Sports Illustrated profiles Victor Oladipo

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Sports Illustrated: Victor Oladipo’s rise from overlooked recruit to Indiana superstar

Hoosiers screenwriter Angelo Pizzo, 65, was born in Bloomington and returned in 2005 after three decades in Southern California. His passion for Indiana basketball runs so deep that he skipped the 1987 Academy Awards (at which Hoosiers had been nominated for two Oscars) to watch Indiana win the NCAA title over Syracuse. Now he visits practice occasionally and feels the pulse of the fan base. “We’ve had great players here,” says Pizzo, “but I can’t remember such a great athlete who also never takes a play off and whose charisma is so electric that it affects all the other players and the fans. Victor wants to win, and he will sacrifice individual glory for the team, and that quality is so much appreciated in Indiana.”

Oladipo’s is a story of talent discovered late, nurtured and grown. And of a coach who once found true greatness (Crean recruited Dwyane Wade to Marquette 14 years ago) and has never stopped looking for it again. “It was Coach Crean who gave me my opportunity,” says Oladipo. “He gave me the chance to get better.”

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  • kenny george

    yes victor and we love having you here. you epitomize what IU basketball is all about. HOOSIER not by birth but by ascension to theland of HOOSIERDOM…THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  • marcusgresham

    There’s no doubt that Victor loves his father and vice versa, but regardless he’ll never feel unwanted because he’s adopted for life by an entire state.

  • Going to be sorry to see him go after this season is complete. Hopefully he is able to leave wih an NCAA Championship. Wouldnt it be amazing if IU hung banner #6, and Victor and Cody oth decided to come back to go for 2 in a row !!!

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Well… Victor’s relationship with his father is complicated. While I’m heartened to know there’s still love in the family, I’m somewhat regretful that it got out into public. It’s all a private matter, and while I don’t judge the columnists around the nation harshly for writing these multiple stories on them, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s simply something no one outside the Oladipo family needed to know about. So while I was curious, I’m sorry I helped feed the machine.


    But enough of that. There’s so much else to concentrate on and openly cheer for. Victor’s NBA stock has risen astronomically, and that will be a boon to the hardworking kid. Maybe it could happen to a nicer guy, but Cody’s stock was already up there 😉 . Plus, Victor’s been a pure joy to watch these past few years. It’s good enough that the team has come such a long way since the dark days, but to also come this way with such an enjoyable personality is icing on the cake. We’re all just happy and fine with Cody’s equanimity, but having Victor’s bounce-off-the-walls enthusiasm is an unexpected and happy bonus.

    You gotta love that.

    Hoosier lore. This team has successfully added itself to it. Thank goodness for that.

  • stephen

    ditto on things with his father, the media needs to stay the hell away from this issue. you’re right, its private. cant we just talk about any of the hundred really amazing things victor can do on the court or in a particular game. also, victor is a great kid, his dad has always supported him as his SON not necessarily as a basketball player. who cares? this is way better than parents who are groveling over their kids future nba contracts and are obsessed with riding their coattails to fame. i think it just makes people uncomfortable in a sports obsessed society that there is a man who is more concerned about other things.

  • The heart and soul of this team

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    Without VO this team finishes middle of the pack in the B1G. The only guy who brought his A game every game. Will be sorely missed next year. Good luck in the Association, Vic.

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    Without VO this team finishes middle of the pack in the B1G. The only guy who brought his A game every game. Will be sorely missed next year. Good luck in the Association, Vic.