Glass on IU season: “It was absolutely a success”

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021412aWhen Indiana lost in last Thursday’s Sweet Sixteen game against Syracuse, the naysayers came back out in full force. Many commenters and some national voices criticized the way IU’s season ended after the Hoosiers failed to advance farther than a season ago.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass hears all that chatter. He spent a good portion of his interview with Inside the Hall on Thursday night talking about the things that have been said and defending Tom Crean, even when he wasn’t asked to do so.

“He won the Big Ten title by beating Michigan twice and Michigan State twice,” Glass said. “Tom Crean coached the heck out of that game at Michigan, including a great coaching job down the stretch. We exorcised a lot of demons for people who said we couldn’t win on the road, Cody [Zeller] wasn’t the go-to guy, this or that. And I thought we established Victor Oladipo as the Big Ten Player of the Year. Trey Burke’s a great player, but I thought Victor sealed being the Big Ten Player of the Year, and I sure as heck thought Tom Crean sealed being Big Ten Coach of the Year. Great respect for Bo Ryan, but I thought that win sealed Tom winning that. But you control what you can control.”

In some ways, the Hoosiers underperformed in the NCAA Tournament. They were a No. 1 seed, after all, making them the favorites to make this weekend’s Final Four in Atlanta. They missed open shots. They struggled to attack the zone. They couldn’t stop Michael Carter-Williams.

But in other ways, they ran into one of the nation’s hottest teams. Look at what Syracuse did to Marquette in the Elite Eight (and the Golden Eagles should be used to that zone).

Either way, there’s no denying the fact Indiana accomplished a great deal this season. The year may have ended early than expected, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good one.

“I think it was absolutely a success,” Glass said. “Everybody was hoping that we’d get a sixth banner this year so that was disappointing, but the season I think was very, very positive, very successful. I’m really proud of the guys and what they were able to accomplish.”

Indiana hadn’t won an outright Big Ten championship since 1993, and the Hoosiers accomplished that feat in the most dramatic of fashions in Ann Arbor last month. Indiana won’t be hanging the banner it most wanted to, but it still has one championship to remember the 2012-13 season by.

“It was extremely emotional for me,” Glass said of the title-clinching game. “I was there with my wife and my youngest son, and the emotions were just waving over me. I felt like at the time that we had taken care of a lot of business. Probably not a great analogy, but it kind of reminded me of The Godfather at the christening when a lot of family business got taken care of all at one time.”

Now, the Hoosiers must move on, without seniors Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston and Christian Watford, and potentially without Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller.

“These are smart guys surrounded by smart people,” Glass said of Oladipo and Zeller. “The Zeller family has been to this rodeo before. I hope they stay because I’m a fan. I hope they stay because college is a precious time, you can’t go back. I’ve gone back as close as I can. I’m biased and I want them to come back, but I want them to do the best thing for themselves.

“I hope they stay, I’ll understand if they go, and I appreciate everything they’ve done for Indiana.”

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  • calbert40

    No argument here. We did not play well against SU. The question at hand is if not playing up to your potential on a Thursday night in the Sweet 16 means you didn’t play to your potential for the entire season. I don’t think it does. Therefore, despite the disappointing ending, I still find this season to be a success.

  • calbert40

    I would argue that they CAN be the result of poor preparation, but that doesn’t mean that they always show poor preparation. For all we know, the team was mentally focused, the staff had the well-prepared and the gameplan was solid.

    Shooting poorly and turning the ball over doesn’t equate to poor preparation every time. Yes, I will concede that it CAN illustrate that, but I don’t believe that is an accurate measure of our performance against SU.

    I played ball at a small school. We weren’t very good. My friend on the team was POY in our conference despite our team being pretty lousy. Many nights, he’d score 20, have 5 rebs and 6 assists (PG). Some nights, since he was obviously our best player, the other team would completely lock him up and he’d have a line like 8-2-1 and shoot 20 percent from the floor. It wasn’t because he wasn’t focused or our coaching staff didn’t help him prepare well for the game. It was because he had an off night, or the the opponent was a tough match-up.

    I just saw that game as evidence we didn’t play well. I think if we played SU 10 times, we probably beat them 3 or 4 times tops. That games wasn’t one of them. Just a tough team for us.

  • Jersey Hoosier

    My standard of success was not winning a national championship. Otherwise, I would not have held the 74-75 team up as an example of a successful team. My standard of success includes (a) not being swept by Wisconsin, (b) not losing to Illinois, (c) not having our guards go 0 for 8 against Syracuse, (d) not having 2 of 5 of the Freshman “Movement” make absolutely no contribution to the team this year (and sending away the one Movement player who will likely be starting for the team that eliminated us from the tourney this year. Yes, this was a very disappointing year. Perhaps next year will be better, and, yet again, we will all be able to set more unrealistic goals.

  • CreanFaithful

    Thanks. I like your screen name too! Move along with your half empty glass…

  • Jersey Hoosier

    Perhaps I should put my half empty glass away and begin smoking whatever it is that you are smoking.

  • Yeah we could start 2 6’0 guards against Louisville but I would still advise against it. Jordy Hulls should never have been starting. It was clear to all of us by midseason. He is the main reason we started to suck after beating osu.
    His play all year was so blah. Whenever we really needed deep 3’s he just could not deliver. Louisville, they should have got beat by witchita state because of their small gaurds if it were not for the officiating, Wichita state would be in the final. I’ve never seen such obvious referential interference.

  • Yogi was doing alright, he wasn’t off the chain…Abel’s minutes are quality, We should thrown a completely different lineup at Cuse. Abel has run the offense since last year and far better at running it than Jordy Hulls. You haven’t been watching Indiana ball, we lost last year to Kentucky because ‘plugs’ crean took Abel off Teague the last 5 minutes, guess who scored the last 6 points. You just dont know bball if you think Jordy is as good Abel. 6-4,-6-5,6-9,6-10,7-0 that would have won the game. Michigan pretty much did as I said and won.

  • Yep

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    Obviously they werent. IU sitting at home. Honestly Ole Man, for somebody who has been around as long as you and me how do you call Hulls, Watford and even Yogi Horses? These two 1000 point scorers are playing at Valpo and UAB if the IU programs not in shambles. Next years class has the most talent since the early 90s teams. Come on, get on the bandwagon it will be fun.

  • Jersey Hoosier

    Perhaps you might want to reconsider your comments. They look a little odd now.
    By the way, Patterson did not “transfer”. A little blogging and you will find the real story. A C and a C- in summer school were good enough for the NCAA and would have been good enough for Crean if not for the over-sign situation. But Crean decided that Jurkin and Perea would be more valuable to the program. Really good decision. We might have been able to use that backcourt height against Syracuse.

  • Benhyoung14

    I know why Patterson isn’t at IU, but the points the same. It hurt IU’s depth. Not having a single backup for Zeller hurt his defense. He couldn’t afford to contest shots and be the shot blocker IU needed. HMP and Jurkin missed close to 25% of the season, and come the start of the B1G, they weren’t ready to play due to lack of experience. Where can you find that Crean decided that HMP, and Jurkin were more valuable to the program? Did that come from IU, or is that just some arm chair qb’s opinion? If he couldn’t make the grades then he shouldn’t have made the team…end of story.

    It looks like I was wrong about SU, but the point is the same. SU was a match up nightmare with having two 6′ guards. On top of that Hulls had a separated shoulder. You can say what you want about CTC, but fact of the matter is that when you compare IU, and UM….the matchup against SU isn’t as bad. Burke has a 6’5” wingspan, and besides that not a single player is under 6’6” on their starting 5. Yeah, the game plan could have been to get to Zeller at the top of the key, and dish out really quick. Hindsight is 20/20. I’d still would have gone with the plan IU had. Problem was too many turnovers in the first half.

  • CreamandCrimson

    If your message was really only to Fred Glass…why post it on a fan message board? Wouldn’t his email or a personal letter have been a better option?

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Seriously? You think Bo was coach of the year? Those awards are for the big ten season, and we won the big ten.

    Finishing fourth is not coach of the year material.

    Bo gets credit for coaching up less talented players. He should get blame for being a poor recruiter. Recruiting is more than half the battle, and he’s not good at it.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Poor shooting- execution.

    TOs and rebounding could be either. From what I saw, the turnovers were the result of a team that had no idea how to attack a zone.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    I’m a Cubs fan, and this is the thought that keeps flashing into my mind: the 2003 Cubs.

    I suppose the season was a sucess, and I know Glass is saying what he’s supposed to say, and I think Crean did a good job. I do sometimes wonder about in-game coaching and subs, buthe’s forgotten more about basketball than I’ll ever know.

    Back to the Cubs: I remember that year when the cubs were so close only to lose to the Marlins, and I though, hey, we’re good, we’ve got Wood and Prior, Ramires, D. Lee, etc. And we haven’t even got a sniff since.

    Here’s what makes me sad (and sad is the word, which is sort of embarrasing to admit as a grown -as* man: THIS WAS OUR YEAR. We had legitimate top five talent, there was no other clear favorite, UK was terrible (that’s not going to happen again soon), on and on. Regardless of what the poeple on here saying a national chamionship is the expectation think, it is really hard to win one, even when you are really good.

    Chances as good as ours this year don’t come along very often. You need to seize them when they do.

  • CreanFaithful

    Ohhhhh, I was watching ISU this whole time! LOL

    That lineup “would have won the game?” Come on. There is nothing backing that statement up. Michigan did not adjust their lineup for that game, they just simply have that size (other than Burke, who does have a nice wingspan) in their starting lineup consistently.

    I am not knocking Abel. I had high hopes for him this year and was looking for him to get more minutes than what he did. If you extrapolate his numbers to the minutes Jordy played, they are pretty even statistically. Certainly, Abel would have been better for us defensively.

    Based on the eye test, I always felt our offense ran better with Jordy on the floor (not necessarily running point). Abel isn’t always confident with his handles and isn’t a great passer. Hopefully we will see some progression in those areas next year and his minutes go up.

  • Ole Man

    I guess “can” would be the better word there. They can be the result of poor preparation.

  • Ole Man

    Don’t know if you’re older than me; seeing as how I’m older than the dirt swept under God’s rug!!

    I think next year’s team will be fun. And I’ll root for them just as hard.
    You simply don’t lose 4 starters from a team this talented and not suffer the next year. Case in point–UNC this year.
    And I don’t think Yogi is a horse, yet–has the potential.
    And I humbly disagree on next year’s talent until they prove themselves.

    So, next year is a “rebuilding” year. Just wait until the first article next year comparing them to this year’s team….LOL, it will happen.

    All we can do as fans is root for our Hoosiers!

  • calbert40

    Well, Jersey, those are some REALLY specific goals that you made at the beginning of the season. I’d suggest that most people probably would have suggested “winning the B1G title” as a reasonable expectation, but if you’d rather bog yourself down with “not losing to Illinois,” be my guest.

    Once again, this was the most successful season at IU since 1993. If some would rather look at a half empty glass and label this season a disappointment, that is your business. Just don’t ask me to participate in the pity party for a team that won the B1G title for the first time since the early 90s. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this season, regardless of whether EVERY goal was achieved.

  • calbert40

    I agree. TOs and rebounding can be either preparation or execution. Personally, from watching the entire season, I saw it as poor execution. Obviously, many on here seem to disagree with my take. That’s fine.

    I think if each of us would take off our cream and crimson goggles and watch the game as though it was Arkansas vs Clemson, we’d see that the team that lost simply didn’t play well that night. I don’t think it had anything to do with being ill-prepared at all. If we would have thrown a few more shots in the hole, we still could have won that game. Our poor shooting is what killed us.

    If UM doesn’t hit those 3 30′ shots against SU, they lose that game too, but since they did hit those shots, Beilein and staff are getting a lot of praise. My point is I don’t see why one coach is a hero/coaching savant and another is “horrible and will never take us to the Final Four,” simply based on a few shots going in or not.

  • calbert40

    Sweet! A fellow Cubs fan!! I’ve never been more upset following any loss than Game 6 against the Marlins in ’03. Side note: I blame Gonzalez’s error at SS and not Bartman.

    I completely understand how you feel. The difference that I have to remind myself is that IU basketball is not the Cubs (thank goodness!). We will have other chances.

    We have a lot of things going for us: great recruiting class(es) coming down the pike and a staff that seems to excel in this area, a coach who is tireless and will continue to improve, great facilities, great fans, great tradition and a great foundation of success from the past two seasons on which to build.

    I know I’ve been arguing with a lot of people on here about reasonable expectations, et al. But don’t mistake me…I am disappointed in how the season ended. I think everyone is. Still, I can’t help but think back two years ago when we won 12 games with a very similar roster. Twelve! A lot of programs may have taken a decade to get back on track. It took us 3! We are very fortunate as a fan base to root for IU, and I am excited about the future…and I think we ultimately hang another banner sooner rather than later!

  • Did you not see they went long nearly the whole game, no. 23, Mcgary and Morgan starting together and whenever they got in trouble, drove the gaps and dished to their wings, duh! They flatten the zone by driving, they also used a high post, but I didn’t know McGary was capable of such artful assists

  • Why do I think, because I’ve seen every Hoosier game for 20 years and I think he deserved the starting role by his play. We would have beat Kentucky last year if “plugs” Crean wouldn’t have put slow foot Roth on Teague. F. Dont blow smoke up Crean’s arse, this should have been a championship lock. I think he sucks as a coach.

  • big ten championship is a paper weight without the national title ask Keady

  • calbert40

    That’s just ridiculous! Let’s just forget about the entire season and start games in March then. Why even keep track of conference championships? Because they matter to everyone without a warped sense of what “success” means.

    Oh, and speaking of Keady…he just got inducted into the basketball HOF. Evidently, many people disagree with your assessment.

  • You’re either first or last. -Lombardi, Ricky Bobby

  • Listen to the ole man he knows

  • But buttcut is my coach so, he is ours whether we like it or not, I really liked his (Crean’s) fire after the ann arbor game. I really thought we were going to win it all after the Michigan game. The rascal has spirit maybe a touch of derring do

  • calbert40

    Well, it is difficult to argue with the logic of a fictional character known for being a fool. 🙂

    I don’t believe that either UL or UM will finish last this evening. One will win. One will have had a fantastic season that ended in a way that will make the team and its fans less than happy.

    The beauty of sports, though, is that immediately following the game tonight, every team in the country gets to start over.

  • David Kahil

    He’s right, give it up, we should have went long any fool could see that Hulls was being thrown around like a baby doll

  • David Kahil

    I think vince lombardi is first quoted as saying it

  • Ole Man

    LOL! Thanks, David. I think……

  • Ole Man

    LOL on the Ricky Bobby citation.

  • David Kahil

    HA!!! Plugs, he does have some doll hair

  • calbert40

    Did he? I thought it was a Ricky Bobby quote that wasn’t really a Lombardi quote…not that he didn’t say a lot of similar things. I’m anything but a Packers fan, so if it came out of his mouth…even more reason to dislike it!! 🙂

  • calbert40

    Did UM finish last or as Runner-Up last evening? It is hard to have a good season and finish “last.” Did they have a successful season? Not trying to be a DB, but just curious what some opinions are that are out there.

  • CreanFaithful

    UK and UM had very similar seasons… LMAO! You can’t teach reasoning Calbert.