will make the final four next year with them. Too many variables involved.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Cody has 2 older brothers that understand that the NBA is completely different than life in college. Cody can go and make a lot of money next year and exist in anonymity, or he can return and be worshipped on the IU campus for another year. I bet older brothers tell him to return for 1 more year. A year in Bloomington is worth a million or so anyway!


    Olidepo has to go, Zeller will go but he should really stay, he needs to get stronger and work on his inside game!!

  • Ole Man

    Don’t know how much he improves next year if he stays.
    Everyone says he will on these boards.
    But I’m sure CTC is advising him much better than we can.

  • Ole Man

    I wish I agreed with you, but I’ve seen some pretty nasty comments about Cody on these boards.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Most on these boards don’t know what they are talking about and most certainly these anti Cody commenters aren’t IU students. He is worshipped on campus.

  • I can remember when the players would play for four years graduate and then go to the pros. College is a NBA farm club.